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I have been driven out of business by NewsGuard, which has blacklisted my website with the major online ad networks. This video and the latest excellent article by Dr Joseph Mercola, linked below describe exactly what they have been doing to me, starting in 2021.

I’ve also been de-platformed or blacklisted by Facebook, Twitter, Google Adsense, Amazon, Pinterest, MailChimp, ConstantContact, Ezoic and Wikipedia even deleted the article they had on me. The algorithmic censorship by Google Search also hasn’t helped.

In addition, I was just fired by the new owners of American Media Periscope, where I was doing the Forbidden News weekly podcast, which was very popular with their viewers but AMP has been affected by the same issues and they can no longer afford to pay anything to people like me. They can’t even afford to pay the $325 per episode that they had been paying.

They told me that I’d have to get my own sponsors and pay them 20% to produce the show. But I don’t have any sponsors.

Two weeks ago, I switched out the ad companies I’d been using, because my income from them had dwindled down to less 10% of what I’d been earning from them in 2021. (Thanks, NewsGuard!)

Many people have complained that the new ads are intrusive. I just looked at the new dashboard and for the millions of impressions on the disgusting toenail fungus ads you’re seeing on the website (the only kind of ads that still run, likely for the purpose of scaring people away), I’ll be lucky if I earn $300 from all of that this month.

So, I’ve hit the skids, despite working very hard and I’m very tired.

ForbiddenKnowledgeTV is a one-woman show. I’ve been publishing newsletters 7 days a week for just over 13 years and I haven’t taken any time off for over ten years.

I don’t know what I’m going to do to survive but working 16-hour days, chronicling the end of the world is not going to help me figure that out. I need to go do that, so I will be posting a lot less than I have been.

If you’d like to help me, you can go here.


By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Story at a glance: 

  • NewsGuard is a for-profit fact-checking organization backed by Big Pharma, Big Tech, the teachers union and the U.S. government.
  • NewsGuard has set itself up as the self-appointed global arbiter of what information is “trustworthy” based on nine “credibility and transparency” factors, for information viewed on private electronic devices, in schools and in public libraries. Its true reason for being, however, is to bankrupt alternative media sites by driving away advertisers.
  • In late October, Consortium News sued NewsGuard and the U.S. government for defamation and First Amendment violations, arguing the fact checker colluded with U.S. intelligence to suppress foreign policy dissent.
  • NewsGuard labeled Consortium News as an “anti-U.S.” media organization, even though NewsGuard only took issue with six of its more than 20,000 articles and none of its videos.
  • One of NewsGuard’s CEOs, Louis Gordon Crovitz, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a key player behind The Great Reset. Since its inception, the CFR’s goal has been to undermine U.S. sovereignty and national independence in order to usher in an all-powerful one-world government.

In the video below, PragerU CEO Marissa Streit takes a look at NewsGuard, a for-profit fact-checking organization backed by Big Pharma, Big Tech, the teachers union and the U.S. government.

NewsGuard has set itself up as the self-appointed global arbiter of what information is “trustworthy” based on nine “credibility and transparency” factors, for information viewed on private electronic devices, in schools and in public libraries.

NewsGuard’s $6 million startup was funded in part by the Publicis Groupe, one of the largest PR firms in the world. Many of the largest drug companies use their services, and the Publicis Health board also consists of a power pack of high-profile individuals with Big Pharma position backgrounds or affiliations. I detailed these connections in my Oct. 5, 2021, article, “The Web of Players Trying to Silence Truth.”

NewsGuard censors truth, not fake news

In the spring of 2020, NewsGuard classified as “fake news” because we reported the SARS-CoV-2 virus as potentially having been leaked from the biosafety level 4 laboratory in Wuhan City, China, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Fast-forward a year, and the U.S. Congress launched an investigation to explore the lab accident theory after it became apparent that the National Institutes of Health had funded gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Interestingly, an April 16, 2020, report by CNN revealed the censorship of articles mentioning the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 may have leaked from the Wuhan biosafety level 4 facility appears to be directed by China, which means NewsGuard has been functionally protecting Chinese interests.

As noted by Streit, if you’re a for-profit company getting paid by Big Pharma, just how neutral and unbiased can you be when fact-checking articles that are critical of the industry? It’s a well-known fact that the one with the purse strings has a lot of pull.

