My friend, Sean Morgan gave me first dibs to run this video, so I said, ‘Yes!’ because it’s another great Clif High video and also because it features Sean Morgan and Paul Furber.


In this Special Report From Sean Morgan, he and Paul Furber interview Clif High about his linguistics based software forecasting and Clif’s insight into the coming showdown between the White Hats (that he calls the SOC, Self Organizing Collective) and the Deep State.

Its all about awakening the consciousness of humanity to their sovereignty and overcoming sociopathic mind control techniques.

Clif covers it all in this episode from industrialized pedophilia, torture, and organ harvesting to the specific groups that encompass the deep state and the good news that their days are numbered.

Clif believes the great awakening is already unfolding and will hit a crescendo in the coming months but could take years to fully happen. Get all the details by watching the episode now.


Speaker 1 (0s): Welcome to Making Sense of the Madness. I’m your host, Sean Morgan. I’m here with my guest, James Grundvig. And later on, we’re going to have Alexandra Bruce from forbid knowledge, So just want to remind everyone of our great partner and sponsor sovereign advisers. They’re down in the description below offering a free consultation for silver and gold, and it looks like Biden’s, we’re going to get into this today. It looks like Biden’s trying to crash the economy here. So it’s a really good time to get prepared, to talk to someone about preparing your whole financial life.

So, James, I know we’re going to get into financial a little bit later, but what have you been researching lately?

Speaker 2 (58s): Well, five o’clock Eastern time on Thursday, you had Biden do what he went out and basically basically explained to people. Vaccine mandates are coming. They’re coming to federal all federal employees across the country, park service, you name it, any agency, they’re all get it. I think everyone’s getting except for the Biden white house. That’s what it sounds like to me. So they’re going to mandate enters. There is no medical or religious exemption. There is no testing out of it, but on the other side, he’s, he’s telling the American employers right to companies that are a hundred or more people.

So that’s really small, a hundred people or greater right now,

Speaker 1 (1m 35s): Most companies, I mean, that’s, that’s a hundred million Americans affected

Speaker 2 (1m 39s): It. It it’s, it’s a lot. And they’re going to, they’re going to force these, these employers to be brown shirts, to be, you know, the work for the Hitler organization to make sure their employees are either vaccinated, COVID vaccinated or twice weekly PCR, Tet PCR, jab in the nose on purpose. So you’re, you’re going to break the will of people by doing this weekly, the corporations and small companies in particular are going to eat these costs.

So if you’re, if you’re a small restaurant change in a certain state, three or four restaurants, you’ve got more a hundred employees. Wow. And every time there’s a violation that the government’s going to hit these companies $14,000 up to $14,000 per violation.

Speaker 1 (2m 26s): It’s an attack on small businesses. It’s an attack on the middle class. They’re trying to hit us where it hurts in our pocket books.

Speaker 2 (2m 32s): Yes. And I wonder how this rule is gonna apply to Florida. The state I’ve moved to. I mean, how’s it going to fly to Florida to Sanchez and the other directors and who has the authority here? Does DeSantis have authority here? Cause he said, if you, if you ask any company in Florida, as anyone like myself, walking into a restaurant, walk into a football stadium, Doug’s museum, whatever. As if I have a, have I had a COVID vaccine, I can record that conversation, contact the Florida government.

They would then go find that company $5,000 per infraction. So now you’re going to have a butting heads between the state of Florida and the federal government. And we’re going to see a lot of fireworks in that alone.

Speaker 1 (3m 17s): Well, I bet residents from all the 49 other states are wishing the head of DeSantis because at least in Florida, you’ve got something to, to shield you from this tyranny.

Speaker 2 (3m 26s): No question about it. Right? So we’ve had a lot of COVID viruses getting people sick this summer. That that is actually a fact that has happened. But I, I talked to Dr. Steven Guffanti who’s on my Grundvig report. Number three, he’s the doctor that survived almost being killed by the factory protocol, rev death severe. And that was story was picked up by the gateway pundit. What’s interesting. He, he says he’s never seen a respiratory virus in the summer, in the Northern hemisphere.

In fact, he took it a step further. He said the CDC before COVID always stopped counting flu statistics on the 1st of June. And they wouldn’t start up again until September. And so here we are people getting sick in the summer of 20, 21. Very interesting. What’s going on?

Speaker 1 (4m 17s): Yeah. It’s not a fake pandemic anymore. I mean, I’m, my friends and family are getting sick. People are getting and, you know, look at Israel where they have the most vaccinations. That’s where they have the most cases. I mean, there’s a direct link it’s saying.

Speaker 2 (4m 31s): Yeah, well, I think Israel, third boosters are actually starting to do the actual killing of the citizens. There there’s a, there’s a graph that will be on my show in 43 that actually shows that. And I think we can share that graph here because I think it’s worth seeing for the people to see with their own eyes what’s going on. It’s good. It’s kind of crazy. So, so this whole Biden horse with a pathological Fowchee, we’ll get into his emails a little bit later, but the whole Biden push for mandatory vaccines at the federal employees and you know, the government workers and these corporations and small companies tells me this is game on or in a desperate rush for some reason.

And I think it ties into the fact that financial market has got a bullseye target on it. And over the next month, I really think that they’re they’re related. So they’re trying to vaccinate as many people as possible,

Speaker 1 (5m 29s): Including the military,

Speaker 2 (5m 30s): Right? Including the military, they’re trying to force it. But then things have happened like a maternal truck that flipped over in West Virginia, you know, two weeks ago lost a million doses. They had to send a hazmat team in there and shut the highway down for this toxic sub substance for 21 hours. So I mean, you know, that’s a beer truck is cleaned up in three hours, you know, you go back to work. Right. But that’s not the case here.

