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Clif High says that an imminent report coming from the Pentagon in May-June will be one of major UFO/ET disclosure and this defining moment will mark the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. The US Government will finally admit something they’ve been trying to deny for over 80 years.

He says everything is going to change. Einsteinian and Quantum Physics will be revealed for the frauds that they are. All authority will be destabilized. “Everybody’s going to have to acknowledge that what you learned in high school; anything that you learned prior to the day that they announced this report is bogus, because everything changed that day and that was the end of the woo…

“The woo that can be named is not the woo, so the minute that they do this, they kill the idea of being able to label anything outside of their paradigm box as ‘conspiracy theory’, ‘disinformation’, ‘bogus’ or any of that they can’t deny anything, because they’ve let in the biggest thing they’ve been denying for 80 damn years…and once you’re swimming in the woo and nothing is denied, the woo has ended, so you’re not free of the woo but the woo is ended and it’ll take us decades, maybe hundreds of years, who knows to craft another official paradigm for which there may be woo.

“But it’s going to be fun. Could be a cool time. It’s going to be really interesting to see all of the various classes of people that have given me s*** for years, come unglued with this information and what it does to their realities.

“And here we are, Guys. This is the point of it all. This is the time; two months from now, so prepare your mind and be very aware, society will change.”

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  • it’s now September 2021 and we didn’t hear any of this in june or july or August.
    So what the hell were you talking about and why is this bull still on Youtube?

  • Ok… so this is what crazy actually looks like?
    This is what happens and what we got to look forward to when we get old?
    Call this EXACTLY what it is…. sad.
    Poor old guy… way to much time on his hands.

  • Clif High is absolutely on the correct course with his “Woo” and does an excellent job discussing what is usually considered taboo. Way tooo esoteric for a normie to grasp! But that is irrelevant because he is speaking the truth, as frightening as it may be for many to hear. But in my humble opinion, Mr. High seems to be unaware of how to connect the last dot. And connecting the last dot is the only way this all makes sense. The end of the Woo, which by the way began in 1543 (think Copernicus) when we humans began to look at ourselves through a heliocentric model and abandoned the truthful geocentric model. You see, the last dot to be connected is the understanding that —-wait for it, That we live on a flat earth and not a spinning ball. This has been scientifically proven. The Jesuits gave us the heliocentric model complete with its “Big Bang” theory. Both of which are complete bull-shit. For over five hundred years humanity has been forced away from their creator. We live in an enclosed system and those tic-tac flying orbs do not come from outer space since space isn’t remotely close to what we have been taught. In the end, there will divine intervention i.e., the return Christ. I know, it sounds so cliche, but like the Woo, this too is true!

  • This is the DS narrative of bullshit . The hidden truth will not be revealed by these assholes who will spin lie around everything . High is an DS actor of the highest order

  • Woo rhymes with “Q.” The entire vibe of this entire article (no, I will not watch the video) feels like another redux of “some external force coming to save the day!” We must unite and create a new reality OURSELVES, based in Natural Law, common sense and objective truth. Nothing else will save us. Government MUST be made OBSOLETE. It is time for the Declaration of Independence option…

  • With all due respect to everyone, why would you believe that the same US Government (and its Globaloney leadership) that is currently lying about the lethality of a Covid 19 as a “Pandemic” -along with all the draconian rules since its release over a year ago — suddenly be believable that they are going to tell us the truth about UFO’s and aliens? They lie to us every day and now we are to believe they are gonna suddenly come clean with any truth about anything at all? No, It is just more “New and Improved Woo” upon old woo. And when nothing comes of it, Cliff and friends can claim that there is a “good reason” and just keep believing that he is in the know. It is no different that Juan O Suaven or whatever his name is claiming we just need to sit quietly on our hands and wait for some secret patriots to overturn the criminals who have usurped our government. Nothing is gonna be announced or happen that is “earth shaking”.

    • Please see my comment above under Fishman. Here, you will find earth-shaking information —true as woo.

  • I am so curious of why TPTB are releasing this information after all this time. I am 63, I seen a UFO when I was 13 years old, so I know for a fact that there are aliens. The saucer shaped disc that I seen was just hovering a hundred or so yards away from me, it had different colors of lights that were turning on and off in a circular motion, which seem to be part of it’s taking off process. When it took off it passed right in front of me, it was slow at first, and then it picked up tremendous speed, and was out-of sight on a clear night within 5 seconds. If I had to estimate how long it would take this ship to travel from the east coast to the west coast, I would think it would have only taken at the most 15 minutes. We here on earth are so far behind these aliens in technology.

  • And when everything is released from agency to agency, and not to the public, Woo ya goina call, ghostbusters? NEVER trust ANYTHING the government tells you they are going to do FOR you, care for a government approved vaccine? How about we need this war to protect our aggression! Here ya go Iran, how about a couple more pallets of cash to start some wars with.
    Could happen, but, well we work for them don’t we? I could go on, and on, and on. But,, you know this, after all these years, and this site is called, FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE. Love Cliff, but, trust the government?

    • Right, you get more honest answers from a Magic 8 Ball than the government. If gubment says it’s night, assume it’s day.

  • Cliff High promoted a reverse language approach to events and financial markets in particular. Everything he said was false. I cannot trust him. This issue he speaks of today is likely correct. The leaking of this information has already begun so he may be right this time.

