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The United States military is always looking for new ways to create super soldiers. They use performance-enhancing and mind-altering drugs. They’re currently experimenting with brain implant technology. They’ve even explored genetic engineering to try and breed the perfect soldier.

But those are nothing compared to what happened in 1983; when Lieutenant Colonel Wayne McDonald submitted a very unusual and detailed report to US Army intelligence. It was called “Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process”. This is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve an out-of-body experience for the purpose of intelligence-gathering.

But Colonel McDonald’s report went much further than that. An advanced gateway participant could not just project their consciousness to a different place, they could pull their consciousness completely out of this reality. They could travel anywhere in the universe and at any point in time.

The report revealed that our universe doesn’t actually exist. It’s a construct created by our mind. By using the gateway process, you can exit the construct and see reality for what it really is. The 30-page Gateway Report was immediately classified for one simple reason: anyone can learn to do it. Even you.

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  • I was fortunate to have experienced Robert Monroe’s work at the Monroe Institute in Faber VA. I did 3 programs there, one of which was called Gateway. These programs completely change & expand your concept of reality. HIGHLY recommended!

  • Hi I am 66 now ,I am a blacksmith ,so I chang the shape and move me lculrs of metal ,diclecick ,but thruw diving and learning to slow my heart down how to over come panec .over many years I have had out off body ,(dreems) ? That come true ,I am not in control of these dreems but I have seen in to the days weeks years ahead of the time I seem to be in ?
    I have not ever told anyone about this for the fear that people would think that I was mad .as is happens my biker friends call me mad Brian ?
    Thank you for. This interesting conseped .
    I was one off the first children to be found with dicleexcyer in the UK ,
    At 12 a IQ off 134 and only be able to reed three and four letter words
    And only to spell three letters words .but remember just about everything I was told .I work on Logic working out the truth ?
    What is the truth if all you have been told are (ly,s) you see we are given RAWSthen someone always needs to change them .
    To be truthful over this evilness of the super Rich over the past 3 years .my eyes and ears have opened.
    Keep on opening people eyes ,thank you

  • The tantric practises do provide the methods to break through. The Guru however is a necessary way shower and guide so that you do not experience the negative effects that can happen.

  • Yes, I want more about out of body, time time travel!

    Learn navigating!

    Traveling out and returning safely. I do not have enough crumbs to leave a trail to follow back to my home.

    Raising the joy, satisfaction level and happiness of everybody!

  • This is actually fun reading. The report actually says (under Time Space Dimension: “..Now the fun begins…) Is it possible that the CIA put that there to see how we would react to it? To have “phun” with us? Col. T. Bearden in his books talks about the reality of the mind being 3 orthogonal turns from hyperspace to our zeroth bioframe, an excellent meditation when focusing on hyperspace symbols. Kabbalah meditation involves similar with their alphabet.

  • You have to be totally dumb not to realize that this so-called Gateway Process is not science but sorcery.
    And who responds to sorcerer’s invitations? Demons.
    So if you want demons to enter your mind and show you things, some true, but most deceptive, go right ahead – but there’s a price to pay, and the demons aren’t going to let you forget that.

  • I’ve heard of Super soldier program, they kidnap people, let them sign contract and let them fight in many different places.
    After they finish, their memory is wiped off, and they are returned to the state before being kidnapped.
    I could be one and just don’t remember it.
    Well, I recall hearing story from woman I knew – She, in her spirit, was forced to fight with monsters under command of being that called himself as Zeus (have no idea whether that’s the same Zeus as Greek God or not) almost every night or something; but later she lost her mind and became completely different person (supposedly another spirit of hers took her over), like we can have multiple spirits and walk-ins.
    I don’t know how to explain this well, and sounds complicated; but no it’s really just about belief/imagination/manifestation and we are supposedly able to do EVERYTHING in the reality we create.
    Keep practicing that we won’t be trapped here anymore after we die.

  • The Monroe Institute (whose technique is featured in this video) is a treasure for those who seek such awareness.

    I found them 8 years ago and know this to be true.
    The site has free meditations with hemi synch, or binaural beats and meditations from the Gateway Experience are also available.
    The Institute has Gateway retreats as well. Enjoy your travels!

  • While I was in bed one night last year I asked my higher self to show me what an out of body experience was like. When I fell asleep and in my dream I was sitting next to a body that was lying in bed. I recognized my unconscious body lying there and looking over my body I reached over and pinched the body on the stomach and immediately felt it on my stomach then I woke up.
    I believe fear is what keeps most of us glued to our homebody selves when we sleep but I have had a lot of curious visitors lately. Jumping dimensions would require a shift up in frequency. I have heard it can be done to you with machinery or liquids but feels over whelming like your tripping or you could explode .

    • It seems like you really got it.
      Yes, don’t be afraid and just believe that you are the one in charge of everything there.

      • In my youth my fear of flying dreams haunted me for years until I overcame the fear I didn’t have control just floating around the ceiling after I stopped being afraid the nightmare dreams stopped as well. I never understood they were OOB experiences or why I needed this superpower. I was kept safe with the indoor version dreams afterward I was let loose outside it was a blast while it lasted. Look inward , trust yourself and see what you can do.

        • I’ve had a few dreams where I’ve been flying. Soaring like a bird. Up, down, waaaaay up there, swooping down low. The most extraordinary experience. Haven’t had it for a few years. I think I’ll try to give my higher self instructions for another one of those.

  • “our universe doesn’t actually exist. It’s a construct created by our mind”
    You know what, at first it didn’t make sense at all, yet after searching on these topics, I’m more convinced that it’s sorta like that.
    Hence there are many versions of “truth”; however, it will also depend on how much power we put into it and how many other people believe in the same way as we do.
    But I know this will trigger some religious people.

    For anyone more interested in this, try digging for Astral Projection and Lucid dream.

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