Speaker 1 (5m 54s): Yeah. So what was your explanation on that? Why is the hazmat team required for,

Speaker 2 (5m 59s): Because the substance is a secret formula, actually, if they, if they find, if someone got a hold of some person got a hold of some of those vials and they might’ve, we don’t know this yet and brought it to a lab and find out exactly what’s inside it. That would be game over for Madonna. Right. You would actually might have, you know, criminal and because in Japan or finding a microscopic shrapnel, stainless steel, tungsten, steel, copper, all stuff in Moderna shots, right.

Speaker 1 (6m 31s): They, they recalled over a million doses, 1.6 million or something like that. Yeah,

Speaker 2 (6m 35s): Exactly. And so these things are related. So it seems like this is unrestricted warfare territory for me. Right. Who would do this? Oh, China would have those contaminated. They would make the contaminated. But during your shots,

Speaker 1 (6m 50s): China’s biggest enemy besides the United States Japan. So it’s very interesting that Japan was the one who blew the whistle on the 1.6 million doses.

Speaker 2 (6m 58s): Yes, exactly. And I interviewed a German doctor on my freedom Friday show about two months ago, who basically said, Jeremy does not have the production capacity Moderna in particular does not. Or BioNTech they don’t have the production capacity in Europe to do what’s being pushed out. So China is the obvious choice. And since it’s under EU EUA, no one knows what the formulation is. And that’s why I’ve kind of changed on it off some old placebos. Some are those black goo graphene oxide, so much some other things.

And now we get these micro contaminants or nanoparticles in it. And wow, this is really interesting. So there, there were definitely in the middle of a war,

Speaker 1 (7m 40s): Some people are expecting because their FDA is legally required to do this. They’re expecting an ingredients list this this month.

Speaker 2 (7m 48s): Right. And I, I I’ve disagreed with some Patriots on this. I’ve been in this, this, this vaccine game for 20 years, right. With a vaccinator autistic son. Then my wife got vaccine-injured five years ago. Right. So I’ve been in this, I wrote the book and corruption, the CDC, I’m asking myself a very obvious question. Why in the world would the FDA say we’re going to actually publish that, that ingredients list? I mean, I should press, they don’t see it coming. Well. They said a letter. I don’t know. They’ve been, they’ve been lying for the past 21 months every day. So why, why wouldn’t that?

Let her be a partial. I anyways, why would they produce that? It doesn’t serve them unless they’re putting out a fake list, which would be another different kind of lie. But I don’t see it coming out personally because the vaccine in question to formulation is not coming up to 2023 at the end of the phase three trial. And what’s a phase three trial. Oh, that’s the global Vaccine mandate Porsche. We’re all Guinea pigs, whether you’re been vaccinated or you’re not on the control group, right.

I’m on vaccinated. Right. So we’re all part of this global experiment and that’s phase three trial. And for Pfizer, that ends in 2023. So, so the formulation, the FDA wink, wink approved as is for something that’s not even on the market yet.

Speaker 1 (9m 6s): Yeah. So you, you just, don’t you think this institution, the CDC, the FDA they’re completely captured. And if by some miracle, this ingredient list is released. It’s either because there’s a white hat inside of that organization, or, you know, the blackout has been leveraged somehow by the white hats.

Speaker 2 (9m 25s): Yeah. Possible. Right. I mean, I just, it’s just like, why would they suddenly change their behavior? Unless of course they’re getting pressure, right? So this, this is interesting. Or let’s say, think they’re going to win and they’re going to bomb the nose. And like, we don’t care. What’s in these vaccines and we’re going to force vaccinate you anyways. So I’m listening to binds to radical talk right now,

Speaker 1 (9m 46s): The rhetoric kind of insulting to American kind of sensibilities. You know, when you say F your freedom basically know that that rubs Americans the wrong way. This is we, we hold freedom. Very dear.

Speaker 2 (9m 59s): Yes. And I understand that the archives for the us constitution, the online archive is a basic call. Some of the language in the cost triggerable or offensive or something, something retarded. And I’m like, are you kidding me? So, you know, our freedom is under assault from every, you know, every angle from everywhere.

Speaker 1 (10m 23s): So you’re taking a look at the financial bombs that could be going off.

Speaker 2 (10m 27s): Well, yeah. So this is what 1 0 7, you know, talk to you. And I about about six weeks ago, and the more I look is more, this is real. If you’d reached out to Kirk Elliott last week of one of these subjects and he texts back his response, and it’s a beauty, basically Biden camp is running out of time and money. This is what this is about, right? Us bond market is complete crap. 50% of its total junk. This is from a 70 year old main conservative wall street investor named Lou Cooperman, who was on CNBC on Thursday morning.

He called the garbage. He goes, why would anyone put their money? In 1.3% tenure yield. When, when, when the fake inflation alone is five to 6% and forget about the taxable rate of 40% now from bite to get all that he said, well, the reality is that five or 6% is as Dr. L and I used to cover on reset is closer to 12 or 13% because that core inflation leaves out food. Oh, that’s important. Everyone’s lives every day and energy.

Oh, that’s kind of important to you. You’ll get to heat your house. You run your tools, run your computers, run your car. I mean, it’s just, it just gets, it’s totally nuts. So we’re basically at 12 or 13% inflation. And so bond bonds are a complete joke. Well, if they’re a joke, no one’s gonna be buying us. Treasuries come October. At the end of the Q3 report. Now, one of the things that made Kirk flip that was a zero hedge art last week, basically claiming that the New York fed has stopped publishing all GDP index data.


Speaker 1 (12m 11s): It’s too ugly to show the public.

Speaker 2 (12m 13s): Obviously it’s gotta be cancerous. So Docker LA, when I sent him that link texted me back total insanity. Basically. He’s never seen it in all his years of economics, right? This has never happened before. And you can’t measure the health of an economy and markets without data metrics. Oh, so why, so, why is a Biden camp doing this or the Biden treasure Biden, federal reserve,

Speaker 1 (12m 38s): Trying to kick him down the road here?

