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Kerry Cassidy had James Grundvig and me on her show last Tuesday to talk about our new documentary film project,  ‘Splintering Babylon: The Plan. Revelation. The Path to Freedom’, which is about how COVID PSYOP inadvertently revealed the hidden history of the past 80 years: That the United States did not win World War II; instead, occult Nazis founded the major postwar global organizations, including NATO, the United Nations, and its many evil agencies, like the IMF and the World Health Organization and they had just now deployed their long-planned “Final Solution” for the human species.

For me, during this interview, I wanted to underscore the point that, according to this mystery document, the Black Nobility, “Create and run religions and secret societies. They also finance and organize organized crime syndicates as if they were commercial enterprises.

I believe this is an important point, with the rise of anti-semitism, due to the war in Gaza and due to so many treasonous Biden administration officials involved in the COVID genocide being Jewish, in addition to those Biden executives facilitating the invasion of millions of unvetted foreign military-aged men into the US.

What we learn in this document is that the Nazis and the Jewish Mafia are realy no different from the Latin drug cartels, that are also controlled by the Black Nobility: they are criminal cults, created by these same aristocrats – to fight each other and to distract us from what they are doing.

Quoting from the document:

The New World Order is a conspiracy of lineage at the top. They are ancient and evil bloodlines that build and destroy empires for control through an order out of chaos. Royal and noble houses are corporate entities and claim to rule and own land, resources, and people...

“These families are all enemies of humanity and have conspired to enslave the world for centuries. They authorize and create corporations and billionaires, run religions, states, secret societies, the mafia, and organized crime syndicates…

“Criminal organizations such as Royalty itself, Royal Institutions, The Society of Jesus, The Black Monks, The Hellfire Club, The Templar Orders, Freemasonry, The Grand Orient of France, The York Rite, The Scottish Rite, Prince Masonry of Prince Hall, Shriners International, The Royal Order of Jesters, The Cabal Society, Chabad, Scientology, Skull & Bones, The Boulé Society, The 5% Nation, The Nation of Islam, Black Israelites, The Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), The Temple of Set, The Church of Satan, Rosicrucian, Golden Dawn, Opus Dei, Mormons, Knights of Columbus, The Bohemian Club, Knights of Phintias, Ancient Order of Druids, Wicca, Santeria, Obeah, Voodoo, Sufism, Greek Fraternities and Brotherhoods, New Age and Gnostic Cults, Nazi Cults, KKK, Mafias, Prison Gangs, Biker Gangs and Street Gangs.

The Rockefeller family uses their charitable foundations to fund harassment gangs and bribery in the United States, as well as globalization agendas and vaccination programs...

“Hollywood, the Church of Scientology, and Silicon Valley are military operations like the US DARPA agency and run by European royalty and nobles like the Oettingen-Spielbergs, Schaumburg-Lippes, Anhalts, Hanovers, Windsors, Passi di Preposulos, Ruspolis, Torlonias and Odescalchis.

“The Ferragamo family is also involved in the management and financing of corruption in Hollywood. The House of Nassau-Weilberg, which is married to the Torlonias, funds human trafficking and human sacrifice in Hollywood.

“Idols in the entertainment industry are a dangerous cult with leaders who have access to electronic weapons. Most of modern electronics is being broadcast covertly with GENESIS and NEURON bio-piracy software controlled by Kabbalists and Scientologists.

“European monarchies function as extensions of Rome and run secret societies that infiltrate government agencies and run corporations for monarchs…

“The Bavarian Wittelsbach family from Bavaria created the Bavarian Illuminati and administers the Benedictine Monks and is also part of the Jewish Mafia in the United States who are white collar criminals. The House of Wittelsbach is involved with Zionism, Nazism, Freemasonry, and the Society of Jesus.

In other words, the Wittelsbach Family creates a propagates programs that are both Nazi AND Zionist/Jewish Mafia. This is a perfect example of how the elites control both “sides” of every conflict.