  • They are the Nephilum…fallen angels who have been giving the military advanced knowledge of weapons of war in order to annihilate God’s creation in order to have dominion over the earth.

  • I love Clif! But…..’they’ are NOT going to ‘disclose’ ANYTHING!! EVERYTHING that they do has an End Game and ‘enlightening the masses’ is NOT one of them. What they will spew will be BULLSHIT! A PsyOp!
    WHY do people look to the GOVERNMENT for ‘DISCLOSURE’??? We already KNOW that UFO’s & ‘ET’ EXIST……WHY do people need to get ‘approval’ from EVIL CRIMINALS??? Are people ADULTS??? Can you THINK and KNOW without NEEDING ‘government approval’?? I’m an ADULT who KNOWS ‘things’ and I do NOT need ANYONES ‘approval’ (aka ‘disclosure’) for my KNOWLEDGE/THINKING!!!! I could CARE LESS wtf the evil government ‘discloses’, or NOT!
    It’s like saying that one NEEDS clergy to ‘KNOW GOD’! And if you don’t have a ‘middle man’ to god, then you’re not ‘a believer’! <<<< INSANE!

  • Remember all the CROP CYRCLES? How do you explain them? They were very intricate!! They weren’t made by men with boards!!! Why don’t we hear about them anymore?

    • They continue to appear, year after year, mostly in the UK where they first appeared in the form they appear now in 1978, first as plain circles cut into the crop, then in ever-increasing complexity. Apart from the odd hoax or man-made ones, it is impossible for human beings to make them, not when they appear overnight like many of them do.

  • p.s. If aliens exist (and are not demons), then God created them & is still in control. Furthermore, we did not evolve from any lower species. The “technology” needed for survival was in some cases (clothing, for example) provided by God or inspired by God. God created humanity with the ability to adapt (problem solve) to environment, as is evidenced by the people groups who live in extreme climate areas.

  • Are the med beds coming from the aliens. I have been hearing the aliens are coming back to help humanity against the evil aliens. Our bloodline are alien is thst correct

  • We were created on this planet, which was created for us, by GOD, aliens or no aliens. Whatever nefarious agendas people or demons have for us, GOD’s plan will come to completion through Jesus the Christ, King of kings and LORD of lords. I will not fear, come what may, because I belong to Him, and He is all-powerful and absolute good.

  • After eons of lies, I doubt very much that we will have full genuine disclosure. You know, The Truth and Nothing But the Truth, so Help Me God! And I mean God with the big “G” and not one of those Annunaki gods with the little “g” that people and religions are aligned with, thinking it is the Real Divine Creator or God.

  • Nobody with an IQ above his shoe size will take anything that the government has to say seriously anyhow. No government (and FAKE NEWS media) who has spent the past few years telling me about Trump being a Russian spy has my attention on UFOs or ETs. LOL!

  • As we know from Copernicus, Pasteur, Darwin, Einstein, et al. paradigms don’t-and can’t-change overnight. Lord knows, we need some new ones, but I believe the message in this video when I see it. Somehow, I think that it will take more than a government admission to the reality of UFOs and ETs.
    In all events, this is food for thought and a rise in curiosity and intellectual awareness can only be helpful to everybody!

  • Not that it matters given their timeframe for transhumanism. Once completed, they can feed us theta waves and any cockabull that they want to with free margaritas at the bar. ET? Many ARE AI.

  • What difference does it make what the military/government report says when they have never spoken the truth about History & Science. So for me it means nothing but just another (gloomy) day under their Chem Trailing, blocking the real Life Source, Our Sun. That’s what I would be more concerned about. The UFO disclosure is just another tool to keep us children under control.

  • Greetings ….i agree if they really do even a watered done disclosure , face book watch has for the last week or so have been running all kinds ufo information , a lot of which was previously censored.. if you watch this very informative short clip , called ..The Bar Code For life….this will tell you what the human population is being programed for ,,total enslavement like the anunnaki had created to mine gold ..i believe if you look close the elite have been trying to change the atmospheric conditions on earth , more like the planet they came from so they can exist , i tend to believe that Gates among others is an alien or highly influenced by them ..if you cant find this clip email me and i will send it to you ,,,

  • My family has made fun of me all my life😅 as a young child I was visited more than once and was told our family was going to move to Dallas,I was SO young I could not have known “Dallas” alas years later we moved to DALLAS..but I’ve seen UFOs in whole many times with other witnesses and still I’m the freak!I never had the feeling these things were bad more benevolent.

  • Well its about time! Many of us will also be affected in our religious beliefs. I for one will be validated. I’ve been telling folks around me that I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that God may ultimately be alien. Prepare your minds and psyche. Many will still deny what they’re being told and what they see. This may also be a uniting factor worldwide, we’ll see. There will be a lot of disappointment discouragement, despondency, disillusionment, loss of trust in government, religion, educators, media, leadership, authority ect…

    • “Many of us will also be affected in our religious beliefs.” <<< Ummmm……WHY?????
      #1 you DO realize that 'god' made EVERYTHING, and therefore, made 'aliens' too?!
      #2 'RELIGION' is MAN-MADE!!!! 'Religion' has NOTHING to do with GOD!
      #3 We Humans were, INDEED, genetically engineered BY 'ALIENS'!! WE, partly, CAME FROM 'someone' out 'there'!!
      #4 Our Human History is MILLIONS of years old!! Just LOOK at the Ancient Ruins on the Moon and on Mars.

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