Speaker 2 (12m 40s): Well, there are no McCanns to kick. This is the problem that the federal reserve is basically out of cash. They’re so low on cash that come end of Q3, which is September 30th. The first of all, October, they got a choice to make. They’re either going to take whatever cash they have and pay federal employees and social security and pensions and all those things and pay the military by way, military gets paid, or they’re going to pay the bond holders, Japan, China, Europe, and so on and so forth.

So, but they can’t do both anymore.

Speaker 1 (13m 13s): It’s like a lose, lose type of choice. Well, if you

Speaker 2 (13m 16s): Don’t pay the bond holders, especially communist China, I think, I think that’s a recipe for war, right? That is a trickle offense. And communist China really might not ramp ramp up the rhetoric. I think ramp up the action, right?

Speaker 1 (13m 29s): Shut down all the supply chain that, that our whole global economy runs.

Speaker 2 (13m 34s): That’s one, two, they could actually send Chinese ships. Their Navy is definitely big enough, including submarines to go into us territorial waters within 200 miles. I mean, I know our that’s the economic zones of the United States, coastal waters, right. They could easily come into that. Right. And then at the 12 miles off shore, so 12 miles is kind of the international waters, but so within 12 months, if they came within 12 miles, that is, that is a act of war. Why would they do that? That’s actually possible.

Speaker 1 (14m 4s): Maybe they’re waiting for their rights, a moment of weakness to make that kind of move.

Speaker 2 (14m 8s): Yeah, no, it’s a kind of nuts going on. So we have, you’re gonna lose all those purchasing power with the, the inflation bonds are out, equity, equities are going to be out and why am I saying this? Well, the, the, you know, the equity hit on Monday or Tuesday or, or over, over those two days, the Dow lost about 1.5%, right? So they got shocked is going to make some money back. And mainstream media is trying to propagandize everything. It looks beautiful. Everything’s okay. Don’t worry about it. Look, little lemons up this company is up.

Then you have this massive issuance of bonds by the corporations they’re hoarding cash. So they’re selling worthless bonds to the market. Absolutely worthless in the opinion of Lou Cooperman and awarding cash. Well, when the stuff hits the fan, it’s going to be ugly. And there’s some dates we should talk about, right? So one day it is obviously the September 11th to Saturday is the 20th anniversary, false flag time. I don’t know. We have to think about the Arizona audits coming out, report coming out at some point, the following week.

Good chance, right? General Flint even said does as a good, good possibility for a false flag around that day. If that happens to completely red herring distract from the truth, September 15th, though really begins the March towards the, towards the federal death spiral and for the retail markets and for the stock market. It is the annual margin calls. It begins on September 15th. Banks will reach out to all the retail investors and hedge funds and hedge funds that borrow up to 80 or 90% capital on their, on their bets.

And when those margin calls start going in, the market stock market goes haywire. And if a company has dropped, they’ll, there’ll be massive exposure, right? And that will go on for month, October 15th, October 15th to magic day that want Mon talked about, well, that’s happened to be the same day that the Q3 reports are actually published. And when it published, it probably likely going to show the worst economic quarter and us history, at least going back to the depression, it is going to be really, really ugly.

Speaker 1 (16m 23s): Yeah. Especially with what’s going on now, people are resigning. You know, the few people who still have jobs are quitting because they don’t want to get forced to take the vaccine. You can have massive unemployment because of what’s going on with the fax mandates. So you just add that on top of all of the stuff that you covered already, and it’s not going to be pretty. It’s just going to be just domino after domino avalanche, growing upon itself,

Speaker 2 (16m 50s): There’s no way it’s not going to pop. They can’t print any more money. So they’re out of cash. They got to make a choice on who, you know, where the money’s going. You got margin calls, and now the banks are tied into the governments. In 2008, we had the big banks. So Lehman brothers Merrill Lynch’s AIG’s, you know, the insurance company, all the big banks had what, what you called a counterparty risk? Well, now the counterparty risk is no longer just the big banks. Now it’s the nations. Now it’s the United States, China, Japan, all of Europe, they’re all tied into the same financial system.

They all have massive amounts of debt. China has a ton of debt. All the core, all the major companies in the world have massive amounts of debt. And so when the counterparty risk starts to pop at that level, it is going to be magnitudes much worse in 2008 is be far worse and it’ll be much faster and it will shock people and maybe that’s what’s needed. And I don’t know, you know, when I, when you and I talked to Patel Patriot about devolution, and I brought up, how does economy fit into this?

You know, what’s the red line in the sand as 1 0 7 said for continuity of government, when the, when do white hats, military step. When is that? Is that economic related? Is that vaccine mandate drag, you know, free Americans to FEMA camp related. You know, we don’t know what that red line is, but there’s going to be a trigger, I suppose.

Speaker 1 (18m 16s): Yeah. I think there there’s different indicators I’m looking at for when the military or the white hats might make their move. And definitely when families can’t feed themselves, that would be a red line. You know? So if the economic damage or the financial instability is so bad that people can’t buy the groceries and can’t survive, then I would think that there has to be some kind of emergency military intervention. Also, if the military is getting mandatory, vaxxing now in this month, that could be a red line, you know, because you can’t have million active duty soldiers that are supposed to defend our country, getting their DNA, manipulated like that.

And getting sterilized is going to affect our, our fighting forces for generations. So that could be a red line.

Speaker 2 (19m 2s): Yeah, no, I’m, I’m agreeing with everything you’re saying, this is this all times together. There’s this little outlet. So there’s this little story out of Germany. I got some German contacts and apparently there’s some German citizens call them the underclass or the average Joe, over in Germany. And they decided there, they want to make a run on the ATM’s of the banks. What he means by that on September 18th, a week after September left on a Saturday, they’re asking people around the world to take out maximum amounts from their accounts, bank accounts, checking accounts, using the ATM machines.

