I’ve been saying for a while that the COVID War has felt like a planetary alien abduction scenario and this latest video by John Bowne shows that I’m not the only one who’s had this thought.

Bowne’s video contains clips from interviews with Temple University history professor, David Jacobs, PhD and British author, Timothy Goode, who both report that aliens are not only abducting humans and creating alien hybrids but are using mind control to integrate themselves into Earth’s civilization and government, in preparation for their imminent planetary takeover.

Dr Jacobs is the foremost authority on the topic of a global alien hybridization project and how it’s being carried out. In his 2015 book, ‘Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity’, which is based on three decades of research, studying over 1,150 abduction events experienced by 150 people, he estimated that the alien hybridization program involves at least tens of millions of human beings, globally.

Dr Jacobs observed the following about the alien abduction phenomenon:

1. It is intergenerational. The children of abductees become abductees and so do their children and so on, regardless of whether or not both parents are involved. This has been known since the 1980s, when Budd Hopkins started his work.

2. It is global. This is not an American phenomenon. Everybody around the world describes the same things; they’re basically having the same experiences. It’s also a new phenomenon. People were not describing these experiences in the 12th century – or even in the 19th century. Jacobs says that there has never been anything like this in human history; that so many people have been describing these same strange experiences; things that are bizarre beyond imagination.

3. It is clandestine. The reason for this he says, quite simply is that they don’t want us to know what they’re doing.

Dr Jacobs was led to the conclusion that an alien-controlled program to create alien-human hybrids had reached a new stage of completion: the integration of human-looking “hubrids” into human society.

He says hubrids are designed to look average and to not stand out in a crowd. Their function is to infiltrate, “blend in” and to live among us. The main difference between them and us is that they can control us mentally, with the ability to put thoughts and images in our mind.

New nano materials are currently being introduced into the environment and into the food supply – and of course, in the vaxxines. The self-assembling graphene oxide nano circuitry observed in the vaxx vials appears to relate to the creation of MAC addresses for humans within the Internet of Bodies.

Meanwhile, the World Economic Forum and Elon Musk promote various neuralnanorobotics prototypes of “Brain Net”, the Human Brain/Cloud Interface, some using neural-interfacing remote-controlled nano swarms of bio-penetrable materials that are able to integrate themselves through a variety of membranes to have read-and-write capabilities on brain function.

Nanorobots aerosolized to place minimal-sized electrodes in a network within a brain with minimal intervention could wirelessly transmit encoded information to and from a cloud-based supercomputer network for real-time brain state monitoring and data extraction. Data transfer between living human brains and the cloud would require the use of D-Wave quantum computers and Artificial Intelligence. Patents for such technologies already exist.

Neuralnanorobotics are being developed to enable instantaneous real-time interface between the human brain and both biological and non-biological computing systems, providing implantees with instant access to the world’s knowledge and Artificial Intelligence.

If this isn’t the “hive mind” of the Greys, then what is? Are humans being transformed, through the COVID vaxxine, chemtrails and graphene-dosed food into prototypes of Earth-based Greys? Is this what an alien invasion looks like?

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  • The soul group responsible is the greys, but I would view this hostile soul group as already being among us in the form of the Jews, who entered this dimension of matter by astral projection in an intentional communal military program and incarnated by entering the wombs of already-existing human mothers in this physical dimension in a scenario not unlike ‘The Midwich Cuckoos’, Rabbi Laitman has stated that the Jewish soul group has come from another dimension as ‘spiritual commandos’ as he calls them, and incarnated into Earth humanoids to conquer them and this whole planet. Look at their immense technological and psychic abilities, the atomic weapons they patented, their electronic surveillance capabilities like the Israeli Talpiot program etc. that can access all electronic data processing and communications devices on the planet unstoppably, even NSA computers, look at their political and financial dominance, even using AI like Tal Zaks, Al Bourla, Fink of Blackrock, Noel Harari and Klaus Schwab (whose original blood mother was in fact Jewish) and Bill Gates do, creating weapons that can destroy the DNA of any creature they choose, or make any species sterile eventually.

