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Jan 25, 2011

For more information, please visit: staystrongproject.org

The Stay Strong Project in partnership with Global Green USA is a charity offering in which over 30 Chant and Yoga luminaries have joined their voices in support of the Gulf Coast recovery and other environmental and humanitarian concerns.

Participants in Order of Appearance:

David Newman (Durga Das), Mira, Philippo Franchini (guitar), Sean Johnson, Wah, Dave Stringer, Girish, Bob Wisdom, Donna De Lory, Snatam Kaur, Sharon Gannon, Krishna Das, Shyam Das, Jai Uttal, Shantala (Benjy and Heather Wertheimer), Gaura Vani, Kirtan Rabbi, Seane Corn, Govindas and Radha (and Malakai), Radhanath Swami, Suzanne Sterling, Saul David Raye and Tony Khalife.
Additional Participants: C.C. White, Prema Hara, Brenda McMorrow, Amy Barnes, Gina Sala, Yvette Om, Zat Baraka, Terra Gold, John de Kadt, and Steve Gorn…

STAY STRONG is available on iTunes and other download sites! 100% of the proceeds go to GLOBAL GREEN USA!

• Stay Strong: Written by David Newman, © 2010 Inner Fire Music/BMI
• Video Producer: Jennifer Young
• Directory of Photography: Susan Young
• Video Editor: Stefan Day
• Additional Filming: Kit Thomas
• Sound Mixing: Trina Shoemaker
• Song Production: Mira, David Newman and Trina Shoemaker
• Original Sound Recording: Alfred Goodrich
• Additional Recording: Adam Harding and Marie Smith
• Distributed by Nutone Records

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