American, Matthew Tye (aka “Laowhy86”) and South African, Winston Sterzel (aka “SerpentZA”) lived in China for over a decade each and married Chinese women and started families there.

For years, the two successful YouTubers offered Westerners a full immersion look at China, sharing their love for that country and offering advice to those interested in living there. They also produced hand-built motorcycles and made road trip documentaries in the Chinese outback.

Matt made this video about the arc of the previous decade with the amazing images he’d filmed all over the country. By 2019, they realized they would never get Chinese citizenship and become a part of Chinese society. Then, tensions in China escalated to such a degree that they were both forced to relocate to Southern California with their wives and Matthew’s two infant daughters.

Now, they’re applying their unique perspective to commenting on the uprisings against the Zero COVID policy.

While the CCP will have you to believe that this is just a labor dispute at the Foxconn iPhone plant but these uprisings are happening in several cities across the country.


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