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March 11, 2015

In this video, shot in the dining room of the Copacabana Hotel, where the incredibly awesome Anarchapulco 2015 event was held last week, Luke Rudkowski of talks to investigative journalist, James Corbett of, about the most important information regarding ISIS.

James gives a detailed and profound analysis of how ISIS was formed and the endgame that is attempting to play itself out.

We must derail this “endless war” agenda, by knowing and sharing the facts.

I have made a full transcript of this interview. Read it all. Forward this, cut ‘n paste the text – and put it up everywhere that you can, on the Internet!!!

Bless these guys!


LUKE RUDKOWSKI: This is Luke Rudkowski at and I’m joined by the one and only James Corbett of the CorbettReport.

Now, James is an acclaimed researcher, his work is phenomenal. He’s doing really excellent, deep analysis about what’s really happening in this world and we’re going to take this opportunity to talk to James about ISIS.

There’s a lot of news, there’s a lot of information breaking with ISIS but I think it’s very important to understand the start of ISIS and how it became so prominent – not only in our mainstream propaganda-media, of fear-mongering everybody – but also, its current effects, that it has on our entire foreign policy and the Middle East.

James, first question: the start of ISIS how did this happen?

JAMES CORBETT: Well, it’s important, as you say, to understand the start, because most people – or more people are understanding that ISIS now as being funded and openly-supported by the same coalition that’s apparently trying to “destroy” it, quote-unquote.

But back in 1999 – the actual date is obviously a bit shady – but somewhere around there, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi started this off. He was a Jordanian, who ended up in Iraq eventually and a his organization, that he started in 1999 became “al-Qaeda in Iraq.”

Al-Qaeda in Iraq eventually morphed into what we now know as ISIS but we have to understand that this has been a PsyOp, since before ISIS was even ISIS and that’s not even just what I’m saying – that’s actually admitted from even Pentagon documents.

So, we go back to al-Qaeda in Iraq: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is one of these mythical figures – terrorist figures – who ends up dying multiple times. I’ve got some of the notes, here…

So, in 2003, he said he starts the group. He was killed in a bombing raid in April 2003, arrested in Fallujah in 2004, arrested at Bucca in January 2005 and killed again in 2006 – apparently, for good.

But before he was killed-off, the Washington Post reported on internal military documents proving that the Pentagon was engaged in a propaganda campaign, specifically to play up Zarqawi and the role of AQI [al-Qaeda in Iraq], as all part of a PsyOp.
The actual quote from General Mark Kimmitt was: “The Zarqawi PsyOp program is the most successful campaign, to date.”

They leaked a letter, purportedly written by Zaraqwi, that was picked up by the New York Times, even though the fact that – even the question whether he wrote the letter, at all or not – is still in question.

Anyway he was eventually killed off, for the third or fourth time, in 2006 and the group was taken over by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Baghdadi goes on to have a very similar career; being killed in 2007, being arrested multiple times – and interestingly enough, the US military claimed he [Zarqawi] never existed, citing information, from a detainee that they had, who was saying that Zarqawi was basically a mythical figure, that had been invented. They employed an actor to play the voice of this guy, in various audio recordings, to give an Iraqi voice to what is essentially a foreign group.

And that was the US military, talking about that, back in 2007.

Eventually, he gets arrested and is killed-off in 2010. From that point, the group has been taken over by its current leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and he again has this mythical background – no one knows, for sure – but there’s some unverifiable internet biography, basically saying that he was a PhD in Islamic Studies, at the Islamic University of Baghdad and somehow or other, he became the leader of ISIS.

Basically, his mythology is that he was rounded up and arrested, put in Camp Bucca [former US Military detention facility in Iraq], back in 2004, according, officially to the Pentagon, he was only arrested for about nine months; 11 or ten months – but according to the person was actually running the camp at the time, Army Colonel, Kenneth King, he says that he was there until at least the time when America handed Camp Bucca back over to the Iraqi government in 2009 and he says, specifically that this guy was one of the guys who said, “Were coming; we’re coming to New York; or we’re coming for the towers or we’re coming to get you,” or something like that.

