Veterans Today Senior Editor, Gordon Duff describes the agenda of the politicians known as the “Neocons”, the group who founded the think tank, Project for a New American Century and wrote the paper by that name, which precedes the 9/11 attacks but which clearly appears to be a playbook for those attacks. The Neocons are most well-known for their prominence during the Bush 43 (aka “Dubya”) Presidency.

Duff describes the Neocons as fascist totalitarian Bolsheviks, who would stop at nothing, including the mass-killing of US citizens to bring about the legislative changes to enact their agenda of total control and a total melding of the large corporations with the State.

He says this is best evidenced by the attacks, which they engineered on 9/11.

Duff refers to 9/11 and other false flag operations against the American people as indicative of a “Bifurcated” US Government. Clearly, not everyone in the US Government is responsible for the outrage of 9/11 – but a malevolent element within the same government, namely, the Neocons are to blame, as they are for the illegal invasions and wars on Iraq and innumerable atrocities in the name of the American people.

Duff cites several other False Flag attacks in recent US history, which had similar aims to impact legislation at those times being tabled, that would benefit their agenda, if influenced in their direction by a false flag event, involving US casualties on US soil.

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