Stefan Molyneux is joined by Mike Cernovich and Vox Day have a very highbrow and profound discussion about the “Spirit Cooking” scandal, as they ponder the unfathomable evil among some of those at high levels within the Government.

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have confirmed an outrageous amount of corruption and media collusion within the emails of Clinton Campaign Manager, John Podesta. Even the totality of that debasement pales in the face of several Podesta emails that connect him and his business partner/brother, Tony Podesta to the controversial performance artist, Marina Abramovic and the Satanic practice of “Spirit Cooking”. In addition, there are several implications within the Podesta emails that the Clinton inner circle is actively engaged in pedophilia and in the solicitation of all manner of prostitutes.

Allegations of Hillary’s commitment to the occult comes from former Clinton handler, Larry Nichols, who has often stated that Hillary was a member of a witches’ coven in Los Angeles, as long ago as the late 1980s, while she was First Lady of the State of Arkansas. According to Nichols, Hillary made regular trips from Little Rock once a month.

Strong suggestions of pedophilia being practiced by both Bill and Hillary Clinton exists in the flight logs of convicted pedophile billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein. These logs show that Bill and Hillary flew dozens of times on his private Boeing 727 jet dubbed “The Lolita Express” to his private island in the Virgin Islands nicknamed “Orgy Island”.

Another friend of Jeff Epstein’s, Prince Andrew of Wales, Duke of York was photographed engaging in sex with a minor at “Orgy Island” and these were published in 2011. There are rumors that Jeff Epstein was running a blackmail operation, which is touched upon here.

People who’ve studied realpolitik will have encountered numerous accounts of pedophilia occurring within the highest corridors of power. To actually read the coded language within the emails of Hillary’s Campaign Manager; jargon that’s well-known by law enforcement officials who specialize in these cases brings the horror of this reality to life, in a whole new way that is extraordinarily troubling.

As Vox Day, a practicing Christian says, the reason why these people are doing these disgusting things is because it works – they are rich, they are powerful, etc. and as Mike Cernovich says, the information revealed here is so disturbing, that it’s enough to make an Atheist find religion. The three engage in a very reasoned discussion about how moral relativism cannot be viable when such evil in the world exists, such as this.

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  • The NYPD Weinergate got SHUT DOWN due to this Pedophile Child Trafficking RING called the FINDERS !!!!! Pizzagate has a Long History …..and Hillary and Bill Clinton are in over their heads in this Cover -up of Pizzagate and Spirit Cooking Child Sex Trafficking syndicate with Bill going to Orgy Island 26 times and Unleashing the Child Protective Services in the 90s as Senator Nancy Schaefer says in her Youtube below !!!! DAMN IT THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED !!!!!!!!!!

    Here in this link Ted Gunderson talks about the Finders based in Washington DC a Kidnapping ring , starting at 13:35 listen for 10 minutes and you will not believe your ears !!!!!!!!

    Ted L Gunderson Ex FBI Whistleblower Poisoned? –

    Read Nancy Schaefer’s Senatorial report, “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services” , Senator Nancy is dead now too from a Murder Suicide by her husband … Yeah Right , so were all these dead people young and old around the Clintons going to possibly expose this child trafficking syndicate during the election and were done away with ???

    They are trying to silence the historic and current evidence of this child traffic syndicate !!!!!
    PizzaGate Just Got Even WEIRDER.

    This Reporter talks about Jill Stein and Pizzagate !!!! CHECK THIS OUT !!!!!!!

  • 3 things about this very interesting video:
    1) nobody talks about the kids nightmare and how are we going to address that
    2) some christian churches are involved in pedophilia
    3) these revelations are going to blow the very foundation of the USA wide open because these practice do not only involved ppl at the highest levels of government (politicians) but also the people in the justice system, the media, corporations, defense (Pentagon, army, etc), police, members of congress, senators, bankers, the financial elite, guys on wall street, the churches, you name it. Not to say that all people in a position of power are satanists but I’m certain that many across the board are implicated, as it appears that they are convinced that these rituals helps them get/stay/achieve power.
    And ppl like prince Andrew? They are degenerate that have no clue what to do with themselves anymore, they have so much money they are probably bored out of their mind so that there is no limit to what they are willing to do in order to get a kick out of life.

  • Addendum: Ahh! the real question was finally asked. “Where are they learning this from?” Now you are on point, finally. It’s a complicated web but it’s even more bizarre than the acts you already know, if you can image that.