So, even their own Army Colonel, who was in charge of the Camp disputes the Pentagon’s official story of how long this guy was in prison. So, it’s another shady character. Only a few photographs of him exist.

And now we’re being asked to believe that he’s overseeing this organization, which somehow or other, spontaneously, apparently sprang up from what seemed to be a rather limited group into this monstrous, almost semi-state actor, that’s now spreading over the entire region, somehow, according to, I guess, what we are officially expected to believe – without the active military and financial aid that would have been necessary to accomplish that.

LUKE RUDKOWSKI: Pinpoint information! Always dead-on and accurate, very important – but let’s not also forget the foreign policy: when the US took over Iraq, General McChrystal made sure that no Ba’athists were allowed to even serve an Iraqi military and Iraqi military had consisted primarily of Ba’athists [the *secular* ruling political party of Saddam’s regime – they are also the ruling party of Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad’s regime] and a lot of those soldiers went and joined ISIS – even though we know that they weren’t [religiously] radicalized, in any way shape or form – but they now, had a new kind of mission that they undertook.

There’s Libya, where we supposedly, were supposed to help spread Democracy against the Dictator, Qaddafi, who was our enemy, in foreign policy with everything that he was doing, behind the scenes how do you think US foreign policy affected the growth of ISIS, including the US allies in the region, who openly help ISIS become what they are, right now?

JAMES CORBETT: Well, that’s right. It’s not just the US. It’s not even just NATO. It’s NATO-Israeli foreign policy that is completely all over this – and the Gulf Region, as well that has a huge part to play in all this. All of these are absolutely essential, in understanding all of this.

Because it’s important to understand there are two levels, in which this is happening: There are the foot soldiers of this, that are that are the Ba’athists, for example, or other people who are drawn to this, for whatever religious or political reasons, who are genuinely fighting – that obviously confuses lot of people, even in the Alternative Media – which thinks that this is all just a figment of imagination.

No. There are real foot soldiers, that really believe in whatever cause they think they believe in – but this would not be possible without the organizational infrastructure and the financial backing and military protection that has been needed to accomplish this.

The big convoys of Toyotas, streaming across the border from Syria to Iraq, last summer: as if that would have been possible, in any universe, in which the CIA or any organization like that was doing its job – its bare, basic job, of what they tell us they’re supposed be there to do, which is obviously, to disrupt things like that from happening or stop it from happening.

They’re not. They ARE protecting them, on financial, military and other types of levels and that is the only way this organization has become what it is.

LUKE RUDKOWSKI: Yep. And that’s why they haven’t attacked Israel, yet. Israel is giving health care to ISIS fighters, when they’re coming over their borders. They’re bombing Assad troops, who are fighting ISIS – and the whole region, including Saudi Arabia, which I think, is also one of the most important ones, openly has connections and a large sum of money is coming from Saudi Arabia to ISIS and I think that’s one of the main reasons – I’m speculating now –
why the 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission report have not yet been released.

Because we talked to the Congressman, who were able to see it secretly. They cannot talk about it is still a classified document: 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission report detail “foreign state funding” and the Congressman who were able to see it point the finger at Saudi Arabia. They cannot officially say it – but all evidence points to Saudi Arabia financing 9/11.

Now, we know for a fact, they’re also sending a large sum – ton – of money towards ISIS.

But going off on another, very important point: the CIA admitted before, that they could make fake videos. They did this with Osama bin Laden, drinking beer with a little boy. They never released the video but they were making videos and thinking about releasing that.

Openly, it’s admitted. Those new ISIS videos: they’re extremely slick; extremely, highly produced. Do you believe that they are real or the fake?

JAMES CORBETT: There’s no doubt that they have been manipulated. There’s no doubt about that – the only question is, “by whom and for what purpose?” If you look at, for example the Japanese hostages, you have the two men kneeling down, in front of the “Jihadi” whatever, “John” or “George” – or whatever they’re going with, now – and in the shadows on one is falling on the left side, the shadows on the other is falling on the right side.

That is only possible in a universe with two Suns or a universe where they’re in front of a green screen, that’s your only option. So, these images have been manipulated, 100 percent.

