Aaron Hawkins aka StormCloudsGathering (SCG) has come up for air from an undisclosed location south of the border to drop bombs of truth.

He asys, “We cannot afford to squander our efforts or our resources on ethical anaesthetics…We don’t control the system so, we need to stop pretending that we do. It is counter-productive to debate over how to use power and resources that we do not have.

“Voting out the bums out doesn’t work. This is not a question of a few bad apples or a broken system. We have a paradigm problem.”

Prepare for some dense “Prep Talk” about the mental gymnastics that are required weather the fraught times ahead.

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  • In the long run, the ‘tribe’ is all of humanity that needs to awaken to this divide, conquer, unify and control paradigm. I get McKinsey daily takes. As one of the top 3 international corporate strategy consulting firms, they are marching merrily along analyzing for increased growth, deeper robotic and computer implementation and further increases in productivity. These are the biggest brains the top universities of the planet, particularly the industrialized nations, can produce and their paradigm is attempting to epitomize Einstein’s Theory on repetition…truly stunning for the self purported ‘smartest guys in the room’.

    • So you agree with ‘deeper robotic and computer implementation’ which will steal millions more jobs? I read somewhere that 98 million working age people in the US have no jobs! As an Aussie octogenarian who was never ever out of work, and I refer to the old world meaning of work which is measured in ergs, IE energy expended. I worked in copper refineries, sawmills, a sugar mill where a thousand 150 pound bags passed over my shoulders every eight hour shift, was a railway sleeper cutter contractor who felled giant Blackbut trees with an axe and crosscut saws and split with wooden mauls and wedges, delivered raw milk seven days a week around the suburbs of Brisbane! And those are just some of the real working jobs that have kept me as I am still as healthy as a Malley Bull after all these years! In conclusion my advice to the future ‘WORKERS’ of this world is to tell their employers to stick their robotic and computer implementations up where the sun don’t shine! .


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