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    Benny Johnson reports on how Javier Milei has shocked the world by winning the election to become President of Argentina, the first Anarcho-Capitalist, anti-Globalist, anti-Socialist in world history.

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    • He says he doesn’t believe in the precept of “where there is a need, there is a right”, yet he TOTALLY supports Zionistan, the poster country for “We need a ‘homeland’, so we’ll take YOURS (as is our RIGHT, because WE have a NEED)”.

      As Milton Friedman used to say (when he hung out with Ayn Rand), “EXAMINE YOUR PREMISES:

      I OBJECT to calling Zionistan “Israel”, as if it has something to do with people who follow Hebraic traditions; the only time the name stealers have any use for “Jews” is when they need a blood sacrifice to guilt trip the non-name stealers into giving them whatever they want “this time”:

      “EVER AGAIN!”

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