    Such inhuman psychopaths who are at the head of the current transhumanist agenda in all fields with their supercomputers patently do not intend for us humans to become assimilated by them, but instead for all humanity to be genetically damaged so as to become infertile and made extinct, as in Deuteronomy 20:16, consider how ‘alien’ that verse is, with those humans still surviving in the last stages prior to total extinction being subjugated by technological, chemical and psychotronic means.

    Оr, we could all just vote them out, but of course, people under such hypnosis just want to forget about things like this and allow their attention to be consumed by whatever programs the ‘matrix’ provides to occupy them and lull them to sleep.

  • Ya know, as far fetched as this all sounds, one has to consider the possibility, as those we refer to as globalists, seem to have a disdain for humanity as a whole, a vial hatred which they display in their every act!
    It takes little imagination to see Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, Schwab or so many others as a Reptilian when looking at them, one is just waiting for the forked tongue to slither out of their mouths!

    • During the presidential inauguration speech of Biden, I filmed the presentation on the TV screen, and part of Biden’s face temporarily became replaced by thick green tissue and nothing other than a forked tongue came out of his mouth and is clearly visible both on the video I took and stills extracted from that, though I think that was a reptilian walk-in temporarily propping Biden’s rotting corpse up at the time just to get him through the required performance needed to sneak in the real holders of power hiding in plain site behind him whose treacherous dual nationality true identity can clearly be seen, with every single one of his most senior political ‘aides’ belonging to this entirely sinister anti-human NWO takeover group, using him as a willing puppet front man.

      I have an extensive library that I have recorded of many hundreds of images of this and of other instances of reptilian walk-ins or actual shape changers, with such people’s irises changing to hexagonal irises and even possibly octagonal irises on occasion with vertical slit pupils and often golden coloured irises, and sometimes no pupils at all, or completely black and white checkered eyeballs. Some of these people have very long fingers, even 6 fingers, two rows of teeth, or very elongated and very sharp teeth, huge almond-shaped black eyes, and massively protruding brows covered in rows of thick knobbles like something out of ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’.

      Even if one plays back films from even the 1920’s, one can see film images of stars that either show such walk-ins who have entered their bodies or stars who are actually shape-changers themselves posing as humans in many prominent film star positions, the camera does not lie, the visual images are astounding and consistently share the same types of phenomena.

      Black and white checkers often manifest on their faces and bodies, such black and white patterning being possibly connected to the black and white checkered images seen on floors in Hindu, Muslim, Freemasonic and Christian temple floors, with black and white checkered tunnels of various shapes, circular, rectangular etc. all containing regular black and white squares, being often experienced in multidimensional states in astral or other out of body experiences and bilocation experiences, which I myself have experienced very clearly on a number of occasions whilst practicing Kriya yoga.

    • Just what we need is more Space Theory.
      What is going on in Ukraine & Russia is a Psyop, that is why Zelenski travels with his Professional Camera Crew from Hollywood.
      The EU are Negotiating how they are falling in this next Age of 2,000 year Currency and Trade. The Vatican & City of London already surrendered.

  • Look under Cheyenne mountain, had a tour in the dream state about 20 years ago! Ocassionally I can infiltrate these operations! Another one I got to see and participate personally was sports and other public figures training programs, what to say and think and how to present, Global Warming and other Fake Programs!


    • In 1920 my Grandparents were 5 and 7 years of age when they lived in Germany what is known as the Rhineland. As both these young children were witnesses to both of their mothers being Raped by an invasion of 40,000 Black African Troops. Details of this event still survive today known as “Horror on the Rhine.” E.D. Morrell
      You see Kenny, the difference between us is that my people know how to pull their boot straps up and move on. Just like my Irish bloodline does as well. Don’t here them crying about their slave masters, many of whom were Negroid decent.

    • That’s the kind of stuff makes more sense to me than religion.
      Maybe there’s the true creator of everything, but apparently he isn’t doing anything about it.
      Weve been caught and imprisoned on this place, and we need to find the way back to the origin spiritually.

