Alexandra Bruce
June 26, 2014

A flashmob burst forth, at an unlikely venue, straight from the beautiful pools of the Hotel Cordial Morgan Playa, in Puerto de Morgan, in Gran Canaria, the big Island in the Canary Islands, a chain of Eastern Atlantic islands off the coast of Morocco, which have been a part of Spain’s territory for several centuries.

More than 30 musicians from the band of the Local Municipal School of Dance and Music of Morgan, surprised the hotel’s guests, by playing “Bolero,” composed by early 20th century, French composer, Maurice Ravel, who was part of the movement that, along with Claude Debussy and others, with their richly evocative harmonies and inventive instrumental textures and effects is what is today, is called the “Impressionistic movement” in the realm modern classical music.

The music splashes at the Hotel Cordial Morgan Playa. Thank you for sharing it, we hope you enjoy it as much as they do.

[Editor’s note: check out the members of European Middle Class, who are allowed several weeks per year of paid holidays to lovely places – and experiences, such as these].



Un flashmob desde las maravillosas piscinas del Hotel Cordial Morgan Playa, en Puerto de Morgan, Gran Canaria. Mas de 30 musicos de la Banda Escuela Municipal de Musica y Danza de Morgan sorprenden a nuestros huespedes con una original interpretacion de El Bolero de Ravel. La musica se moja en el Hotel Cordial Morgan Playa. Gracias por compartirlo, que lo disfrute tanto como nosotros.

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