Procter & Gamble employees who are being threatened with termination if they refuse to get vaccinated put out this video asking everyone to contact Procter and Gamble and to ask their leadership to challenge the vaccine mandates.

According to Dr David E Martin, when CEOs compel workers against their will into a behavior, it violates laws against Domestic Terrorism. These CEOs are committing civil crimes, felonies and War Crimes upon each worker who succumbs to or is harmed by the effects of this untested drug.

You cannot compel participation in a clinical trial under any circumstances. It is illegal to do that. Every CEO who has done this has violated US Federal Law. They are participating in Domestic Terrorism and War Crimes. Literally.

You can call P&G at +1-513-983-1100 and tell the operator that P&G CEO Jon Moeller’s overreach is illegal under the state constitutions where P&G operates in the US and it is illegal under US Federal Law and under most nations’ constitutions where P&G operates throughout the world. And it violates the Geneva Conventions and the Nuremberg Code.

Tell P&G to be on the right side of history as an American corporation. Tell them to stand up for the Constitution and to stand up for their workers.

Tell them to stand up for the people of the US and for the people all over the world who purchase their products every day.

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  • I hope every person involved in this crime against humanity is destroyed once and for all time and their money should be distributed to the poor souls who took part in this experiment or lost income etc!Do it Count Dracula 🌹 put their half dead body’s on pikes so they can earn others not to go (this way)🤨

  • The ongoing COVID-19 nonsense here in the United States exists solely and exclusively because our governments have failed to use the correct treatment. They used so-called “vaccines” when Japan has just proven, in less than ONE MONTH, that Ivermectin can wipe out the disease. IVM was awarded the Nobel prize for medicine in 2015. One of the 3 most important drugs in human history: Aspirin, Penicillin, and Ivermectin. Get your Ivermectin today while you still can!

  • Glad your standing up. It will suck not get products but we will live. You guys do what you got to do for freedom. Maybe people not getting their products will wake them up. I’m trying to do my part by sharing all the info I can and I will not comply

  • To my mind’s eye, these employees need to sue the bejesus out of not just P&G but all these wack-a-doodle moronic corporations who would deem to put themselves out of business by firing their workers, or killing them with the fake-vaxx. Of course there’s some sort of agenda going on here that bears deciphering. Does it have to do with malevolent ETs claiming Earth as their own? Hey, no wild and seemingly cock-a-maimie theory should be entirely dismissed.

    • Strict Liability laws,Equal Protection under Constitution and Labor laws,Constitution Article18:code241:ILLEGAL FOR TWO OR MORE ENTITIES TO CONSPIRE TO TAKE AWAY CITIZEN RIGHTS,FREEDOMS,PRIVELAGES.Mandates are NOT LAWS!!Fed laws must be….CREATED BY CONGRESS NOT PREZ OR JUDGE.PREZ SIGNS LAW THEN COUNTERSIGNS,THEN USES SPRCIFIC STAMP AND MIGHT BE ONE OTHER THING s/he must do.Federal Register records ALL FED LAWD.WHERE THE LEGIT FED LAW PROPERLY SIGNED,ETC. BY LEGIT PREZ SAYING MASKS ETC ARE REQUIRED AND FOR WHAT LEGAL REASON ARE OUR RIGHTS AND BASIC HUMAN FREEDOMS,LIKE BREATHING PROPERLY BEING TAKEN AWAY??Research Commonlaw,Admiraltylaw,and Fed vs. State balance of needs,Theinformedamerican.o,PatriotsforTruth.o,truth12.c,whatreallyhappened.c,richardlighthouse.c,Educate-Yourself.o,,medicalveritas.o,usrighttoknow.o,ICANN.o,Thenewabnormal.c, should be helpful.Dont co-operate,fight,fight,fight!! 🙂

  • When a person understands that a very few individuals own and control most of the corporations around the planet you can understand just how well coordinated the forced vaccine jab is on the average worker and citizen. There is only one way to fight this coercion. Stop supporting with your work and money all major corporations. Instead support small local farms and businesses or start one yourself. They machine needs to be starved until it collapses. Only then will we be able to hold those very few accountable for the evil they spread around the world.

