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    ‘The Pyramid Code’ explores the pyramid fields and ancient temples of Egypt and ancient megalithic sites around the world, looking for traces of a matriarchal civilization and an ancient, sophisticated technology.

    Canadian archeologist, Dr. Carmen Boulter focuses her investigation of the largely-forgotten site at Abu Rowash, where an open-air pyramid built atop a hill challenges accepted theories about how the ancient Egyptians achieved the construction of the pyramids.

    Boulter says that because the situation of site, atop a hill and 8 miles from the Nile, it is at odds with accepted Egyptology and that for this reason, it remains orphanized.

    Much about it suggests a much older construction date than is generally accepted. This opinion is corroborated in interviews with other well-known Egyptologists, including John Anthony West and geologist, Robert Schoch.

    In addition to 25 trips to Egypt, Dr. Boulter went to sites in 51 all over the world to bring you her findings.

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