At a time when many innocent Jews are under siege from the blowback from all of this malfeasance at the hands of the Jewish Mafia, I think it’s important to understand the role of the Jews within this larger structure known as the “Elite”.

Continuing from the document:

“Court Jews such as the Rothschild, Warburg, Goldsmith, Oppenheimer, Walton, Sassoon, Kadoorie, Lewis, Javal, Lauder, Sackler and Dreyfus families work through the Roman Curia or royal courtrooms such as Buckingham Palace.

“The French Rothschilds work for the Black Nobility of Rome and the French House of Orleans. The British Rothschilds work for the British Crown. The Sassoon and Kadoorie families work for the British Crown and oversee banking and business in China and India. The Swiss Rothschilds work for the House of Habsburg and the House of Hesse.

“The Oppenheimers work for the German House of Württemberg and the Cologne Oppenheim branch. the Austrian House of Habsburg granted them titles of nobility.

“The Warburgs work for the Italian House of Borghese and the German House of Hesse and the House of Hanover. Warburg Pincus had a contract with Unicredit that merged with the Borghese Family’s Bank of the Holy Spirit. The Warburgs were Venetian bankers and the Borghese family now hold Venetian titles of nobility. The Warburgs financed the Nazis.

“The Dreyfus family works for the Dutch House of Orange-Nassau and the French House of Bonaparte.

“Jewish banking families work for Christian nobles and royalty. These billionaire Jewish bloodlines run many rabbis who run a criminal intelligence network that works with Mossad.”

These Black Nobility families are said to descend ultimately from certain Persian families (or even Annunaki) who became highborn citizens of the Rome and who brought their Cult of Mithras with them , which became very popular among the Roman elite. These people have been extraordinarily wealthy and powerful – and hidden – for thousands of years.

They believe that they own this planet and that you are ruining their fine real estate with your very existence. A major way that they have stayed in power is through mind control – but not in the MK Ultra sense – although that was also their (Nazi) project that came way later. Previously and into the present, they have specialized in the creation of cults and secret societies and they’ve created a fair amount of religions and schisms, as described above, to keep us fighting each other, instead of fighting them.

If, after reading this and listening to the interview, you feel that you would like to get involved in this project, please go HERE.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This was very interesting, and I am looking forward to the documentary. Thank you for doing this. As James mentioned, it seems like a great documentary for those who are still asleep, but I’m sure also for those who are awake, as there will be some valuable information in there.

    However, I can’t help but comment on Kerry’s behavior. She invited two great guests, but instead of letting them talk and listening to their opinions, she seemed to want to argue and be right. At one point, she even talked about her “high-up” connections, as if to say she knows more than anyone else and is right. It became almost embarrassing!

    Luckily, I saw another interview with these two great people, where the host was much more welcoming.

  • This is all of what David Icke was writing in his books and speaking about in his public lectures.
    That was over thirty years ago.
    Now this newer generation needs you to continue the march forward.

  • International Notice: Understanding Citizenship

    Please note: The American Government and The United States Government are two separate things.

    The American Government stands under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence; so do the sovereign states of the Union, the States of our Federation, and so did the American States-of-States that belonged to the Confederation.

    Got that?

    The American Government consists of the Union and its States (often appearing as “states”), the Federation and its States, and the Confederation and its American States of States— if the Confederation were still standing, which it is not.

    So we are left with only the Union States (shown as “states” in many publications) and the Federation States in operation today. The Union States hold the soil jurisdiction of our nation through all their member counties. The Federation States hold the international land jurisdiction belonging to each physically described State.

    If the Confederation was still functioning, its States of States, such as The State of New Hampshire and The State of Georgia, would be in evidence, but they are not.

    Instead, we see British Territorial organizations doing business as the State of New Hampshire and the State of Georgia, usurping against our lawful American States and Government.

    The Union, the Federation, and the Confederation are and have always been the American Government. They all stand or stood, in the case of the Confederation, under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence.

    The only people serving the American Government as Citizens are the State Citizens of the member States of the Union. State Citizens renounce loyalty to any other government but their own State Government and serve no others.