They w H the, the thinking behind this is sent a shockwave message to the big banks and the central banks in particular, that we’re, we’re not being on your, under your great reset thumb anymore. And we got leveraged as a people. So that happens. You will see fireworks literally in a week is going to be shocking if that comes to bear.

Speaker 1 (20m 3s): Yeah. That reminds me of the truckers in Australia. So we have a lot of power. Unfortunately, when we use it, we can cause instability and chaos. So we have to be kind of careful with that power. But at some point we have to show what we can do.

Speaker 2 (20m 19s): Agreed. And what’s interesting. Mainstream media is not covered the truckers in Australia and it claimed it didn’t really happen. And yet they’re, they’re pictures from sky news, Australia showing many, many soup markets without food. Oh, is that related to truckers? Oh, I think food deliveries. Oh, how does that? Oh, buy trucks. That’s right. So I guess, I guess the truckers are on strike. They’ve worn your Australian people hunker down for two weeks, get your supplies. We’re doing this the 30th of August. I believe that’s still ongoing.

Speaker 1 (20m 48s): Yeah. So yeah, this can happen in the United States too. I mean, there’s tons of ways that, and when, when the, the, they push like this, when the Biden administration says a hundred employees or more, you have to do this, and people feel like you’re poking the bear here. That’s when the people start organizing. That’s when the people start reacting and pushing back.

Speaker 2 (21m 9s): Correct. So you have millions of employees that are going to be fired or laid off or quit for the vaccine mandates over the next month. A million of them, at least millions, several millions. Lot of them are not going to show up in unemployment statistics, sort of like the core, core inflation trick, right? Oh, they’re not, they’re not going to be allowed to collect, you know, federal unemployment, therefore then our statistics, this is what’s coming. So that’s going to be sort of a hidden layer in all of this. The other head layer is New York state was giving 800,000 new Yorkers across the state of New York, not just the city, but across the state $300 a week in COVID funds that came to a stop last Friday.

So that is over with, so now they’re going to be forced to go to work. But what if they’re going to force to work if the, now the COVID mandate restrictions in New York city kick in, you know, passport is kicking off on Monday the 13th. So we have all of this incredible seismic dynamics shifting left, and right. And this is all going to play out how it does and where it all falls. We don’t know, but it doesn’t, none of this looks good financially.

Speaker 1 (22m 17s): Well, we know what their plan is because they’re already rolling it out in Australia. So it’s going to be interesting to see some of these tyrannical governors and so forth. Try to do the things they’re doing in Australia with the tracking and the tracing and the apps and everything, because it’s going to be totally uneven in the United States. We have more state power, and we have certain governors like DeSantis who will stand up. So in S in New York, it could be a completely different story from what’s happening in Florida.

Speaker 2 (22m 47s): Yeah. The second amendment in most states, many, many, or a hundred million Americans are armed and ready waiting. So not going to be easy slog at all for Biden camp, if they want to drag people to the, to the FEMA camps.

Speaker 1 (23m 3s): Right. I, I saw that neon revolts mentioned that it must not be true that 70% of Americans have been vaccinated. If you have to try to force all these corporations to mandate it. So that’s definitely a phony statistic.

Speaker 2 (23m 17s): Yeah. I’ve been trashing that 70% number for months. I even had to tell some of the, the vaccine risk aware Patriots on a certain grips. Like he basically told him you’re out of your effing mind. Why would you believe any statistic published by the CDC again, go to the source. It is why I don’t think the list is coming out in the FDA on the Pfizer ingredients. It’s why all numbers and CDC are completely fake. I expose it to my book. And yet one day I would write, write a CDC, a part two book when this is all over, but for now you gotta, you gotta let, let it all fall apart, which is what’s happening.

So October 15th, just to recap is going to be, in my opinion, opinion in many others, a kind of triple witching hour, a financial bloodbath. It might happen before that, but 15, for sure. Right? And then you’re going to see what happens to big gov, big media, big form of Big Tech, big health, big banks. It is going to be interesting how this all plays out.

Speaker 1 (24m 14s): Absolutely. Thanks so much for the update. James, check out James Grundvig dot com check out his books that he has written about medical tyranny, and definitely check out James his show on AmericanMediaPeriscope dot net as well.

Speaker 2 (24m 26s): Great. Good seeing your show on and take care.

Speaker 1 (24m 29s): Thank you, James. So now we’re welcoming to the show, Alexandra Bruce, from forbidden knowledge, She puts out a daily newsletter with the most important news of the day. She does a lot of research for that. Welcome to the show, Alexandra, how are you?

Speaker 3 (24m 44s): You know, under the circumstances, I’m pretty good. I’m just psyched that they didn’t require vaccine passports for the supermarket today. So, you know, you kind of count your blessings.

Speaker 1 (24m 54s): Oh my gosh, with the freedoms and the rights that we use to enjoy, we’re just realizing how precious they are as they slip through our fingers.

Speaker 3 (25m 2s): It’s just amazing, you know, my, my whole life, you know, I’m, I’m not unlike cliff high. I’ve been a clip high fan since 2009 and I’m not a normie. So because of that, I have been relegated to publishing my own website to make a living. And so a lot of this stuff has not really affected me as much as it affects, you know, normies who have to work for a corporation and, or, you know, normal normy type jobs.

Speaker 1 (25m 31s): Yes. This is economic warfare. Let’s call it what it is. I mean, they’re hitting people right. Where it hurts. That’s how you control behavior through economic incentives and disincentives.

