I’ve been loving the Red Pill Book YouTube channel for a long time and this is the best video he’s made in a while, cutting images and sound effects over an Audible reading of Lee Smith’s book, ‘The Plot Against the President’.


“This book is an effort to present the known, as well as the previously-unreported details in the anti-Trump operation.

“The basic outline of the story, however is shockingly simple. Hillary Clinton’s campaign used political operatives and dirty cops to frame her opponent. When she lost, Obama officials employed the resources of the Federal Government to try to topple President Trump.

“The media weren’t simply partisan or lazy or complicit, they have been an integral component of both legs of the operation from the beginning until the present.

“All-in-all, it is a tragic story about criminality, corruption and a conspiracy of lies at the highest levels of important US institutions that were designed to keep the public safe – such as the FBI – and free, such as the press.

“If it weren’t for eight people, no one would know what happened.

“Stefan Halper graduated from Stanford in 1967 and earned a PhD from Oxford in 1971. He worked for three Republican administrations, Richard Nixon’s, Gerald Ford’s and Ronald Reagan’s and was once married to the daughter of the CIA’s Director of Intelligence, Ray Klein.

“Halper’s family ties to the Agency won him a leadership position in a Dirty Tricks operation targeting a presidential campaign.

“‘Halper stood out because he was incredibly rude,’ Lokhova explains. ‘Also, he regularly made a point of making anti-Russian comments. It was he who told the US and British press that [General Mike] Flynn had been compromised by Russian intelligence and that the agent of Flynn’s undoing had been Lokhova.’

“US intelligence officials, political operatives and the media concocted a false account of the 2014 dinner, to smear her, in order to get at Flynn.

“Lokhova was a convenient instrument. No one blinked when her former Cambridge colleagues threw her to the wolves, claiming she was a Russian spy and had compromised the DIA Director.

“But that fraudulent narrative of the 2014 dinner wasn’t planted in the press until several years later, in the winter of 2016-2017.

“It was only when Trump was ascendant, that the fictional account became useful, an account that dirtied Flynn and by extension, Trump.

“Halper was running an operation to dirty Trump and several associates, as well (Russian assets). He was looking for material with which to write the false backstory of the Flynn-Putin photograph.

“Nearly two years after the February 2014 that he didn’t attend, Halper saw how a report of it might be useful. It could serve as the backstory for the photograph of Flynn at Putin’s table.

“In his account, which finally surfaced in December 2016, the postcard with Stalin’s signature had been an erratic come-on from Lokhova, the prelude to a seduction. She was a Russian agent. They had left the dinner together.

“”The premise of that story,’ says Lokhova, ‘is ridiculous! At the end of the evening, I supposedly walk off alone with Flynn for some rendezvous and no one says a thing. Not his security detail, not the former head of MI6. Instead, everyone just finishes their Port and cheese without saying a thing.’

“The anti-Flynn operation launched’. A February 26th, 2016 Reuters article by Mark Hosenball and Steve Holland was the first public evidence of it.

“‘Trump adviser, Michael Flynn,’ according to the article raised some eyebrows among some foreign policy veterans, when he was pictured sitting at the head table with Putin at a banquet in Moscow late last year,  celebrating Russia Today. An international broadcasting network funded by the Russian government. The photograph of him seated with Putin became the first piece of falsified evidence in the Dirty Tricks campaign alleging that the Trump Team had been compromised by the Kremlin.'”

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