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The Problem With Political Correctness

In a world where the new battlespace is the human mind and all thought has become weaponized, political correctness has become like the new Abrams tank.

And JP Sears has made a surprisingly sweet video about the subject.

As he says, “Being PC has become nothing more than a popular substitute for being kind…What if we realize political correctness kills creativity, connection and kindness?…

“We’ve all had the experience of hearing a politician say all the right things, yet you can tell their heart isn’t in the right spot.

“Maybe what matters is less about what’s being said and more about where someone’s coming from, what someone standing in their sovereignty, what they actually mean by what they say.

“So, what is the solution to the fake kindness that plagues our world with infectious inauthenticity? Kindness. Real kindness, shared by real people being real.”

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