Speaker 3 (25m 42s): Absolutely. And, and basically it’s very much what, what cliff high in your, the interview that you posted today, which is fabulous. I loved it. You know, I think when are people going to wake up about fighting back and standing up? I mean, we see some of that at the school board meetings and things like that, but like the normies on mass, we’re not seeing that there are still people who believe that the virus is real and that the vaccine is real.

And I think that’s like the biggest hurdle to everything that’s happening right now is that people are, I’m sorry, but th they are either

Speaker 1 (26m 23s): Done mass hypnosis or

Speaker 3 (26m 25s): Very, very effectively brainwashed. And, you know, I mean, I struggle with this because that would describe most of my family, except for one brother. I have a huge family. And, you know, I, if I were to have told them like a year ago, you know, this is a, this is a genocidal campaign and that this was fake. And, you know, they would just want to, you know, maybe section may say, you know, like get me into a mental hospital.

So like that would not be effective. So I didn’t, I just stopped talking to them. Right. But then, and now a part of me is like, you know, I feel guilty because I’m allowing them to believe what they want to believe. And, you know, many of them have gotten vaccinated. And according to cliff, you know, they won’t be alive in a few, in a couple of years,

Speaker 1 (27m 20s): Possibly. Yeah. If there’s no kind of recovery, you know, plan. And if he, what cliff was saying today is it’s especially the booster shots. So if you take one jab, it’s not as bad, you take two jabs, it’s the worst you keep taking them. It’s like a death sentence. So that was his view.

Speaker 3 (27m 40s): Yeah. And I love how he says, like, how many polio vaccines do you need to take? How many smallpox vaccines do you need to take?

Speaker 1 (27m 47s): Right. And now I think it was Madonna wants to start really doing a mixture between influenza and coronavirus and just keep on giving to you seasonally

Speaker 3 (27m 55s): And as daily pills to take with the, the seasonal injections as well. So, and then, and then when you look at the, you know, some things have come out, like you’ve heard about in the cases of Brazil and Argentina Pfizer was asking for their military basis as collateral against any, you know, liability lawsuits that they, that might, you know, so like what, what, what would compel a country to say, okay, yeah, sure.

Take our bases and help us kill our people. Like,

Speaker 1 (28m 30s): But that is in the position that some of these governments feel that they’re in. They, they think, and I’ve seen, cause I live in Brazil and Brazil they’re broke. I mean, they have no money. Right. And so, you know, they, but they think that vaccinating, the population is the number one priority. Even though, you know, you’ve got Mount malnutrition illiteracy, like basic human humanitarian problems in Brazil. And yet they think that vaccination is the number one priority. And they, they shut down all the businesses.

Right? All the people couldn’t work, but they didn’t have the stimulus packages like Americans had. So I can see how, if there are leaders that are as brainwashed as the normies, they would give up their own national sovereignty and their own economic stability in order to, in order to basically placate the globalists that are controlling the narrative.

Speaker 3 (29m 23s): Well, see, I, I don’t think that it’s mere brainwashing and agreeing with, you know, thinking that the agenda is real. I think that there’s real threats. I mean, really what would compel a country to say? Yeah, sure. Take my military basis as collateral. Well, in fact, that those countries, Argentina and Brazil did not agree to that in, and I have a copy of it. If you want to see the, I have the copy of the Pfizer contract with the Brazilian government.

Speaker 1 (29m 51s): I have, what’s interesting in Brazil is that the agenda just moves forward. But the leader of the country says, I don’t agree with this agenda, but it’s still happening.

Speaker 3 (30m 0s): Right. He had a huge rally of people opposing it the other day. And it’s still funny, you know, my uncle I’m half Brazilian and my uncle lives in Rio and he’s, he hates the whole scenario and he stumbled vaccinated. And you know, when I told him, don’t get another shot don’t and he said, no, I took the one that the, the queen of England took and you know, my heart, my heart shattered

Speaker 1 (30m 27s): Medical authorities, queen of England.

Speaker 3 (30m 29s): My heart absolutely shattered when he told me this, it was just, you know, it’s in comprehensively sad that, you know, he’s not a dumb guy, you know, but he’s, he’s been brainwashed,

Speaker 1 (30m 42s): Everyone that I talked to in Brazil, when I tell them I’m visiting the United States, they asked me the first thing they asked me is, oh, you’re going there to get one of those high quality American pharmaceutical vaccines. I say, no, I’m never getting a vaccine because of the risks. And they say what risks, right. Because it’s just not a part of that echo chamber. I mean, almost all of the news and Brazil’s controlled by one or two companies,

Speaker 3 (31m 6s): You know, that the biggest field office of the CIA outside of the United States isn’t Rhea.

Speaker 1 (31m 12s): No, I didn’t. But Rio is like a, it’s like a war zone with the it’s controlled by, you know, militias and drug Lords. And so I guess they thrive in that kind of chaos, but, but to go back to how you were saying that your, your family is indoctrinated by the mainstream propaganda, you know, I’m in the same position as you, I mean, normies are the majority of the population, but you know, you and I have been right about a lot of things in the past year or so.

And so sometimes that might pay, maybe that’ll be a little glitch in the matrix for them to say, Hey, look at the interview. I did one year ago where we talked about how the origins were probably the wool Han lab. And it was probably manmade, you know, and then, you know, fast forward one year, it’s like, it’s not a conspiracy theory anymore. Like we have proof that it was from Google Han and it was funded by Fowchee and everything.

Speaker 3 (32m 7s): Yeah. I I’m wondering when the right time to strike is going to be. And, but I’m also concerned that I don’t think there’s anything I could have done to stop them from getting vaccinated. I really,

Speaker 1 (32m 19s): Probably not, but maybe we can continue to plant seeds with examples. Like the one I just gave, because if what we say keeps coming true and what they say, I mean, everything that they’ve believed the last two years or three years or four years about the Russian collusion hoax. So you know about impeachment, one impeachment to, you know, every single thing that these mainstream media journals give themselves Pulitzers for. They just prove out to be dead wrong.