    That’s Part One to know, repeat, memorize, pass on, map out and realize — by golly, that’s all under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence! No mention of any “Constitution” at all. No District of Columbia. No Washington, DC. Just the States of the Union.

    The Union did business as: (1) the United States from 1776 to 1851 when the name changed to The United States, (2) The United States of America (1776 – present), (3) and the States of America (1781 to 1861).

    Knowing this, you can see that “The Constitution for the united States of America” issued in 1787 was awarded to the American Confederation of States.

    Now we get to Part 2 — The United States Government also known as the Federal Government.

    The Federal Government consists of three (3) Federal Subcontractors operating under three Constitutions, issued in 1787, 1789, and 1790 respectively.

    These Federal entities all operate out of the District of Columbia, share the Federal Capitol, Washington, DC, and work in international or global jurisdiction –and have nothing to do with our land and soil at all.

    These Federal entities each have citizens of one kind or another: United States Citizens, U.S. Citizens, and Municipal citizens of the United States.

    United States Citizens, sometimes described as “American Nationals” are defined in the very first Immigration and Naturalization Act and codified in the United States Statutes-at-Large. They underwent a lengthy process to attain this variety of Citizenship and went to work for the American Federal Republic upon completion and served under The Constitution for the united States of America issued in 1787.

    U.S. Citizens were military subcontractors who served under the British Territorial United States Government and The Constitution of the United States of America issued in 1789.

    (Don’t be confused by semantics — this is a separate foreign corporation, the United States of America, Incorporated, not the American Federation of States doing business as The United States of America which is an unincorporated Holding Company.)

    Municipal citizens of the United States were and are foreign Federal Civil Service workers serving under The Constitution of the United States issued in 1790.

    So you had four (4) kinds of citizenry in play in international and global venues prior to the Civil War:

    (1) State Citizens serving their States, which were all State Members of the Federation of States dba The United States of America and all acting under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence, all living in their individual States of the Union;

    (2) United States Citizens serving the Federal Republic and its members known as State Republics (e.g., The Republic of Texas/Texas Republic) under The Constitution for the united States of America (1787). The Federal Republic was sponsored and run by the original Confederation of States doing business as the States of America.

    (3) U.S. Citizens who were British-affiliated military subcontractors.

    (4) And finally, citizens of the United States, employees of the Federal Civil Service.

    (Employees of the Union States were sometimes called “state citizens” or “county citizens”, but as they had no role in international or global jurisdictions, they were internal to each State of the Union and there is little mention of them until we get down to the level of County Government.)

    After the Civil War, both the original Confederation of States (American) and the American Federal Republic (United States) were vacated.

    Only the Union doing business as The United States and the Federation doing business as The United States of America remained of the American Government.

    Only the British Territorial Federal Subcontractor doing business as the United States of America, Incorporated, and the Papist Municipal United States Subcontractor doing business as the United States, Incorporated, remained on the Federal Government side.

    Got all that?

    We were built with a six cylinder engine, and have been functioning on four.

    The American States-of-States who were the members of the original Confederation have been rolled over into State Trusts and supplanted by British Territorial States-of-States pretending to be acting as our custodians and caretakers in our “absence”.

    The Federal Republic that was supported by and run by the original Confederation doing business as the States of America is also long gone, ever since 1861.

    So, in 2024, there are no State Republics (that were State Members of the Federal Republic) and there are no United States Citizens (sometimes called American Nationals) as defined by the first Immigration and Naturalization Act.

    Lately there has been a lot of confusion and people going around calling themselves “American Nationals” but this is not correct, because the American Federal Republic along with its brand of United States Citizen is long gone. Likewise, there are no State Republics for the same reason.

    It’s apparent that Mr. Trump and the British Territorial Military Subcontractors operating as the United States of America, Incorporated, think that they can walk in as British Territorial U.S. Citizens and “occupy” the long-vacated American Federal Republic —- and fool everyone into thinking that this latest British Substitution Scheme is legitimate.

    It’s not.

    It’s just more British meddling, bad faith, guile, and violence.

