Max Igan, who lives in Queensland, in northern Australia shows us some of the worst examples of unwarranted police brutality that we’ve ever seen, saying that the police in the state of Victoria have declared war on the people. They are completely out of control and dragging Australia down into total despotism.

You can see clearly that they aren’t arresting people. They’re gratuitously assaulting people, tackling innocent people from behind and slamming them to the ground for no good reason.

Igan also reports that there was a communications blackout in Victoria last Thursday of 4G and 5G communications. New smartphones were disabled but older 3G phones still worked.

What is happening in Victoria is slated to happen here unless there’s any way we can stop it.

We still have rights on paper. We need to exercise them.

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  • In Hawaii many are concerned about the amount of tyranny being experienced. The vaxx passport is in place and almost daily new restrictions are added. We were told that this could go on for weeks. The native Hawaiian community will be visited this weekend by canvassers going door to door to encourage the quaxine because of the low rate of quax there. First responders cannot leave state without tests and state approval. Femaa people were brought in a month ago to “help” in hospitals. Hawaii has been the most restricted state since this began. The fear now is to get to the AU level. Spread the word about HI, please.

    • Alice, Wake Up, I wonder if people as yourself are spreading stories to make it seem real. Sounds a bit…??
      I’m not buying the narrative in Australia as well!
      I’ve learned about the making of history, is that, made, real or not.
      Take WW2 for instance, your still under the influence of its lies 80 years later, while there is plenty of information & documents that prove the other the side, that is not a Hollywood film or Rockefeller publishing book.
      I’ve stood in line at the grocery store with people as yourself early of 2020, trying to pull the strings of peoples emotions, I knew she was one of those “assigned plants.”
      Oh everyone knew someone working at a hospital, LOL. Yes, and so did I & they were caught faking the numbers then, not just signing death certificates but counting test 2-3 times as cases if you had 2-3 test in any given time, you were another case!

      • I live in Australia. This is ALL REAL !!!!! No hollywood movie here
        buster. and if you don’t take heed it will come to place near you.. we are in dire straits here so if you’ve got nothing decent to say, go stick your head back in the sand and don’t mock us !

  • Please look up the Carnation Revolution in Portugal, come on military, come on police, you are in realize just one of us being used …

  • Where’s Hugh Jackman, Russ Crowe, Nicole Kidman? Hiding out in LA no doubt. Hugh can sing the natinal anthem, he just don’t live it.

    • I realized just last year that the US has set up our military right smack in the middle of Australia. I can’t figure out why? This is beyond politics.

  • A lesson in how a nation founded by Christians who believed in the kingdom of God rule in their lives, neighborhoods, cities etc. let false teachers reduce that concept to a personal religious experience completely divorced from civil government and personal accountability to God’s rule. Let us not suppose anything other than Australians are no longer free. They lost their liberty the day they meekly surrendered their personal allegiance to the kingdom of God and their weapons to the British Crown! It was only a matter of time until tyrants turned law enforcement and the military into enemies of the people with brute force when necessary. Obey the brutes or be beaten and worse.

  • This is really something isn’t it? Here the State shows it’s ugly face full of contempt and hatred of the people it was put there to serve. It is also clear that a malignancy is running through the streets into the homes on the screens everywhere. People are scared no doubt, of the disease but the worst and most virulent disease is the one currently killing our society and for which there is no antidote, it is The Terror. It is the same spirit as controlled the streets of Paris during the Reign of Terror in the French Revolution, through Stalin’s reign, through the Nazi reign, through Pol Pot, through Idi Amin, the Stasi, PIDE, NKVD KGB Guarda NSA CIA ASIO all countries and all states who have a ready tool of oppression in their police force which work against the people. While my examples seem extreme compared with the current exemplars in Australia, it remains true that we seem to be living in a police state inside a giant fairly comfortable free range prison. To the extent that the State hates us, the people (especially those who are free thinkers) they will think of more and more oppressions, punishments, more inventive laws and regulations until we cannot breathe without their permission. Oh wait…

  • Its bloody disgraceful here now im ashamed of my country i watched police on tv brutalise a man with his hands tied behind his back face down on the ground being kicke don national television live and the tv crews deliberately panned out and blurred the image as fast a sthe could whilst it happoened so thats the p[os they are instead of focusing in on it and exposing it like news used to do once.

    We are now lioving the in fourth reich here and its just unbelievable for australia to be acting like this to its citizens, we are good peoples here but everyone scared witless by the constant trauma based mind control over the vaccine supposed deaths of a handfgul of old folks probably already on deaths door at the time, im certain hospitals are letting people die too depriving them of care to boost numbers it all adds up to me.

    Thanks heaps keep waking peoples up its a righteous job if even one wakes up youve done Gods righteous work aye.

    Cheers and hope others comment too we need a platform like this to communicate and feel like we are not alone in knowing as this is the biggest satanic scam ever perpetarted upon humanity ever in history its all heading toward the beast system and we here know it pity most dont yet….

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dr elliott

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