  • We stand with you in this battle. Prayer Warriors are praying everyday for truth and justice to prevail. We feel your pain. We are praying that it is God’s will to hold back this evil.

  • In the UK the government welfare department has been targeting people with autism , homeless people and old and chronically sick people by withdrawing,delaying and suspending welfare benefits to the unvaxed . One case I personally know of is a 59 year old homeless physically disabled man with autism,head injuries and a serious heart conditionn. His health and disabilities workers are horrified . In 22 months he has received 10 months lowest rate benefits, subsistence in effect. He has been refused food parcels from charities because he receives no benefits he is not on the system. The homeless charities have been increasingly used to filter out these dangerous individuals. We are in the SHOWA the annihilation times but most are only waking up . We must remember what happened to the Judenrat,the Jewish community councils in the ghetto s who policed the ghettos on behalf of the Nazis for extra priveledges and promised survival….,……in the end they were gassed like the rest. Those who co operate with genocide always die.
    The local council officials and administrators are essential in this holocaust to tag ,find and deliver the unvaxed except this time round they may be meeting the creator sooner than the unvaxed. It’s inevitable that these stratas of society,essential for the poison vax holocaust will die before their quarry.
    Proud employees ,brave workers who dare to face a greater uncertainty than be reduced to cattle.God bless you all and heaven protect you more and give you strength.
    A breach of any of the ten main Nuremberg laws results in hanging. Coercion is one of those laws. Local council and administration workers ,as well as government employees and agencies should remember that coercion is a hanging offence in the context of death jabs.

    • Thank you for sharing that, Phi. It’s evil what the UK is doing, along with parts of Australia. This is a horrible evil that is being inflicted upon the good who just want to live and function in society. Your story was upsetting and rightly so. I pray that those who are able to get food and supplies will share it with the unfortunate like that man. This is where Christian principles (whether one believes it or not) are needed. To care for one another. I pray that people will remember this and help the needy like that man. This is a perfect example of what happens when God is thrown out of society. Evil takes over. We’ve seen it historically documented time and again.

      • JT — You honestly believe that God has been thrown out of society? Oh yeah? Well for the record, I disagree.

    • All the various world events/trends were detailed in the Kalergi Plan and Rockefeller’s,Operation Lockstep.U.K.humans need to use discernment and an observant eye.We are surrounded by clones,deepfakes,robotoids,shapeshifters,,,,, Journals will enlighten you.Everyday Humans need to come together and help these vulnerable people if theyre decent humans.Its called sharing and caring.If you have extra food,clothing,money,useful items swap or give to others.Stop waiting for govt. To become humane and responsive.Luzarf queen’s assets should go to the unwealthy.The man is probably Autistic because of toxic jabs.

  • now you see why they need the hoard coming up from southern boarder . how dare you try to stick up for your non existent rights you non union people do not have time to organize against this freight train coming at you with deadlines. do a 100% walk-out do it now no notice shut that mother down and picket them get the truckers on your side. instead of begging for the customers to save you get off your ass do something and the people will boycott their products to help.

    • Excellent point. You’re right. This evil has to be stopped and it’s up to us. No one else will do it for us. We have to take action and one way is to stand united with the P&G workers, and make our voices heard to the communist leaders. We stand with you P&G workers. YOU are the backbone to the company. Those who sit in their ivory towers need a good reminder of who actually does the work. It isn’t them, it’s you! You are the ones who deserve respect and applause for all you do. Thank you.

    • Divest from the opressors and stop using their software,websites,apps,search is apparently REALLY TRYING TO GET YOUR INFO. VIA WINDOWS 7-8-10.Zuckerberg was a Rothschild and his uncle Jeff is or was ceo of engineering.Tutanota emails is supposed to be aecure.Protonmail is NOT SECURE.

  • sorry there is no more rule of law , no more constitutional republic , no representative government. It is now replaced with a Communistic Globalist Oligarchy OWNED and RUN by people who want you dead . do not comply with the restrictions if you cave in to their demands
    they will ask for more till you have nothing and trust me you will not be happy.



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