Speaker 3 (32m 46s): Yeah. It’s, it’s really something. So I just had, I have another business that I’m working on actually in Brazil, it’s a nanotechnology for concrete. And so I was, I had a conference call yesterday are doing that. And so he’s, as I told you, he’s a retired, special forces Marine. And I asked him, you know, is because it really looks like to me when I see all of this happening, when I saw what happened with Afghanistan, when I saw what happened with Afghanistan, I thought, okay, the whole thing’s going to collapse like the authority of the Biden administration.

And then being able to impose any of this vaccine stuff is going to evaporate.

Speaker 1 (33m 33s): Well, there have been the F Biden chance across all the stadiums. Right.

Speaker 3 (33m 37s): And you know, if this is Jay sock that or not, Jay sock suck Jay

Speaker 1 (33m 43s): Self organizing collective.

Speaker 3 (33m 45s): Right. If that’s real, which hopefully it is, we don’t know that, you know, we don’t know that because my special forces guy doesn’t know about it. And what would he say is no, we’re not going to be able to stop that. We just have to position ourselves to survive it. And so I, I see that you are, you’re doing that. You’re going to move to out of the big city.

Speaker 1 (34m 7s): Yeah, yeah. Even though I’m a big Q person, you know, and I don’t really like the phrase, trust the plan very much, but, but people kind of associate me with that kind of rhetoric that the military is going to come in and save the day. We’re all going to be safe and sound. And I’m like, no, I still think we should all prepare for the worst. You know, I think being in a city is very, very vulnerable for things like riding. That’s something cliff high mentioned today in interview, he said that the next round of riding could be a lot more tactical and militaristic than the last round of riding we had last year.

And so it getting out of the city seems necessary at this point. But yeah, just basic things like water security, food, security, energy, security, economic security, you know, guns. I mean, you gotta be able to protect yourself and your family. All these things are just so important, but I still believe that there are all these evil people and evil, you know, organizations around the world. There must be some type of counter force to that because in my experience, in my life, traveling, you know, over 40 different countries, most people are good.

Most people are nice, you know? So I don’t think humanity is evil. So there must be a self-organizing collective of different agencies and individuals who are not captured.

Speaker 3 (35m 28s): Right. So, you know, it, it looks like if you look at things from that point of view, it looks like everything that’s happening is just going to cause people to wake up it’s aura to trigger them into a civil war type of scenario. Right.

Speaker 1 (35m 44s): That’s kind of what cliff was hinting at today. As he was saying that the self-organizing collective like the leadership of this counterforce, they’re not actually going to have to do the fighting. They’re going to have to kind of guide the people who are waking up and saying, Hey, pointing here, Hey, you read this, do this, watch this, you know? So that’s the people like we are the plan. We are the answer. And you had a list of ideas of how the people can take back their power.

Speaker 3 (36m 15s): I did.

Speaker 1 (36m 16s): Yeah. You sent me an email today about how just like the truckers in Australia are doing, we can take this power into our hands.

Speaker 3 (36m 24s): Absolutely. Where’d it go?

Speaker 1 (36m 28s): Well, the first thing you said is that people can walk out. I mean, if the federal

Speaker 3 (36m 33s): Absolutely, absolutely. Just the collective marketing tactic, you know, of which I’ve seen a fire departments in Canada are doing it. I’ve, you know, there’s certain, I think that the nurses in New York city medical staff in New York city

Speaker 1 (36m 50s): Have been workers,

Speaker 3 (36m 52s): Right. The postal workers union did it. And so that’s like, how long is it going to take for everybody to stand up like that? Because it’s, it’s basically, you’re lining up to the gas chambers. So you’re, are you just going to step into the gas chamber? Are you going to try to take out the person who’s shoving you in that direction? You know? Right. Because you’re going to die. You’re going to die anyway. So emails will die fighting. I mean, that’s, that’s where I’m at with all of this. And

Speaker 1 (37m 22s): It has been disturbing to see a free country like Australia fall so fast, you know, to tyranny and to accept this level of surveillance, this level of control, this level of lockdowns of vaccinations, of quarantining, all of this stuff has been shocking to me. And I just keep telling myself, Americans are different. I keep kept trying to convince myself of that. Not only because of gun rights and everything, but because we don’t like people telling us what to do, we already went through a lockdown and I thought we all experienced freedom again.

And we liked the taste of freedom and we were not going to go back to being locked down again.

Speaker 3 (38m 1s): You know, and another thing that cliff says is that this, this Arizona audit, it’s not even only for Arizona or for the United States, it’s really for the whole planet because the same vote theft tactics are in use,

Speaker 1 (38m 17s): Same company, dominion voting systems across the world.

Speaker 3 (38m 21s): So hopefully we can prove that American exceptionalism is real. And, and I hope that we do, but in the meantime, I think that people need to start getting their stuff together to get out of harm’s way. And there there’s, there’s so many things that are coming at us because, you know, it looks like the dollar is going to collapse very soon. Like within the next month or couple of months, even according to cliff, that will even be looking at a potential replacement currency is as early as January or February.

Speaker 1 (38m 57s): Yeah. People have to diversify their assets. If, if you have, if, if you have any assets left at this point with this economic warfare, you don’t want to have it all in one place. You know? And so looking at other options like precious metals and perhaps even Bitcoin and land and other types of real assets, you know, it just makes sense. You don’t want to be stuck holding that one type of asset. That’s going to disappear on you. Like hyperinflation is a possibility that Cliff’s talked about. So if you have all of your savings in us dollars and they become worthless, you know, you’re screwed.