And so, the only question, then is, “Could this possibly be a manipulation that’s taking place by the actual group that we are expected to believe ISIS is? Or does it have to be with some sort of CIA backing or whatever?

I think it’s certainly possible that some – whatever group this Islamic State is could simply be doing is in front of a green screen, because they don’t want to be caught – so, I don’t think it’s conclusive, either way.

But obviously, I believe that this organization wouldn’t exist without the financial, military backing of the CIA, which is the larger issue I think behind all this.

So, yes the images are manipulated by whom and for what purpose, at this point, speculation.

LUKE RUDKOWSKI: Now, we know you’ve done a lot of research, when it comes to 9/11. A lot of the things that we’re talking about seem to be repeating themselves, like they did with 9/11.

If 9/11 truth would have come out, I truly believe ISIS would not be possible, in today’s day and age.

But from the lessons of 9/11, right after that horrible day, the US government said that, “This is going to be something that we’re going to be fighting for the next 100 years,” and of course we need conflicts to “divide and conquer” people, they want the Military Industrial Complex to grow, they want to restrict your freedom; problem, reaction, solution: that is their ultimate endgame.

I believe ISIS is just a continuation, the new bogeyman and the new al-Qaeda and I believe this conflict is going to spread for, again – the “hundred years” – unless we expose it for what it really is: do our research, do our homework, like James is. That’s my personal take on it, my personal opinion on it.

James, what is your personal opinion about the endgame of ISIS?

JAMES CORBETT: I think you’re exactly right. It’s just the new bogeyman is al- Qaeda Version 2.0.

Obviously, the original al-Qaeda narrative ran out in May 2010, with the “death” of Osama bin Laden – or the “supposed death” of Osama bin Laden. That obviously took the energy and the wind out of the sails of that al-Qaeda narrative, so and this is just the new bogeyman to replace the old bogeyman and its related to the old bogeyman: al-Qaeda in Iraq, you know basically became ISIS.

So yes, it’s just more of a continuation of the same and is part of the same narrative that’s being used for the same purpose that we’ve seen since and even before 9/11 but especially since 9/11.

It has to be confronted in the same way – and completely dismantled in the same way – that the 9/11 myth has been, for anyone who’s been interested in researching the details.

And you’re exactly right that things like the Saudi Arabia financing and manipulations behind-the-scenes of 9/11, that’s hidden in the 28 pages is a window into how this works.

That, of course relates to the testimony Michael Springman who, of course talked about how he was in the consulate that was giving visas to the terrorists, back in the eighties – the exact same consulate that ended up giving visas to many of the 9/11 hijackers.

Again: Saudi financing of 9/11 couldn’t have happened without CIA active participation, involvement, coddling, manipulation – all of it.

So again, all things point back to the fact that this is one big orchestrated hoax that’s going on, right now, to convince us that somehow, this enemy is rising there’s nothing we can do about it. it’s all just hoax and manipulation we have to expose it; completely go against this war agenda, before it starts amping-up because, unfortunately, 2016 looks like it’s going to be another Republican President; more of the right-wing/left-wing, good cop/bad cop nonsense that the public still believes in and it’s just going to be a continuation that war agenda unless we can derail it.

LUKE RUDKOWSKI: Or Hillary Clinton, who is just as hawkish is any Republican out there and continues that same kind of covert [approach] – because Obama’s very covert about what he’s doing. The Republicans are usually more overt, in what they’re doing.

James, any last final comments or closing words, regarding ISIS?

JAMES CORBETT: No, I think that pretty much covers it all – and again, it’s all about derailing the war agenda – because we know that this is being done specifically to just further the narrative that’s going on, that allows the US and its allies, to keep rolling over state after state…

We already have a million dead Iraqis. We don’t need one more, in the name of this phony bogeyman!

LUKE RUDKOWSKI: James, thank you so much.

Find out more about James in that link in the description below. His analysis and research is pinpoint dead-on. Do your homework share this video with someone who is afraid of this “ISIS threat,” which of course, is manipulated.

Wake up, do your homework do your research and of course, go check out

Thank you, so much for watching.


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