“New behind-the-scenes planning documents disclosed by Chuck Grassley and and Josh Hawley contain shocking evidence of the real purpose of Biden’s Orwellian Disinformation Governance Board, which became known as Biden’s Ministry of Truth.

“The documents are part of a trove of documents given to the two senators by a whistleblower. Shockingly, the whistleblower files show that the board was conceived as a means for the Biden Regime to push tech companies to censor Americans.

“Two State Attorneys General, Missouri’s Eric Schmitt and Louisiana’s Jeff Landry are now seeking a preliminary injunction to stop Biden to stop Biden and his administration from colluding with social media giants, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to suppress Free Speech.

“These latest moves and revelations go to the heart of the First Amendment, the Constitutional right to exercise Free Speech without government interference.

“That right has been progressively undermined, in particular, since the COVID pandemic but there has been little pushback until now.”

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  • There is nothing new under the sun, what has been before will be again, because such people are intellectually lazy and history ignorant!

    “misinformation” = Dark Ages “heresy”!


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