Speaker 3 (39m 33s): Yup. I mean, luckily I’ve been living the great reset lifestyle, my whole life. It’s not a lot that they can take for me, but yeah. I mean, I do have savings and I have been earlier this year, I had two Bitcoin that I sold because it started to go down in January and I was like, I can’t do this again. And then stupidly, like, you know, it went up double to where I sold it from, but so I’m sort of getting back in and it’s really hurts to get back in in a month, but you know, I’m not going to put it all in Bitcoin because, because what if they shut down the internet?

I mean, how useful is that? And you know, when I’ve talked to people about that, like, I, I have friends who were involved in Bitcoin mining and they said, you know, they can’t shut down the whole internet. That’s like literally impossible to do so that’s their argument against that. But I also, because you know what, this whole thing about what was going to happen to the dollar was supposed to actually happen back in 2015 and I already got ready. So that’s when I bought like gold and silver and was back then.

And then, you know, watched it go down in value and not do anything and just feel like the biggest idiot on planet earth. But, but at least, you know, I am prepared.

Speaker 1 (40m 50s): Well, they didn’t go down completely since then.

Speaker 3 (40m 53s): It’s not like these things imploded, but they didn’t go up. Certainly they went down a little bit, you know?

Speaker 1 (40m 60s): Yeah. I mean, if you’re looking for an asset that’s, that’s down right now, silver is, you know, it was at $30 announced earlier this year. Now it’s a $24 an ounce or something like that. So, you know, it’s not like Bitcoin where it’s near all time highs.

Speaker 3 (41m 19s): Yeah.

Speaker 1 (41m 21s): But you were talking collective bargaining, you mentioned air traffic controllers before the show, different types of like really, really important people that keep our economy going, that, that deep state actually needs those types of people to just keep everything functional. So if we, if we show how much, like we are the ones running, things that could really make a big difference,

Speaker 3 (41m 43s): It’s time, it’s time,

Speaker 1 (41m 46s): Healthcare workers, shipping companies.

Speaker 3 (41m 50s): It’ll be, it’ll be interesting to see what the response is. I mean, I think that, you know, cause the, the 2 million federal employees who now are being compelled to be vaccinated, I think a lot of them are going to walk off the job. But I think another aspect to all of this is that the government does not have the money to pay them anymore. I think that’s actually a big part of what happened in Afghanistan. We don’t have the money to do that anymore. As you know, our currency is, is in its death throes, right?

Speaker 1 (42m 23s): Well, if they wanted $83 billion worth of equipment, they wouldn’t have wouldn’t have given it away.

Speaker 3 (42m 28s): No. Well, that’s, you know, it’s, it’s a multi, you know, part strategy to that. I mean that they are giving that basically China is inherited all that stuff. Cause I don’t think the Taliban know what to do with it, you know, with the helicopters and the planes and stuff. But as cliff was also saying that a lot of those weapons are going to be shipped back to United States via the CCP to arm Antifa. And then that, then you have to ask yourself, you know, cause I think has something like a hundred percent vaccination rate and they’re going to start figuring out that their lifespans have been curtailed and that they’re not going to be healthy.

Speaker 1 (43m 9s): They’re not going to have anything to live for anymore. They might go even more apeshit than they already have.

Speaker 3 (43m 14s): That’s what he’s been predicting for a while, but we didn’t know them that they were going to have. They didn’t know that, that they were going to have like, you know, AR you know, those big rifles or whatever. So

Speaker 1 (43m 26s): Yeah, it is scary to think that Antifa could get their hands on some actual weapons. Cause normally they’re just kind of like throwing rocks and stuff. Yeah. But I mean, I know the Q drops are not some type of verified source that we can put a lot of trust in, but it is interesting that they mentioned Antifa mapping the idea that the military has been infiltrating Antifa for a long time and, and you know, they’re tracking them, they know who’s who, and they can supposedly take care of them whenever they need to.

So also cliff mentioned that these, this advanced equipment might have GPS tracking. So yes, it will be interesting. Maybe there’s a reason why Trump really held off on designating them as a domestic terrorist organization for this moment where you can, where someone could just point and say, look, Antifa has a grenade from Afghanistan and we have the chain of custody of this grenade and everything. So then they could definitely, it would be ironic if Biden was the, who had to designate Antifa as a domestic terrorism.

Speaker 3 (44m 35s): Oh yeah. So, you know, I just wonder, because you know, another thing that he says is that the really besides, you know, the, the economic factors, okay. The cause these are all the biggest, the big bankers, the central banking system, the people who control the issuing of currency itself worldwide, that’s really who our enemy is. And who’s what this whole thing is about. It’s not about a virus or, you know, it’s, it’s about genocide in us, but it’s about imploding governments around the world.

And just basically genocide adding any claimants to government entitlements. It’s, you know, it’s not genocide. So, but you know, so their main weapon besides the economic system is really is a deception, you know, the control of the, the mainstream media, obviously, and then the heroin, I dunno how much time you spend on Twitter. But

Speaker 1 (45m 38s): Because I got kicked off,

Speaker 3 (45m 40s): I had, I got kicked off too, but I had another account. Like I had my personal one in my website, one in my, they didn’t get me on the personal one yet. And I, I just stay at low there. I just kind of lurk and see what’s happening because I don’t want to lose it because Twitter is, it’s amazing to really see it’s where it’s really where the war is being fought right now. A lot of it, The information or, and what you see is that for every, you know, every, you know, large account that tweets something real, you know, it important, you will see literally hundreds of bots respond.

