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    Jimmy Dore is a stand-up comedian who points out how the Democrats have morphed into the new McCarthy-ites by accusing anyone who doesn’t want to go to war with Russia as somehow anti-American. This is particularly ironic, as Hillary approved of a deal, which resulted in a $150 million kickback to the Clinton Foundation for her approval of he sale of 20% of the US’ uranium production to Russia. This would certainly be seen as an Act of Treason, if we had a functioning government and news media.

    Jimmy Dore is an Old School Liberal. This is a vastly different animal from an Obama-Era, Neo-Liberal Fascist, bathroom-zoning, vaccine-enforcing, Predator-Droning, Regime-Changing, warmongering, Third World vulture-capitalist/Corporatist – who looks the other way and actually thinks that he’s the good guy.

    I want my Conservative readers to see who Jimmy Dore is, to understand what an Old School Liberal is, before that label was demonized by Republican strategists in the 1990s and before Obama stuck a knife in the back of real Liberals who revile corporatism, false flags and war profiteering: Liberal Jimmy Dore’s a lot like most of my Conservative American subscribers. He cares about the direction in which his country headed and he wants peace and prosperity. (Dore might hurl more f-bombs than you do – but he’s still a lot like you!)

    Old School anti-war Liberals despise corporate welfare: The corporate welfare that enabled Trump and Hillary controller, George Soros to write off billions dollars in taxes are a Republican construct. So few people are represented by the Republican platform that the party has imploded, with a Presidential Nominee who vows to destroy that party’s ruling elite and a vast amount of its own members who won’t support their Party’s Nominee.

    Old School Liberals want less tax money to go to the defense contractors and more to the public good, creating and maintaining infrastructure (and jobs, in the process), a decent education (without an accompanying 6-figure debt), something that was available to members of the Boomer- and previous generations, as well as a healthcare industry that isn’t completely corrupted and mobbed-up at every step. Many issues that are top Conservative concerns today were the top Liberal concerns 30 years ago.

    It is shocking to me, as someone who was raised in the largest urban centers of the US (not in the suburbs) and therefore, fundamentally oriented as a Liberal to see fellow Liberals I’ve known my whole life clinging to their illusions about their Democrat affiliations and candidates as actually representative their actual political views. They fail to see what “their” party has become. They listen to their candidate’s words and they’re either amnesic or ignorant of their candidate’s deeds – and they’re definitely unaware of who really pulls their Nominee’s strings.

    It’s become very obvious to me that neither party represents any of the people – unless you count a handful of banksters, defense contractors and Big Pharma players.

    In truth, both political parties have become so distorted by the polarizing process of US Presidential politics that they are both now unrecognizable from what they were even a decade ago. They each trot out focus-group-tested rhetoric to manipulate their polarized followers into agreeing with the aims of their Corporate campaign contributors, for whom they must push forward legislation, for which they’ve been “Paid to Play”.

    It’s totally mystifying to me, how party-affiliated people can remain zombified by the flimsy tactic of a barrage of empty words! The disastrous outcome is that Americans are too busy being polarized against one another to see what’s being done to us all.

    Russia is no longer a “Communist threat” and similarly, the definitions of “Democrat” and “Republican” have transformed to both mean the same thing: Corporatist Oligarchy.

    Similarly to how Obama’s dictatorial Executive Orders that enabled him to bomb as many wedding parties in the Middle East as he pleased has met with next to no coverage in the Partisan Mainstream Media, his Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) legislation has also been blacked-out.

    The TPP would have been considered to be an ultra Right-Wing, Transnationalist-Fascist perversion, a half century ago. The TPP is High Treason written into law – to say nothing of how it encourages monopolies that violate the Anti-Trust Act, which was written by Republican Senator John Sherman of Ohio (home of the Rockefeller family). The Act passed in 1890 during the Gilded Age to help ameliorate record-breaking social disparity by busting up monopolies, to enable fair business competition.

    Yet the degree of wealth disparity in the Gilded Age has been eclipsed by what we’re seeing in the US today. Regardless of one’s political leanings or support for differing policies that would nominally create opportunities for more Americans, it is known that extreme wealth disparity makes for unhealthy, unstable societies. This is seen throughout the Third World. A strong Middle Class is the bulwark for a cohesive society. A strong Middle Class is precisely what the Corporatist Oligarchs on both sides of the aisle want to see destroyed – and they’ve made some very strong headway in succeeding at this, over the past decade.

    Here, Dore plays a clip of Hillary Clinton on the stump, claiming that she will treat a “cyberwar” attack in the same fashion as she would a conventional ballistic warfare attack. She is so intent on covering up the Mount Everest of her crimes revealed by WikiLeaks, Guccifer 2.0, Anonymous and others, she’s champing at the bit to execute the agenda of her dark masters by continuing this push for WW3 with Russia. The US State Department has been demonizing Russia in lately, a country which poses no economic threat to the US.

    They want to use the excuse of a war with a harmless Russia to make evidence of her decades of racketeering, flattening nations and arming ISIS to disappear in the “Fog of War,” along with the $9.3 trillion missing from the Pentagon, the $21 trillion US deficit and so many other ignomies.

    The recently-released Podesta emails however, reveal that Hillary will “not go down alone”. Will she take down everyone in the Northern Hemisphere with the mutually assured destruction of a nuclear war with Russia?

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