    Lose the “leftist” comments. They weigh down your credibility. You are performing a service for humanity in sessions like this. Be fair and wise. Such comments are divisive. Stop it. It’s not about left or right. It’s about criminality from both sides of the aisle perpetuated by Deep State connections. What Julian A has published comes to us as the fact that the ultimate battle continues to rage. In your language, the bible tells you that the battle has been going on for hundred of thousands of years, at least–WAY before control through Christianity was even a glimmer in eye of the same types of people who are enacting these horrific crimes today. So, please stop the myopia. Open your perspective. As long as you call others leftists or identify your religious beliefs as paramount to the true battle you are blocked by the “my side” POV. Get beyond it. Provide the service you were meant to provide without bias.

    • Well spoken. And I’d add that the children whose lives are stolen from them are more than reason enough for us to stand together.

    • Very powerful comment, so true too. This has nothing to do with religion, right or left, or politics. It is however indicative of a loss of morality and integrity at the high levels of society by people to whom the country look up, people who are in a position where they are expected to lead by example but in reality people who have actually fooled a whole country while appearing decent and demanding your respect.

  • Very sane thought provoking discussion – thank you.

    I have come across several references to “Michelle Obama for 2020” … another Obama? Like another Clinton. I didn’t like Barack from the get-go due to his denial of years of association with Rev. Wright … two possibilities I thought, “He’s stupid or he’s lying.” He isn’t stupid, so …

    At the time I didn’t dig any further, but in light of the of past 7 years and the current mega-drama going on in the ruling democratic circle I did some searching. The research in the following link is most enlightening.

    Both Obamas, with Ayers, Dohrn , Alinsky, Bell … and recall Hillary’s admiration for Alinsky in her senior paper … then fold this into the warnings of Yuri Bezmenov (alias Tomas Schuman / defected KGB) about ideological subversion. A great 1984 interview by G. Edward Griffin of Yuri Bezmenov ….. and a lecture in LA – not sure what year:

    Bezmenov’s stages of overtaking a country:
    1. Infiltration
    2. Re-education
    3. Demoralization
    4. Destabilization
    5. Create and Use Crisis
    6. Normalization of Communist System (or whatever the hell is coming down at this point! – my comment.) Details of the stages are found in

    • OMG– What a find. I think I’ll write-up an alternative to the home page with a between-the-lines comment section following their statements. Some of it can sound logical unless you are critically reading. It will be fun.

  • Thanks for running the interview. The truth is finally breaking loose in real time without the possibility of it being called a “story” that was created by outsiders simply to be denied by these criminal politicians/corporate goons. As Vox said, I am not shocked about the facts of these acts and black magic rituals or these individuals’ depravity. I am somewhat surprised the perpetrators felt so untouchable, however. I suppose I should not be. This is, sadly, the Deep State at work that citizens of the US and the world are being forced to deal. Whether these disgusting acts “work” is not the issue–that’s relative. We should all stop focusing on the black magic aspect (as creepy as it is) and turn our attention to the criminal aspect–arrest and jail them all. The recidivism rate among pedophiles is high–they are almost never rehabilitated, even with drugs. And these people have much more going on than pedophilia. They are using their position and influence to create more dangerous power for themselves through the torture of helpless innocents–our young. I don’t have words strong enough to describe my revulsion for this fact.

    Thank the gods, or better yet, thank Julian A. for breaking the emails and bringing this spate of warped, disgusting, criminal truths about the Deep State/Cabal to the surface for the idiot sleepers who are still crying in their shoes over Clinton’s loss (no, NOT a Trump fan and if he turns out to be involved in anything at all–throw him on the fire, too.). KEEP IT UP JULIAN and ALEX.

    My husband is taking bets about who Obama will pardon before he leaves office. Looks like there will be plenty from which to choose. Wait and watch.

