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    Some may recall, back in August of 2019, when CEO Patrick Byrne tendered his shock resignation, after 20 years of leading the company he founded into a premier shopping website. This was followed by a blizzard of halting appearances on several cable news shows, where he appeared completely terrified and was at times reduced to tears.

    He said he’d been warned that if he came forward, “everybody in Washington, DC will spend the rest of your life trying to grind you into dust…I [had] to get that away from the company.”

    What we learn now is that the SEC had already done 6 investigations of Overstock and found nothing, but when he learned that Peter Strzok’s wife, Melissa Hodgman as an Enforcement Division Associate at the SEC, he knew that he needed to disassociate himself from his company.

    Byrne’s sudden spate of TV appearances in 2019 corresponded with William Barr taking over as the new Attorney General and about whom he had high hopes, saying at the time, “I could not come forward until there was rule of law in this country,” after an investigation into the origins of the Russian Collusion probe was launched, he deposited all of the information he’d gathered into the hands of Connecticut US Attorney John Durham.

    “I started explaining to them what was really happening and what had really happened, which is that everything you think you know…everything that the public’s been told – it’s all a lie. It’s all a lie.”

    Byrne consistently tells the story about how he’s helped FBI investigations on three separate occasions, as part of his duty as a good citizen. The first time was in 2002, to help solve the murder of his friend, former NBA player Brian Williams, the second time was in 2005-2010, when he helped take down some bad actors on Wall Street involved in naked short selling. The third time he helped the FBI was when they contacted him in 2015-2016.

    Byrne says that it was while watching Peter Strzok’s testimony before Congress in July 2018 that he realized he’d been used by the latter as a tool in “political espionage” during the 2016 campaign.

    He refers to them as the “Men in Black…because I really don’t want to disparage the FBI, because…in a sense, it isn’t the FBI – they have been hijacked…” He says that a 2008 law allows the CIA Director take the wheel of the FBI, which is how his mission was supervised by Director Brennan, himself at the personal request of the President.

    “I thought I was helping with legitimate law-enforcement…It turns out I was a tool in a game of political espionage.”

    “The bottom line is, it’s a big cover-up: that there was political espionage connected against Hillary Clinton – against Hillary Clinton – Marco Rubio, [Ted] Cruz, Donald Trump. And this is not a theory of mine, it’s not a political position. I was in the room when it happened. I was part of it. I thought I was doing law enforcement. Sorry!”

    Byrne also said that Clinton supporters in Hollywood had been spied on.

    He then told reporters he wanted to “disappear” and he was last seen in Singapore, reportedly under heavy guard, where he continued to work on his pet blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.


    Fourteen months later, Patrick Byrne joins Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth and he appears to be much more calm.

    “Let me be clear. I have no permission to come forward and after I came forward a year ago, I got one message from the Department of Justice that said, ‘You owe us 15 years for that but we agree that the circumstances are extraordinary. So you just keep your mouth shut and wait and trust the process and the process is going to do it. And after the election, you can come out and tell everything. But you keep your mouth shut till the election.

    “And the message I sent back was, I’m comfortable with that as a solution, as long as you come forward. I’m not ethically comfortable with any solution that does not include the public being informed of the truth before the election.’ And that’s how things were left a year ago. I split the country and went to Indonesia…

    “Then, the DOJ announced they’re not doing anything until after the election. Durham’s not doing anything and I think that because of that, I’m going to earn myself the other 85 years I owe them by coming forward. But there’s no way. It’s not right. I’ve sent them a polite, respectful message through the lawyers and such that said, ‘I’m not sure if it’s right or wrong for you folks to be asking me to stay silent, at this point but I’m sure it’s wrong for me to say silent, so I’m going to come forward.’

    “I may owe them a hundred years after I do this but I have, in the last week or two, I wrote up a 25-page description of what really happened and now you’re really the first interviewer…where I’m telling people everything that I left out when I came forward a year ago

    Byrne has nothing to gain from coming forward and, in fact, doing so has cost him $100 million so far.


    He explains, “The senate judiciary committee…is the ultimate bulwark on against corruption in America…its authority to investigate corruption trumps the authority of anyone else in America, any other government official because they can look into anything under the grounds of corruption…and they called me in in 2006 and told me that I was going to investigate Washington DC for them…that there was something – and these were their words – they said, ‘There’s some sort of systemic corruption taking over our national government we can’t even tell you what it is, Patrick.

    “‘It’s like it’s a foreign government but it isn’t a foreign government but what we have learned is we can’t fight it from within the Government and we get…that you’re eccentric we get that you’re a horse of a different color but we love you. You’re a fighter. We love you and we’re going to ask you to investigate the Federal Government and this how you’re going to do it. Then they laid out a very clear path I was going to take…

    “Somebody let me know this had been done in World War II. In World War II, there was a concern of Nazi sympathizers, German sympathizers in the Federal Government and an American businessman, I think they said he was from Wall Street was given a letter and told to interact with the Federal Government and try to find the German sympathizers there’s really only one way you can do that and that’s to become a German sympathizer, right?

    “And so you don’t want to get hung as a traitor five years later by some other administration, they gave him a letter saying he was going to do this. Well, such a letter was drafted and shown to me and signed by the Chairman. It may have been signed by about nine senators but it was at least signed by the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and it was tucked away and the FBI didn’t know anything about that.

    “The Government did not know anything about that, so I had all these opportunities to interact with the Government and I helped them on Wall Street. I helped them chase Wall Street…

    “I was at one time both trying to help them but also trying to find what I’ve been asked to find. And so when they came to me and they asked me to set up Hillary Clinton for a bribe, which I did, and just, you know it’s all written out on Deep Capture [his blog], they told me about one bribe she took. They told me who it was from, how much it was, how it was done. It was a foreign government.

    “They asked me to set up a second bribe and that would be done under their observation and control. And they knew of a government that they believed wanted to pay a bribe and my assignment was to befriend that Government and to find and befriend its bag man and then to get that bag man 10 minutes alone in a room with Hillary Clinton. So, I had to work both sides of that equation and I had two months to do it but within two months, there had to be a room that Hillary walked into and the bag man walked into and they spent 10 minutes alone.”

    The upshot is that everything was set up but then, the mission was scrubbed. He was told:

    “Hillary Clinton is going to be our next president and nothing can stop that now. The day she becomes President, the first thing she is going to do is send her people over to the FBI and find out who was part of investigating her, and we are all going to be destroyed. That includes you, Patrick. This mission has been scrubbed from the highest level.”

    “This is the key that I didn’t say last year but when you hear this, you will understand what happened the last four years in America. What was finally said to me was – so, this is now early 2016 Q1 2016. They said,

    “‘At this point, President Obama has his people across the Federal bureaucracy, but especially the Department of Justice. Hillary is going to be President for eight years and nothing is going to stop that, but while she’s president, the evidence about bribery you were part of gathering is going to be sitting on a “Bunsen burner” inside the DOJ, and the hand on that Bunsen burner is going to be the hand of one of Barack Obama’s people. If Hillary is a good girl, defends Obamacare etc., that hand will keep the Bunsen burner on “Low”. If she is a bad girl, starts thinking for herself, that hand [mimes twisting a dial] will turn the Bunsen burner to “High”. That way, for the eight years she is President, Hillary is going to be managed by Barack Obama. Then Hillary is going to step down, and Michelle is going to run… And Patrick, that’s the plan.’

    Well, they were wrong. As for what he sees happening to the perpetrators, he says he does think that Strzok, McCabe, Comey, Brennan and Hillary are all looking at the possibility of jail.

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