      Avoid all poisons, detox and meditate.

  • Does anyone remember a person called, Wernher von Braun? A Nazi “officially” from Germany.
    He repeatedly told his assistant, Carol Rosin, that the last card will be the fake alien invasion.
    Then there was a guy by the name of Ron Ray gun, ZAP! Who told the UN, are there not aliens
    among us today? That was after he had seen a UFO while riding on a plane. He also had a being called Pappy Bush, who was a Nazi that ran the CIA. That was smuggled into this country as a child. Lots of dirty intel on that killer bastard, of the NWO, and Klaus Schwab, you will own nothing, and be happy, alien killer crowd.

    So, just as a guess, I’d say the last card is about to be dropped, to protect us all, from the aliens in our governments. Take from it what you will, and toss the rest. This has been planned for a very, very long time. Beware, the snake, with two heads, that injecting you with all that life-saving snake juice, to protect you from the common cold relabeled Covid-19, more snake stuff.
    The only thing we own on this plane of existence is our soul, that’s all we take with us. Protect your soul, do not take any of the snakes venom, that alters your DNA, and makes you into property. I’ve ranted enough today. Thank you, Alexandra, for all I’ve learned from your site for the last ten years. God bless you.

  • This may well have been the wet dream of a Schwab sycophant?
    But as Kimberly Goguen has demonstrated, all their plans have been destroyed.
    No more Project Looking Glass!
    All we have left are the actors playing people such as Biden and Johnson in the UK.
    And come the 24th April, ’tis all over for the real players and their ‘Evil’ determination.
    We can but hope that the burst of light on that day kills off many of those ‘Evil’ players whom have been pumping themselves up with vaccines to protect themselves from what they thought they would be unleashing upon us?

    • Rumble is being blocked in our area. Try switching browsers or try downloading Hola.org for a free VPN, to browse as if you’re in another country where there’s less censorship.

  • All the information is served on the table to reach this conclusion following the established control patterns of the system to violate the body of the masses and make them dissociate from their spirit. Getting out of reality, truth, nature, God, spiritual state, automatically places you in the world of fiction in which we all passively participate like a brick in a wall, and it doesn’t matter if you think you are awake since resistence is adaptacion.
    The domination of a mass of people is historically verifiable at any time, and they all start from a deception that is sustained with the word, the sword, the gold and the rod, which today, the master programmers of minds, are synthesized and symbolized in the smartphone to make it symmetrical with the master-slave mental implant, that is, there is an electronic sophistication that simplifies the indoctrination process through punishment and reward by not giving that punishment. Whether 2000 years ago or today, the control system is the same and covers a considerable part of the population in which it does not act immanently, but would be robots, what the system does is close the gates of a decision so that you only have access to “reality” by looking at a window or screen. Belief is powerful and if the plan is considered as a prophecy, each person will live their events with that mark installed in the center from which all purposes start. So if you think there was an invasion, it must have started since there was history, however they could have done that hybridization a long time ago. In the reset they want to impose a new origin of humanity built under the designs of some creators of fictions who take advantage of human creativity to sustain their pyramid of power, and to the extent that the masses deny the domination of their own body, soul and spirit. The spirit is freedom at its best, the key to everything, including mental aberrations that the “genius” makes them come true, not in the expected way, since aberrations always crash against reality and the effects we call evil . Who are those cunning programmers?
    They are poor-spirited people whose emptiness can only be filled with the accumulation of information and matter, which is the same in different densities.
    At first it’s a decision, then it’s a reality, when you deny it again, you fall into fiction, that’s why it’s better to create a parallel fiction to fall standing and accompanied by friends.

  • This is the biggest crappile of Disinformation I have ever seen strung together on the internet. Its amazing that this shit has 300 Views.

      • ‘Jesus’ is right!
        Nothing but sheer nonsense!
        I can only assume that Alexandra had nothing else worthwhile to publish?
        Although after watching her interview recently, it would seem that she dismisses Kimberly Goguen at United Network News?
        Cannot quite work out why?


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