In this brief clip from a longer interview, Naomi Wolf and Seth Holehouse talk about the CCP’s stated plans to colonize the Continental US and their need to commit genocide in order to take over the vast US farmlands for themselves.

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  • Is Rothschild Chinese?
    How about Blackrock and Vanguard?
    Jesuits and Freemason didn’t start from China, or did they?
    You do realize that there are many forms of beasts and parasites from many nations and use one another while taking different part, don’t you?

    • Rothschilds are from one of the Semite Branches most likely Jewish. There is a branch called “Rothschild of India” they are Arab. Keep in mind these people intermarry to gain power, Jewish & Arabs, and for genetic reasons as well to Europeans.
      Ancient Semitic branches are Assyrian, Syrian, Phoenician, Babylonian, Chaldeans & Carthaginians, worth mentioning due to record in the bible and elsewhere.
      Not all of China was always Chinese, yes, good idea to question everything. China hides Pyramids by growing trees on them. We have known about that since WW2, when they were discovered by allied Aircraft.

  • Ancestry dot com is a method the Chinese use to gather DNA in their targeting non Chinese people for their depopulation scheme.

  • This story is complicated. So… the Department of Defense is the main party and the injection is a bioweapon? The Chinese make it and the entire U.S. health bureaucracy supports it, and take it enthusiastically? Israel volunteers to become the human trial nation for the entire world and so the FDA and CDC don’t have to keep track of the data. The injection, at the very least, is a failure and yet people are forced to take it and no amount of carnage is enough to turn the government around. The government as far as I can see is still enthusiastically advertising it and promoting it. Go get your vaccines, say Joe and Jill, as they head for the Caribbean. Is it BXXX or something like that is now entrenched in the northeast, and even the big newspapers there say that the injections don’t work against it, at all. So… it was the Chinese and continues to be the Chinese? It doesn’t make sense.

    • Kapoore –

      I enjoyed your (sarcastic?) take on the narrative.

      Alexandra can be forgiven
      for not having ALL the data points sifted and integrated.

      After all, there are large numbers of people who will look you in the eye and lie their ass off. Repeatedly.

      My formulation of the shite-show has been:
      1) Psyop…plenty of perps.
      2) BioWeapon… smaller number of perps.
      3) Genocide/Democide…an again smaller number of perps, along with a large cast of useful idiots who think *their* ticket won’t be pulled.

  • Definitely the target is NOT limited to West.
    It is limited to West because of the narrow minded speakers or possibly some sort of controlled oppositions, again.

  • excuse me, are Pfizer and Mod-E-RNA chinese companies??? People switch your brain on please… Yes, chinese played a role in the ‘initiation’ of the plandemic, but NOT so much in its preparation for MANY DECADES in advance, which includes btw. all the events like 201, etc…

  • An article posted here on Forbidden Knowledge states our USA Department of Defense is behind the bioweapon

  • Look around you who is invading your Country/Nations. I do Not see Chinese, but I see a huge migration of Arabs.
    I hear the same thing coming out of Germany.
    & Keep in mind Arabs/Muslims do Not get Vaccinated!


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