The NewsGuard racket

According to Streit, most of the NewsGuard staff are also “left-leaning activists” who can’t stand non-liberal news outlets like PragerU, The Daily Wire, the Federalist and Breitbart.

She correctly explains how their little game of “unbiased investigation” works. First, they send you an email with a list of accusatory questions on a hot-button issue you’ve addressed on your site.

If you respond, they ignore your answers and send you a new list of questions. If you do not respond, you have in their eyes confirmed that you are not a reliable source.

“Heads they win, tails you lose,” Streit says.

No matter which approach you use, NewsGuard will put a fake news label on your site to drive readers away and tell ad agencies and major corporations to steer clear and put their advertising dollars elsewhere.

As noted by Streit, for news outlets that require advertisers to stay afloat, “that can get very expensive, very fast.” Companies can easily be driven out of business this way, and “of course, that’s the plan,” she says.

NewsGuard also serves as a firewall that protects Big Tech companies from accusations of censorship.

When conservative sources say Big Tech is censoring their views, the tech companies simply say, “We didn’t make any judgments. We hired this third-party fact checker and they told us this story, or that website, can’t be trusted.”

“In short, NewsGuard enables them to censor speech without leaving any fingerprints,” Streit says.

NewsGuard sued for suppressing foreign policy dissent

Also, let’s not forget the U.S. government is sponsoring NewsGuard as well. The U.S. Department of Defense has paid NewsGuard $750,000 “to monitor ‘misinformation’ trends online,” “which is an Orwellian way of saying ‘information that the Defense Department doesn’t like,” Streit says.

Case in point: In late October, Consortium News sued NewsGuard and the U.S. government for defamation and First Amendment violations, arguing the fact checker colluded with U.S. intelligence to suppress foreign policy dissent.

As reported by Consortium News on Oct. 23:

“The United States government and internet ‘watchdog’ NewsGuard Technologies, Inc. were sued today in federal court in Manhattan for First Amendment violations and defamation by news organization Consortium for Independent Journalism, a nonprofit that publishes Consortium News.

“Consortium News’s court filing charges the Pentagon’s Cyber Command, an element of the Intelligence Community, with contracting with NewsGuard to identify, report and abridge the speech of American media organizations that dissent from U.S. official positions on foreign policy.

“In the course of its contract with the Pentagon, NewsGuard is ‘acting jointly or in concert with the United States to coerce news organizations to alter viewpoints’ as to Ukraine, Russia, and Syria, imposing a form of ‘censorship and repression of views’ that differ or dissent from policies of the United States and its allies …

“’When media groups are condemned by the government as ‘anti-U.S.’ and are accused of publishing ‘false content’ because they disagree with U.S. policies, the result is self-censorship and a destruction of the public debate intended by the First Amendment,’ [Consortium News attorney Bruce] Afran said.”

According to the complaint, NewsGuard uses software to tag targeted sites with warning labels that describe the content as “disinformation” or “false content.”

In the case of Consortium News, its site was labeled as an “anti-U.S.” media organization, even though NewsGuard only took issue with six of its more than 20,000 articles and none of its videos.

According to Consortium News:

“The complaint seeks a permanent injunction declaring the joint program unconstitutional; barring the government and NewsGuard from continuing such practices and more than $13 million in damages for defamation and civil rights violations.”

The U.S. government has also been caught bankrolling the now-discredited Global Disinformation Index (GDI), which selectively targeted conservative and non-liberal media.

According to the Washington Examiner, the GDI sent blacklists to advertising companies “with the intent of defunding and shutting down websites peddling alleged ‘disinformation.’”

NewsGuard’s task is to silence alternative media

The CIA’s Operation Mockingbird enterprise may have been officially canceled in 1976, but that doesn’t mean its control over the media ended.

If the last three years have shown us anything, it’s that all of the mainstream media are now completely controlled.

If you want any variation of opinion from the prevailing narrative, you have to seek out independent news sources, and these sources are what NewsGuard is trying to destroy.

Caitlin Johnstone addressed this in a January 2019 article:

“A report seeded throughout the mainstream media by anonymous intelligence officials back in September claimed that US government workers in Cuba had suffered concussion-like brain damage after hearing strange noises in homes and hotels with the most likely culprit being ‘sophisticated microwaves or another type of electromagnetic weapon’ from Russia.

