The mystery of the rise of 2-dimensional artistic representation is explored in this film with findings that turn out to be totally unexpected.

Around 40,000 years ago, Prehistoric Europeans in Spain and Southern France became the first peoples in recorded history, to develop two-dimensional representative art.

This has since, of course been followed by painting, sculpture, music… The development of these entirely new, representational concepts had one of the most profound influences on the intellectual development of the human beings that followed.

Interestingly, these representations have been determined to not be about the cult or worship of hunting, at all. For example, the animals depicted were not related to the cavemens’ diet. The contemporaneous bones, frm the cooking pit fires, found at the cave entrances, were found to be those of completely different animals than those depicted on the cave walls, deep, in certain inaccessible, dark places. I won’t spoil the rest!

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