by John Bowne

The numbers don’t lie…but the CDC and the FDA do.

The media is still shoveling vaccinations into the arms of Americans regardless of the horrific revelations of the Pfizer documents.

And as the numbers of those willing to take the jab plunge, the architects of genocide ratchet up the indoctrination.

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  • As for annual flu shot, my employer used to pay from them, so we workers got them for free.

    but then they noticed that this did not reduce absenteeism during winter months, so they stopped paying for them.

    Like hell am I ever going to get a vaccine from anyone EVER AGAIN.

    and it is on them that i refuse to trust them and my distrust will remain until the first imprisonments and executions for crimes against humanity for ALL who pushed this experimental “treatment” start

  • “COVID-19” has a 99.7 Recovery rate. The “COVID-19 Vaccine” doesn’t work to stop the Contracting of or Transmission of the “COVID-19 Virus”. In simple Layman’s English, it doesn’t work, and the “Recovery Rate” of this probable Bioweapon has yet to reach its predictable crescendo of Death.
    You merely have to ask yourself “Would I buy a car that doesn’t start or drive and if I do it may kill me?” The only logical answer is “NO!”
    I didn’t get this old by believing that the Moon is made of Green Cheese, and it didn’t take me long to learn that Humans lie. The brutal truth is,
    Nancy Reagan had it right decades ago: “Just Say No to Drugs.”


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