“A recording of one such highly sophisticated attack was analyzed by scientists and turned out to be the mating call of the male indies short-tailed cricket … The actual story, when stripped of hyperventilating Russia panic, is that some government workers heard some crickets in Cuba. …

“These are just the latest in a long, ongoing pattern of terrible mass media debacles as reporters eager to demonstrate their unquestioning fealty to the US-centralized empire fall all over themselves to report any story that makes Russia look bad without practicing due diligence.

“The only voices who have been questioning the establishment Russia narrative … have been those which the mass media refuses to platform. Alternative media outlets are the only major platforms for dissent from the authorized narratives of the plutocrat-owned political/media class.

“Imagine, then, how disastrous it would be if these last strongholds of skepticism and holding power to account were removed from the media landscape. Well, that’s exactly what a shady organization called NewsGuard is trying to do. …

“A new report by journalist Whitney Webb for MintPress News details how NewsGuard is working to hide and demonetize alternative media outlets like MintPress.”

As Johnstone points out, NewsGuard is “led by some of the most virulently pro-imperialist individuals in America,” and “its agenda to shore up narrative control for the ruling power establishment is clear.”

NewsGuard linked to anti-American council on foreign relations

Indeed, one of NewsGuard’s CEOs, Louis Gordon Crovitz, is a member of the CFR, a key player behind The Great Reset.

The CFR is financed in part by the GatesRockefeller, Ford and Carnegie foundations, and has influenced U.S. foreign policy ever since its inception 95 years ago.

Almost all U.S. secretaries of defense have been lifetime members, as have most CIA directors. This is of crucial importance, considering the CFR’s goal, from the start, has been to bring about a totalitarian one-world government, a New World Order with global top-down rule.

“Since its inception, the CFR’s goal has been to undermine U.S. sovereignty and national independence in order to usher in an all-powerful one-world government.”

In 1950, the son of one of the CFR’s founders, James Warburg, said to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee: “We shall have world government whether or not you like it — by conquest or consent.”  Similarly, in 1975 CFR insider Admiral Chester Ward wrote that the goal of the CFR was “submergence of U.S. sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful one-world government.”

According to Ward, the desire to “surrender the sovereignty and independence of the U.S. is pervasive throughout most of its membership,” and “In the entire CFR lexicon, there is no term of revulsion carrying a meaning so deep as ‘America First.’”

With Ward’s last comment in mind, published in 1975, it’s interesting to contemplate who has opposed President Trump’s America First agenda, and why.

Many Americans, even if they don’t like or support Trump personally, agree that taking care of America and Americans’ interests first is a rational decision for any leadership, and they’ve been hard-pressed to rationalize how an anti-America First policy can be good for the nation.

Well, Ward gives us the answer. Those who oppose “America First” policies do so because they’re working on behalf of a network that seeks to eliminate nationalism.

The idea of government waging war on its own citizens seems completely irrational and inexplicable — until you realize that the CFR has controlled U.S. foreign relations for nearly a century, and its primary goal has always been to undermine U.S. sovereignty and abet the creation of a one-world government.

NewsGuard’s advisory board is also loaded with neocon think tank members, including Tom Ridge (George W. Bush’s secretary of Homeland Security), Michael Hayden (an intelligence community insider) and Richard Stengel (Obama’s under-secretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs and a former editor at Time Magazine).

Tellingly, Stengel has publicly stated that he supports the use of domestic propaganda against U.S. citizens.

As noted by Johnstone:

“Whoever controls the narrative controls the world. Ruling power’s desire to regulate people’s access to information is so desperate that it has become as clumsy and ham-fisted as a teenager pawing at his date in the back seat of a car, and it feels about as enjoyable.

“They’re barely even concealing their desire to control our minds anymore, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to wake everyone up to their manipulations. We need to use every inch of our ability to communicate with each other before it gets shut down for good.”

“They’re barely even concealing their desire to control our minds anymore, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to wake everyone up to their manipulations. We need to use every inch of our ability to communicate with each other before it gets shut down for good.”

In an August 1, video posted to Twitter/X, Mike Benz, executive director of the Foundation for Freedom Online, reviewed the latest strategy in the global effort to shut down free speech. It’s called “middleware.” Middleware refers to third-party censorship organizations, such as NewsGuard.

