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    Ever since President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us of the “Military-Industrial Complex” in his farewell speech, the planet has been in the grips of what he named.

    James Corbett directs us to some lesser-known pieces of that speech, including the warning about an emerging “scientific technological elite” involved with computers.

    We now find ourselves in the grips, as well of Big Data, where “Data is the New Currency” and vast corporatist spying programs record everything we do in the name of “security.”

    Corbett notes, “Until such time that the National Security Act of 1947 is repealed and the cover of national security is lifted from the dark actors that populate this sector, the Information-Industrial Complex is unlikely to be quashed or even hampered anytime soon.”

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    • As always, Corbett nails it.
      Ick specifically warned the public and here we are. The demon remoulds itself and continues to feed. Even more like a vampire today than in Ick’s time its evil continues. The fiend now bleeds the world dry of individuality, freedom and light from inside weaponized coffins lining secret guarded walls. And, like a dark castle looms above a sleeping village the threat casts its shadow over the living world.

    • Another excellent Corbett Report!
      I think this illustrates rather starkly the impotence of democracy, and the blindness of its proponents, daily brought home to us by the enraged liberal media, whose target is not the Information-Industrial complex at all (nice handle that. I hope it sticks), but the unconscionable Donald Trump. Trump may be, from the liberal p.o.v., beyond the pale, but if democracy is really our concern his antics are a distraction. His replacement, should there be one, will not restore the democratic process that liberals insist Trump has hijacked.

    • Does the word in-dustry mean this is acting inside the dust, re-acting unconsciously?
      As long people think they are different, the other one is like dust, is unknown or is unconscious.

      Any information is spiritual, acting inside matter.

      There are two lines of basic information: The one of splitting and the one of fusion.
      So there is a splitting industry by activities and a fusion activity for enlightenment.
      Activities are repeating by intellect.
      Actions are new by intelligence.

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