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Why would anyone think that our corrupt government sees Communist China as an enemy?

They have been close partners for over 50 years.

In 1971, after Mao Zedong spent years calling for the invasion of America, Henry Kissinger, acting as Nixon’s special representative secretly traveled to Beijing to open business relations with the CCP.

George W Bush then went to China as the Director of the US Liaison office and paved the way for multinational outsourcing of America’s labor markets.

Fast-forward to 2001: the inside job of taking down the Twin Towers accomplished many things for the corrupt US Government. It was the “Pearl Harbor Event” that the Neocons wrote that they needed to launch their plan for a “New American Century”.

It was the catalyst for the Patriot Act, which is being used today to target American Patriots and it was a way to account for trillions of missing dollars.

On the afternoon of September 10th, 2001, US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon was unable to account for 2.3 trillion missing dollars. The very next day, on 9/11, the Pentagon’s budget offices took a direct hit and was destroyed.

The markets closed for two weeks. Banks all across the nation were closed and the missing $2.3 trillion was forgotten.

With overwhelming evidence of 9/11 being a series of controlled demolitions, the debris and wreckage from the felled towers was not investigated. Instead, it was immediately shipped off to China.

And on December 11th of that same year, China became a member of the World Trade Organization. Having been given favorable trading status by the US, the CCP was virtually exempt from violating human rights violations and millions of Americans started losing their jobs as manufacturing was outsourced to CCP slave labor factories.

Fast-forward to the current era, our government worked with the Communist Chinese to weaponize COVID-19 and to further destabilize the American economy with forced lockdowns and deadly experimental vaccines that are still killing people to this day, including children.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics desperately publishes a fake jobs report, claiming over 500,000 jobs, when the actual numbers are more like 80,000. The housing market is collapsing. 41% of businesses can’t pay their rent. The US Debt is at $31 trillion. The Federal Reserve Bank is backed into a corner and the crooked US Government needs another 9/11.

And right on cue, a giant balloon, big enough to be seen by all slowly creeps across the American skies. The average American is now talking about EMPs.

Our government’s partner, the CCP takes credit and a new Bin Laden is born. The stage is now set for an EMP attack, so that the banks have an excuse to close, steal the rest of America’s wealth, making way for the CCP’s digital Yuan to become the new World Reserve Currency.

Why would anyone think that our government is enemies with the Communist Chinese?

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  • The daily count of “COVID CASES” appears to be over, and yet the sheeple never reflected on why the media kept lying every focking day about a fake number? The fear porn has stopped for now, but, it will start sooner or later, and the IDIOTS of this world will sh’t in their pants again, and never suspect being lied to.

    • I think this “pull back” on the fear porn is very temporary. A lull to create more cognitive dissonance. By now fence sitters and even those who are willing to do research and have a good grasp of what’s taking place have been pensive, waiting for the other shoe to drop. The lull allows false sense of hopium and copium, and for the lemms finally “back to normal”. But it is a charade. Very much in the same way that narcissists abuse their victims. All the same shit. Love bombing, devaluing, weaponizing compassion, virtue signaling, word salad, triangulation, deflection, lies, manipulation. The abuser keeps you tethered through the push pull. My daughter is a junior and a public high school in the state of Maine and a child died suddenly two weeks ago. I’m stunned that none of these folk- administrators, teachers, bus drivers, teachers are still clueless. Early on I attended meetings, sent articles, but to no avail. Those people, the ones in complete denial, whether through shame or ignorance scare me more than the mother weffers. In some ways they are just as bad, because although they believe they have the moral high ground, they have been deceived into doing great harm and evil.

  • Whatever happened to “We have it all?” The worldwide trip to world leaders and they capitulated? Everyday we have new threats. Day by day it gets worse.


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