Attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood held a press conference in Alpharetta, Georgia Wednesday afternoon that was so electric, it was more like a Trump rally crossed with an old time Revival Meeting and an anguished cry from the soul of America.

The two are each suing the State of Georgia independently of, but in support of the Trump Campaign and they were joined by Georgia Democrat Congressman, Vernon Jones and young Black Conservative activists, CJ Pearson and Ali Alexander to a positively ecstatic crowd.

As I watched it live, my mood was elevated. It did everything for me that a Revival is supposed to do, so even though I’m not a Baptist and I’m not from the South, I think this the right medicine for right now.

As I watched it again, I really heard the pain and the outrage in their voices and my eyes welled with tears at this whole situation.

The CCP has bribed and blackmailed our officials into selling out the USA and tens of millions of Americans have been brainwashed by the Mainstream Media into forfeiting their country to the Communist Chinese – because “Orange Man Bad”!

It would be ludicrous if it weren’t so consequential. It is diabolical.

At one point, Lin Wood says, to rousing cheers, “Maybe it’s time to look beyond the Democrats and the Republicans. Maybe it’s time for there to be a Party of the People. Maybe it’s time for there to be a Party of American Patriots! ‘Cause I see Patriots everywhere! I see people who love America!

“We’re not going to be taken over by the Chinese! If you take the China money, go to China! Don’t stuff your pockets with Chinese money, when you buy Dominion or when you buy the COVID equipment from the people that sent the virus over here! You don’t buy bullets from the enemy!

“Tell that to [Georgia Governor] Brian Kemp! ‘Cause that’s what he did!”

Later, Wood, who grew up very poor and who was orphaned as a teenager and who recently won nine-figure settlements from both CNN and The Washington Post for Catholic high school boy, Nick Sandmann, after they arbitrarily defamed him said, “I know about the law of defamation. I know about the damned crooked FBI, I represented Richard Jewell. I know about fraud, ask a company called DaVita. Stole $495 million of your Taxpayer money, I got it back for you.

“The Law of Defamation says that if you make a false statement against somebody that’s defamatory, they can sue you. Listen carefully, Governor Kemp. Listen carefully, [Georgia Secretary of State] Brian Raffensperger:

“I state as a matter of fact that you are criminals. You took money from Dominion, you took money from China, with the COVID purchase and I damned well know that you will never sue me because the truth will prove that I am right! You need to go to jail!

“Follow the money! Follow the money! These Fat Cats, sittin’ around, spendin’ your money, givin’ it to China, stickin’ in their families’ pockets, that’s not America! This country’s gotta get back to the truth! This is what you’re here for – you’re because you love truth!”

Man, these people are working so hard, against perhaps the world’s largest edifice of corruption – the combine of US State- and Federal Governments with the CCP.

I’ve been watching and reporting on this for years. I haven’t slept more than 3 hours a night in many months. I am shot. But the commitment and spirit that I see here does give me hope.

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  • Dear Alexandra,

    You should let real hope enter your heart, dear lady.

    We will win this fight, that is for certain!

  • I laughed my ass off after watching the cctv footage from Georgia when they kicked out everyone then pulled suitcases full of ballots out from under tables.
    terry gilliam ‘brazil’ the sequel real life

  • I couldn’t agree more about your comments above Alexandra, we should align ourselves politically so that we don’t have to choose between left and right. This is a choice between individual and community interests and this is a dead end as we are both simultaneously. Better to have integrity and freedom reign over us than an institution that aligns itself with unnatural division.

    • Very accurate indeed, AliceinW. It puts a whole new spin on the saying “as above so below.” Haha! Plus, “they” have been turning on HAARP about 4:00 a.m. now, which disrupts our sleep, and that combined with the 5g+++ is really requiring us to take care of ourselves to the nth degree! One thing I know for sure is that those who are doing the work it takes to genuinely evolve will be experts in Awareness and Wise Discernment. Very much required of us as we take Empowered Action!


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