  • Alex, I know it’s been hard these past 5-7 years struggling to make your dreams materialize, but you are all the stronger for your trials and many people have been enlightened by your efforts. Please keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your friend and compatriot in the struggle

    • Thank you to Scott and everyone else. I just received an eye-opening email from a person in Belgium who wishes to remain anonymous because this information can be quite deadly. I’m sharing it to underscore how widely-ranging and serious this matter is:

      “Dear Alexandra,

      “I would like to get in contact with one of you concerning this interview.
      I’m an expert at the Justice Department in Belgium and worked for over 30 years in this matter. I wrote several books about these sex rings of the biggest evil imaginable. I could send you a copy of one of my books: Child Hunters, in which is explained a lot of why these monsters do what they do and how the protection works. There are many things I could tell you about this. Especially for the uncountable people that are left on their own not understanding what this is all about.
      I’m afraid that this little space for my message is not enough, but I will already clear up some things that provoke a lot of confusion and questions.
      Where do these children come from:
      – These evil people profile a lot of parents with children. They are aware that many parents lack money to pay their bills. Then they approach these parents and pay for the use of the children (see my book Child Hunters. I’ve written this one in 1996! 20 years ago already)
      – Other children are from parents that served in these sex rings for many years during their own childhood. Most of those parents are so broken that they cannot resist the evil taken their children too. (like in the circles of poverty)
      – Children ‘disappear’ from foster homes. They call it ‘run aways’. To never be found again.
      – Other children have been sold to sex rings by the clergy for a lot of money (look at Ireland and the U.K. and other countries)
      -Thousands of children have been reported missing all over the world.
      – Children are abducted in order of those sex rings.
      – Orphans are the easiest victims for nobody will search for them.
      – Baby’s are reported to be still born while they are sold to satanic networks (see my book: Little Sinners – Church and Child traffics. Unfortunately not translated to English for the moment)
      – A lot of babies are born within the networks themselves. I have victim-witnesses who claim they had till 9 babies without anybody knowing. The babies are often sacrificed and cut up in pieces alive. Then even the mothers have to eat pieces of them. One of my patients was hiding at my place and had constant contractions. It took me hours to understand what was going on. She then told me that ‘they’ sew a part of her own baby into her vagina which repulsed permanently the ‘strange object’ and made her uterus convulse. They like it when they rape her.

      “In Belgium it were police officers of law enforcement themselves that collected the children at their parents houses to transport them for the rich (Ballets Rose and Ballets Blue – Rose for the little girls, Blue for the little boys)

      “There is so much I could tell you concerning the protection they have and how they blackmail even ordinary people they can use into this pervert networks.
      I could explain the role of the Vatican and the satanic messes they have at the Vatican.
      I could explain what happens with some of the adopted children.
      I could explain the role of the Church that has been replaced by so called ‘socialism’
      I could explain the 6 different types of perverts and their motives

      “One Jesuit once said to me: “Give me a child under the age of 10 and it will always be mine.”

      “As you said in this interview: nobody bothers anymore when a high profile person is gay, or having an affaire etc… But there is that last taboo: child abuse. Research has shown that even in primitive tribes, child sex abuse is and stays repulsive. Nobody will accept it not even in our ‘developed’ society. so it is the only way to black mail people and make them do what the evil wants them to do. I can explain this better, but not here.

      “I’ve been working with thousands of victims but also thousands of child sex offenders and murderers. I have a very good view on what is going on. They tried to kill me in 2000. They tried to bribe me in 2003 with 500.000 euro to buy my soul and my credible voice. They wanted me to work for them in the media, telling what THEY wanted me to tell the audience. They tried to trap me in sex orgies. They tried just about everything but hello! I’m still alive!

      “You were talking about ‘pools’. I think it were pools filled with jam as it was in Belgium in the 80’s. Everybody goes into the pool where children are added and then the children have to lick of the jam from the adults afterwards.

      “But I have a message for these thousands of victims. Don’t believe them when they say that you are lost. Don’t believe them when they say you sold your soul to the devil. Only if you choose out of free will to join them in their evil way of living, you could be lost. Maybe they took your body, but they cannot take your souls unless you join them voluntary.

      “Please do some research on my name and if I can help you with this and the understanding of this evil, please contact me. My fight for this is going on for over 30 years now.

      “It is important for your viewers that they get a simple and understandable explanation for a very, very difficult subject.

      “Kind regards


      • We definitely need to hear from this person.
        As Fiona Barnett said some mothers are used for the special purpose of breeding for the group/ring.
        And some mothers even get sacrificed when they are about to give birth according to Fiona again.
        That person could give us all (including the justice system) important insider’s information. Our justice system is not built to deal with these kinds of practice so I guess we are all going to need all the help we can get if we really want to execute justice for those ppl.
        I think we are also going to witness the fact that that same justice system might be adverse to prosecution, not willing to open the Pandora box

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