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    With a House majority for the Democrats, California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has been restored to her position as Speaker of the House. If an asteroid landed on Donald Trump and Mike Pence at the same time, she would become the President.

    Braving a mean case of tardive dyskinesia while exhorting unity, Pelosi intoned, “We have all had enough of division. The American people want peace.” Hopefully, the CFR and its dinosaur media teleprompter-reading minions got the memo.

    Launching into distinctly Trumpian themes, the 78-year-old lawmaker, who’s enriched herself to the tune of $130 million on an annual salary of $174,000 is now talking about “draining the swamp”!

    The YouTube comments are precious. “They cheated right? No one would vote for this.” “Break out the prosaic.” “Everything she’s saying is what President Trump is ALREADY DOING” “THIS REANIMATED CORPSE WAS NOT REELECTED, THIS IS A FRAUD, SKELETOR YOUR CELL IS READY #WWG1WGA” “What a unholy site [sic] !!!!! Q release the FISA paper’s [sic]!!!!!”

    Ah, yes. The unredacted FISA memos. Is that why she’s playing nice?

    Things are about to get good!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Hard to listen to the words of Pelosi. They do not connect to the words of what has been taking place in gov’t…since Trump was elected.
      Let’s face it….there was no co-operation of any kind….pretty much due to the Dems not giving an inch of their ‘power’ to get gov’t moving towards helping the American people. Politicians seem to have this ability to say one thing and do another and never take responsibility for their deceit. It’s a good thing their actions are not totally forgotten by the people they are supposed to be serving. It’s very cringe-worthy listening to this ‘speech’ not for lack of other names for it!

    • America has never been more divided than now. What America did to the Middle East (divide and conquer) is going to happen to them. The signs of civil war are very obvious.

    • WHAT else can you expect from a Nation under LUCIFERIAN/SATANIC control Folks???
      And then she uses the SAME Bull-Chit line Trump uses about DRAINING THE SWAMP?!?

    • Oh, so reality didn’t happen the way you expected, you choose not to believe in reality. Classic. Normal, coming from you. Climate change is a fraud, too. Climate change isn’t reality. You don’t like it, so it isn’t true.

      Who are the snowflake babies again that can’t handle reality?

    • Heartfelt speech for the future. Lets hope they can make it happen. Divisive politics has denigrated US standing, and lessened its influence over allies & enemies. Trump was not the pyrrhia we feared but was also not the way forward. Closing borders, confronting enemies head on is all very well, but closing down the economy in selfishness does not mean future wealth for the many. Trade is a way to avoid war, if handled properly. Let’s hope for a better world with fewer bogies in the wardrobe !

    • These communist have two years too screw up America again. But if they impeach Trump look out useful idiots for the communist democrat party you will lose and lose big.

    • Thanks, Alexandra, this post made my day.

      Pyrrhic victory that likely saved us from ANTIFA riots in the street.

      In the meantime we gain greater control of the Senate (SC appointments) and the investigations into Demon criminality at DOJ, FBI and the Obama WH simply shift from the lower chamber to the upper chamber.

      Love it!


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