    We are still occupying our own country, thank you, and they are here illegally and unlawfully operating in Breach of Trust and in violation of their Constitution which requires “good faith” service, telling the world that we are “absent” and “in interregnum”, when we are standing here staring them in the face and denouncing them for it.

    The Confederation and the Federal Republic are indeed long gone, but the Federation of States is still in operation and the Union is still in operation, and we are the ones who delegated all powers to the Federal Subcontractors in the first place.

    By Operation of Law, all vacated delegated powers returned to us in 1861. There was no actual war declared. And no “national emergency”. There was just a lot of British guile, criminal breach of trust, illegal mercenary occupation of our country under color of law, and theft, theft, theft.

    It’s time for this to be recognized and brought to an end.

    Any bank that hands over $60 Billion dollars worth of our credit to Ukraine in the face of this objection from us, on the basis of a vote by our erstwhile British Territorial Subcontractors and their “Congress”, had better be prepared for a $240 Billion bill from us.

    • Steve thank you for this instruction. Where is all this written down?
      Any text books you could mention?
      What public educational institution do you work for?
      Why isn’t anyone interviewing you and why not do a series of videos put up on the web?

  • good to see Alexandra Bruce in the thick of it again.

    She is one of the originals and has been right for over a decade…

  • Ms. Cassidy is very rude. She wants to be able to finish what she is saying, but will not allow James to hardly get a point in anywhere! She is almost as rude to Alexandra, but mostly to James. Ms. Cassidy: Quit interrupting people!!!!

  • Oh my God. Thank you SO MUCH for this interview. I miss AMP so much and these are my favorite two people, plus Sean. Thank You.
    Keep the truth coming and I am a prayer warrior praying for you and that God will expose these evil people and give them what they deserve. I love Forbidden News and Unrestricted Truths. How can I support you guys?

  • Kerry Cassidy’s constant interrupting and talking over Alexandra and James made this very hard to listen to for me. Really appreciated Alexandra’s presentation of the Black Nobility families.

    • Narcissist tend to speak over people. Anyone who believes Juan is a top player next to Trump is off her rocker!

  • i believe the blackout is going to be associated with bad weather in much of the country..people wont question that or look at it ..most will be cleaning up… the after the storm ..not paying attention to anything else …geo engineering of enviroment here in america ….its already ramping up in many places …like minnisota …10 days of darkness in majority of the country …black swan ..possibly …and could postpone an election easily ….and not one citizen will question it….total chaos during this time riots and looting ..crime everywhere ..what doesnt get hit by weather will be the islamic movement

  • Loved the format and the dialog, now we are getting somewhere.

    As concerning the next few months, it seems likely to me that Biden, for whatever reason will not be the Demo candidate, thus throwing the Demo party into a panic of epic proportions and a postponement of elections under the emergency powers act that has been in place since 911.

    I can see Putin laughing hysterically!

  • Great interview with inquiring minds….they’ve got to stop talking over each other though. Very frustrating for the listener.

  • Dean Henderson on Substack also has much if not all mentioned nobility and their splintering in one of his books.

  • What’s up with this host, shes argumentative and speaks over her guest. You need to allow your guest to complete their sentences and if you disagree, you politely mention it and move on. Weird

  • Alexandra,

    “Neocon“ is defined by
    what you’ve opined
    in your last paragraph :

    “ I believe this is an important point, with the rise of anti-semitism, due to the war in Gaza and due to so many treasonous Biden administration officials involved in the COVID genocide being Jewish, in addition to those Biden executives facilitating the invasion of millions of unvetted foreign military-aged men into the US.”

    Recall my post about what
    “NEOCON” means, as defined
    within an essay in a Catholic
    report/blog : Oxford Review,
    and which report had been
    taken down—no doubt,
    because of


  • Increasingly I am locked into some dreary long winded yard about mosquito life or how to deal with unwanted fat, neither of which is a problem for me, but what these irritants do is create a large waste of my time, of which I have precious little to spare. Hence I did not view this clip because the ads just droned on and on and on.

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