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    The US dollar, like most currencies, whether paper or plastic is printed out of thin air. Intrinsically, it’s worthless – yet, “Money Makes the World Go Around”, as encapsulated in this entertaining song and dance number from Bob Fosse’s 1972 film ‘Cabaret’, starring Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey. The film is set in a decadent Berlin nightclub in 1931, during the Weimar Republic, moments before Adolf Hitler seized power.

    In America, the Federal Reserve System (a subsidiary of the Central Banking System headquartered in Basel, Switzerland) controls the printing of the US dollar. The Fed is not a branch of the US Government, it is a privately-held entity. It pumps extra dollars into circulation, via their endearing term for it, “Quantitative Easing” – another way of saying “Inflation”, which results in a pernicious form of impoverishment and enslavement of everyone using the US dollar as a medium of exchange. The same is true of other currencies in most the world, with varying degrees of abuse of the local populations using them.

    The larger economies today, which are the last holdouts outside of the Central Banking System, retaining the Right to Issue their own currencies are Russia, Iran, China, North Korea and Syria…propounded heavily as “pariah states” in the Globalist-controlled Western media.

    The ultimate goal of this debt-based system, controlled by the Globalist Central Banking System is to forever enslave humanity in a descending pit of debt, from which we can never escape.

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    • Nicely explained. Agree everyone needs to see it. The Fed has become a criminal conspiracy, and the People have the right to throw (forget voting I mean to physically throw) the bums out! So how do we all go to DC and remove the perverts?

    • Not new. I’ve known this for at least twenty years, but I’d bet 90% of indifferent Americans do not! Like they don’t know the Federal Reserve is privately owned by central bankers like the Rothschild family who own central banks in all but three nations in the entire world, last time I checked! But who cares, let the good times roll. Besides it’s not the central bankers who cause us grief, it’s that devil Putin dontchaknow! Thanks, I’m sure cartoon education is needed by many who never think of reading much of anything and we need all the help we can get to open up eyes.

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