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Alexandra Bruce
August 16, 2015

In an era where large corporations have more legal rights than actual human beings, a tool for powerful activism was developed by a Pennsylvania community called “Democracy School,” to be an effective form of training for not only themselves but other communities to exercise their own local governance.

One major key is to pass local ordinances to protect your environment from being destroyed by outside corporations, such as European bottled water companies coming in and stealing the water from your aquifer. Or garbage companies coming from hundreds of miles away to dump another state’s raw sewage in your neighborhood (in this instance, resulting in the deaths of two teens from excrement-derived lung infections).

The Democracy School has helped hundreds of towns and municipalities to take control of their communities and to successfully resist corporate “personhood,” by educating and uniting people into true democratic action.

As Democracy School founder, Jeremy Kagan says (in true, mid-Atlantic style):

“If we don’t put our faith in people to make decsions that are democratically-derived, then where the hell are we going to put our faith?”

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

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