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The Gateway Process: the CIA’s Classified Space & Time Travel System That You Can Learn (Really)

The United States military is always looking for new ways to create super soldiers. They use performance-enhancing and mind-altering drugs. They’re currently experimenting with brain implant technology. They’ve even explored genetic engineering to try and breed the perfect soldier.

But those are nothing compared to what happened in 1983; when Lieutenant Colonel Wayne McDonald submitted a very unusual and detailed report to US Army intelligence. It was called “Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process”. This is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve an out-of-body experience for the purpose of intelligence-gathering.

But Colonel McDonald’s report went much further than that. An advanced gateway participant could not just project their consciousness to a different place, they could pull their consciousness completely out of this reality. They could travel anywhere in the universe and at any point in time.

The report revealed that our universe doesn’t actually exist. It’s a construct created by our mind. By using the gateway process, you can exit the construct and see reality for what it really is. The 30-page Gateway Report was immediately classified for one simple reason: anyone can learn to do it. Even you.

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