I feel like we’re on the precipice of a new era filled with hope and possibility today. What an amazing time to be alive. I’m not joking! What am I talking about?

The work of Leader Technologies CEO, Michael McKibben, his team of engineers and of Publisher Douglas Gabriel of Aim4Truth.org and his team of researchers have now brought all of us to the point where the rogue CIA/Shadow Government and the “Corruptocrat” individuals behind 9/11 and so much else that is bad and wrong are being revealed. Better, yet – you can join the fun! Everyone who wants to help unmask these traitors is invited to join in these investigations.

The operating core of the vile nest known as the “Deep State” is the Senior Executive Services (SES), of approximately 10,000 highly-paid government appointees who cannot be fired by anyone outside of their own union. What McKibben’s team uncovered over the course of poring over their publicly-available documents was a blockbuster document saved as an extremely corrupt PDF file listing the names of the 500 members of the Performance Review Board of Department of Justice Lawyers who oversee and pay members of the SES.

This is the motherlode! It’s very vital stuff. We’ll be publishing regularly about this find going forward. For now, rather than to try to give a blow-by-blow of these dramatic revelations, I urge you to listen to this mind blowing podcast with Michael and Douglas!

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  • I have a feeling that this list is a “red herring,” thrown out to get people to look in the wrong direction. The people on the SEC list have just found some long term job security, is all. They don’t influence or make actual policy. If some of them are involved in nefarious activities, they’re not initiating them on their own, but taking their marching order from higher ups.

    The real danger to our democratic society are the billionaires and big corporations that are buying off politicians, mostly on the right. Their goal: corporate fascism and they have their man in the White House, Trump.

    • We are NOT a democratic society. Our form of government is a representative republic. It is people like you that is helping to destroy our republic. My guess is that you believe that the constitution is a living and breathing document which it is NOT. It is a structure that tells the government what they cannot do Positive rights for the individual. Lots of situations that move people are hidden in plain sight. I guess you’ve never heard of Daniel Estulin or read any of his investigative works on world governments. Bottom line God is in control and these evil people doing damage to our republic will in the end be exposed. Real investigative journalists are exposing them daily like these gentlemen.

  • Well, if they can’t be fired, and if reducing their pay does not work, they still can be terminated.


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