When people think of cybernetics, most may think of chips being implanted in human bodies that can receive radio signals capable of simulating thoughts, memories and physical commands.

This is old technology. The “Stimuceiver” was successfully demonstrated in 1963 by Yale University’s Dr. José Delgado. Moreover, RFID companies have been hurt by studies showing the marked increase of cancers at the site of implantation, with laws being passed in several US states to make involuntary implantation with such devices illegal.

The “microchipped” dystopia envisioned by some in the 1990s has been obviated by the development of an array of other technologies that don’t require that everybody receive the dread “Mark of the Beast”.

Bombarded with commands that are overt, subliminal, electromagnetic and coded within digital user interfaces, all steering us into their desired directions, there is no longer a need for implantable RF chips.

Truthstream Media knocks it out of the park again, in their report on the latest and greatest in mass mind control.

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  • I have watched and listened Forbidden Knowledge TV for several years now and as usual this is an excellent production. Your insight, awareness and wisdom is outstanding. Thank you for your excellent work.

  • Tavistock is the genesis of all mind control these days. I’m pretty sure its where MK Ultra went after the CIA had to make it disappear for awhile.

    A look at who “Tavistock – London” farms out mind control to tells quite a story. It’s farms specialize it various types of mind control.

    One may be political left, another political right. Yet another specializes in corporate/business through Wharton Business School…

    One even specialized in creating chaos by infiltrating groups like the black panthers.

    This is all documented.

    We’ve had a group hive mind for decades now. The only thing new is the AI factor and the supercomputer storage capabilities.

    But my money is still on Yahweh.

  • This is the reason WHY people would be Extremely Wise to disconnect oneself from watching TV…using those smart devices…Put on “Add-Blockers” on computers…Close out bank accounts(Use cash)…By USED instead of new anything…eat ONLY organic foods from “Farmers Markets”…Minimize use for cell phones (By Diodes or Magnets to ware on phones and body)
    Stay away from crowds as much as possible (Live in suburbs/Country…NOT Cities.
    Meditate as much as possible…in Nature.
    Basically “Disconnect from Systems” that are Rigged (Especially the Stock markets!!!)

  • I am so glad you are doing these videos.
    I will check you full length vid.
    My gut intuition is that the ‘powers that be’
    have already given over leadership of the world to Artificial Intelligence.
    That means AI decides who lives and who dies.
    After all – it IS impartial, isn’t it? Sure it is!
    AI is writing its own code that humans can’t even fathom.
    Quantum computers are faster and more powerful than we can imagine.
    And nano-tech is invisible to our naked eyes.
    Machines now build machines without human intervention.
    We are in deep shit!

    • Have Faith Ted…Once “Magnetic Energies” arrive ALL these “Rigged Systems” will be SHUT DOWN…FOREVER.

  • Kinda gives new meaning to, GOO GOO GOOGLE GOOGLEY EYES, doesn’t it? To see and manipulate, to put it bluntly.

  • I bought “The Minds of Men” and watched it. Still nauseated by the fact that Hitler and his entourage wasn’t a fluke in earths timeline. Our world is rife with such monstrous groups working against human kind. What those barely human things do to other human beings is just mind boggling. It is utterly sad this monstrosity is seeped out of so many think tanks into our daily lives.

    None the less I also believe the more you think victory is in your grasp it tends to slip away.
    Nature has a rebound that can be dazzling, hope I can give her a hand.
    Want to educate yourself, watch this movie.

  • I personally, as a member of the boomer generation am all too aware of the downside of evolving AI. I am unfortunately not listened to because the hive mind has taken root in so many people I know.

  • Pinecone Utopia

    Former DOD Contractor Bryan Tew Discusses Conscious Computers & Mind ControlPublished on Apr 16, 2016

    Description: Former Department of Defense Contractor Bryan Tew discusses how conscious computers interact with the target´s brain wave activity for mind control purposes.

    Epigraph Quotes:

    This is (Neuro-Warfare) Cold War 2.0. It’s an arms race between the Americans and its allies on one side and the Russians and Chinese on the other. Other countries are involved, but the main players are the above mentioned. It is an attempt by the United Nations and other International Players (EU, etc.) to turn the industrialized nations of the world into a neuro-society, where people will not only be able to interact and communicate with each other via their brain waves, but where the sheepish masses can be censored and controlled at will by those governments.

    Bryan Tew

    I got to see what they have been working on with enormous ramifications to all social order, a new world order of electronically controlled humans without their knowledge or consent.

    Whistleblower (From ¨Project Soul Catcher,¨ Dr. Robert Duncan)

    This is it, the greatest weapon of mass destruction of human will and minds ever conceived. This is the big secret.

    American Manchurian Candidate (From ¨Project Soul Catcher,¨ Dr. Robert Duncan)

    By 2050, we would expect to be able to download your mind into a machine.

    Ian Pearson, head of futurology unit at British Telecom (From ¨Project Soul Catcher,¨ Dr. Robert Duncan)

  • I rented their new movie The Minds of Men through truthstreammedia.com. It’s a very long documentary but amazing information, a thorough look at mind control. I got through the first two hours then my internet locked up for three days! Also recently read Dr John Coleman’s book about the Tavistock institute. After all that information I’m seeing the media, internet, arts and entertainment industry very differently, highly recommended.

  • I’m happy to be stuck in the past. The future is now way beyond creepy. In this Huxley brave new world, the old standard of treating others as an end to themselves has been replaced to “use others as an end to your subliminal messaging and suggested data.”

    Initially, GOOgle’s mission statement was “Do No Evil.”
    Now its “you don’t own your mind.”

    Beam me up, Scotty!

    Over and out.


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