In short, they’re trying to restructure the censorship industry “away from a top-down government-driven model” to a “competitive middleware model” where “content curation” (read censorship) is simply outsourced to third-party organizations.

This way, a “legal” disinformation compliance market is created while the government can claim it has nothing to do with the control of information.

Basically, what we’re looking at is the emergence of organized global corporate censorship. Of course, artificial intelligence will also be more broadly employed to “identify and slow the spread of false and harmful content.

NewsGuard is also reportedly working with the European Union on a new “disinformation code” to uphold new global standards from the European Commission, which compels brands and ad tech companies to prevent advertising on sites that publish “misinformation.”

Again, this is all about shutting down alternative media by starving them of ad revenue.

In late October, Elon Musk, owner of Twitter, rebranded X, called out NewsGuard’s ratings as a “scam,” saying it ought to be “disbanded immediately.”

Musk’s statement came in response to posts by Benz and Timcast news CEO Tim Pool, who said NewsGuard downrated his site “because we ran five stories out of nearly 5,000 that quoted Trump.

They claimed that reporting on Trump’s statements was irresponsible because we should be fact-checking him instead and Trump was wrong. They now claim we don’t correct errors because we didn’t respond to their false claims last month.”

What you can do to stop this abuse

In the final analysis, NewsGuard is just another business aimed at protecting the globalist alliance of governments and private corporations that are trying to implement a totalitarian one-world government regime.

They do that by discrediting and eliminating unwanted competitors and analysts who empower you with information that runs counter to the official narrative.

You can learn more about NewsGuard in my previous article, “New Thought Police NewsGuard Is Owned by Big Pharma.”

If you’re as disturbed by the growing censorship as I am, be sure to contact your local library today to find out if they’re using NewsGuard.

If they are, then ask them if they’re aware of NewsGuard’s censorship of truthful news that is now encroaching on scientific freedom and threatening the very roots of our democracy.

If your local library is using NewsGuard, start a campaign to get it removed. Also, warn your social circle about using NewsGuard.

As noted by Streit:

“If you don’t want to think for yourself anymore, NewsGuard has got you covered. But if you do want to think for yourself, you’ve been warned. If NewsGuard has red-flagged a source, all you need to know is that the Left doesn’t want you to read it, watch it or hear it. And what does that make you want to do?”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Thank you for your work, Alex.
    And I hope you’ll find whatever the best thing you are looking for.

    Yep, there are too many fakecheckers and controlled oppositions that I have to always use multiple search engines and block all junk results that come on top (& I’m sorry for Dr.Mercola, but I wish he goes back to his own stuff and correct his fake SARS-CoV-2 and Wuhan Virus narrative first before going to other stuff that most others already know about – which is almost same complaint with Robert Malone).

  • What you have accomplished is quite amazing Alexandra. It goes to show the big impact one person can make. I have found this site during the pandemic and it was the first to wake me up about graphene oxide in the jabs. They are making it harder and harder to find alternative information because their mainstream media machine is losing steam with the common folk. It is thanks to people like you, because once someone awakens from the lies that genie will not go back into the bottle.

    News Guard is another one of those centralization projects that they make sound good, but like anything else that is centralized it is always corrupt and rotten to the core.

    I give you props Alexandra for doing this for as long as you have. Back when I used to listen to Alex Jones, I couldn’t listen consistently because it was depressing. Keeping track of the dark side of the world does take a toll and isn’t good for mental health. I don’t know how you do it, but believe me, many can’t.

    Take care and god bless.

  • Put me on your list Alex. Just a nod or a wink and I’ll always do what I can. I don’t know how you’ve been able to keep it up like you do. You have my utmost respect. I delete 90% of my emails but NEVER EVER delete you’rs.

    Love and blessings sister,
    Onward to the winning,

  • You are a hero and an American patriot, Alex.

    The same bastards beat me many times, over and over….and every time I tried to organize any effort aimed at their balls.

    • replying to myself, I guess. They will continue to put us down while we read and write.

      I think there is no other option than burning and bombing….and I’m too old and heartsick
      to lead or do things of that nature. ……if I had the wherewithal and could fund you or find funding for stiffer stuff than reading n writing, I would do it.

  • I’m really sorry they’re doing that too you. You are really a special poster.

    Does being on Roku help you at all? I know I’m always checking your channel on there, but it seems like you don’t post all on there, that you post on here?

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