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    If you want to know who the real white supremacists are, listen to this recording, with Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben about the super secret Pilgrims Society, who have been responsible for most of the war, strife and white supremacy around the world and have founded most of the major banks, law firms, insurance companies, media companies and scientific societies; they founded the central banking system, invented Bolshevism and were involved in all of the significant international Fascist movements.

    They are still intent on presiding over the New World Order. They are the Globalists.

    You can become an expert on the subject by reading this 386-page book:

    The Pilgrims Society: A Study of the Anglo-American Establishment; Rockefeller, Mellon, Luce, Rothschild, Cecil, Windsor, the Federal Reserve, WWII, the CIA and so much more.

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    • Ten Big Businesses that worked with Hitler’s Nazis:

      In the early war years, he was called “beautiful Adolph” by many Americans, Nasis were well known celebrities that visited American factories, ate in our restaurants, slept in out hotels and had many investments in the US.

      The National Socialists were the very model of a mixed economy that later swept Europe and is now the wet dream of progressive socialists in America, with political correctness now morphed to silencing and killing off of the opposition via directed energy, remote neural terrorism and more.

      After the war, well know pysop “Operation Paperclip” brought the most talented Nazis to America where they went to work at CiA, NASA and elsewhere to help in the fledgling cold war with the Soviets.

      With such a loving relationship and the eagerness to employ them after the war, I have long been suspicious that America and Britain were the first to get to Berlin (before the Soviets) to achieve the simple purpose of securing those treasured NASI assets (technology and human resources) for their own use in the Secret Space Program, Eugenics, MK Ultra and more.

      Psyop “Operation Mockingbird,” of course, is the CiA control of news from the seven corporations that control the selection and distribution of what gets played as “news” in the US.

      Feel sick yet?

    • John Wayne sure knew a Pilgrim when he saw one!
      But, can we? LOL
      This convoluted world we live in is a twisted travesty of what it’s supposed to be.
      And now we know why Trump is still being attacked.
      I think they touched on it, a bit, but… there is more to come.
      It just “feels” that way to me.

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