It’s the most, it’s really disturbing. It’s about, as you know, I’ve seen a lot of disturbing things in my life, but that is it’s up there. It’s so it’s so evil. It’s so disgusting that you have basically CCP agents fighting the war. I like that. You know, and, and absolutely

Speaker 1 (46m 42s): Cliff actually mentioned that in his interview yesterday, about how he even went into detail, I don’t know how he has his information, but he said that, you know, the CCP has these like data centers where you’ve got people with like 20 cell phones each and they got this whole dashboard and they’re just like doing these bot swarms, you know,

Speaker 3 (47m 1s): I’ve seen, I’ve seen a video of it. You know, I see it happening every day on Twitter. And then, then I’ve seen, you know, somebody posted on Twitter, what it is a video, and it’s actually up to 60 telephone of cell phones. And so it’s not only, you know, but even 10 years ago they had already invented the technology, the thing, you know, but did you see shadow gate? Yes. Shadow gate was all about that. And so they’re actually people who are retired, U S generals like general Jones and general McChrystal who are actively involved in these technologies where you can.

So I think some of the better arguments and posts in this information where that you see from these sort of bot things are really coming from high tech from retired, us generals who are as treasonous as general Millie. Okay. Who are as intent upon collapsing the United States on behalf of the globalists as general Millie is, and they’re doing it through these again, it’s these sock puppets accounts that, you know, w when they invented the technology, they could have 10 accounts per user to suppose.

And as not themselves, obviously.

Speaker 1 (48m 25s): Yeah. I w I went through this, I used to have a really popular YouTube channel before they deplatformed me. And I put my settings for comments that I had to be moderated by me. So I had to approve every single comment. And so I had like thousands and thousands of comments that were piling up. And I went in and I analyzed them. And it’s like, wow, most of these are exactly the same word for word, the talking points and everything. So I got to see firsthand how this bot information warfare works. And I think that this is destined to fail, you know, because eventually people are just going to wake up to the fact that that’s what’s going on because artificial intelligence just isn’t sophisticated enough.

And on the boards, there’ve been some interesting people who, you know, who have actually kind of broken the algorithm of a lot of these bots by, by challenging them and using real human intelligence challenges to, to force them, to show their hand if they’re real or not. So, yeah, I guess, I guess we’ll see on that, but things are definitely ramping up. And I wanted to talk to you about red lines, because at some point, if there is a counter force that we’ve been talking about, call it a self organized collective, or maybe the good part of the us military and their allies or whatever, there has to be a point of no return where they won’t allow the deep state to do some certain thing.

And to, unless they would be, you know, willing to do an intervention. And I’ve been talking about how the military getting the vaccine could be one of those red lines, just because active duty, like having a million active duty forces, getting their DNA, manipulated, getting them to be sterile. You know, this could affect our military for generations. So that could be a red line. It could be, it could be happening now where, where they’re trying to mandate the vaccines for, for a hundred million people. The red line could be when there’s Antifa militarized and it’s getting bloody on the streets.

It could be when there’s food shortages or something like that. But

Speaker 3 (50m 27s): Any thoughts it going to take

Speaker 1 (50m 28s): Because of what’s already happened? Does it enough? Like, what is it going to take? Well, I mean, Don, Don Jr. And Trump himself, I mean, they’ve both been doing this political theater for a while, which is, Hey, it’s really messed up that this is happening, but they don’t really have any plan or any, any type of response they’re trying. They’re actually trying to get the base upset, frustrated, angry, like angry enough to maybe like, do something about it. And I don’t know,

Speaker 3 (50m 60s): Tactic is useful. That’s, that’s why my main question of the day was what is it? When are people going to start calling things, what they are, because what you see on Twitter is all these super clever people saying, oh, you know, showing the discrepancies and the, the, the, the, in congruency of the whole Vaccine situation and the whole Biden agenda. And it’s like, you know,

Speaker 1 (51m 24s): No, let’s do some, some, yeah. Some kind of clever comeback on Twitter. Isn’t going to save your family from being depopulated.

Speaker 3 (51m 31s): Exactly. This is, we are in world war three. We have, we have basically an enemy agent at the helm of our government. We’re in the middle of a global genocide with this vaccine, quote, unquote, vaccine. People need to start. Trump needs to start saying that. And so this now takes us to the conversation I just had with my partner, my business partner. And he, he was saying, you know, Trump knew this was all gonna happen. He knew that he did, and he didn’t stop it.

No, he didn’t. He didn’t, he didn’t prosecute. He had the power to prosecute people and he didn’t do it. Right. So as far as he’s concerned, he’s he, you know, if you, if you’re aware of a crime and you don’t stop the crime, you are an accessory to the crime. Well, that’s where he’s at with him. Right.

Speaker 1 (52m 25s): I, I understand that he he’s there. I can, I can sympathize because we are getting to a very critical time, but I mean, did he watch the devolution interviews with Fatel Patriot? Because the whole idea is that yes, Trump did know that there would be foreign interference. He passed an executive order. He asked for a report from the DNI, you know, the DNI did report that there was inter interference. He delivered the report just in time for Congress to, to make that decision.

And the Congress made the wrong decision. And so according to the devolution theory, Trump was under war time authority. And he decided to, you know, enact the continuity of government plans so that when the illegitimate regime, you know, tries to take power, the military command structure would stay in place and they would circumvent Biden and the secretary of state. So, so that would be definitely doing something about it. If Trump actually did that. Right. And

Speaker 3 (53m 26s): We don’t know, we just don’t know,

Speaker 1 (53m 29s): But I think we’re going to know within the next couple of months, because you’ve got the Arizona audits, you’ve got possibly the Durham investigations coming out, possibly Julian Assange stuff, coming to a head at Galane Maxwell stuff, coming to a head. I mean, everything is leading up to this fall. Okay.

Speaker 3 (53m 47s): John Durham. Yeah. The John Durham report or indictments, rather because we’ve been hearing forever that he wouldn’t be really issuing a report so much as indictments. Right. Right. Because it had become, it was already a criminal case in December, 2019. Right.

Speaker 1 (54m 4s): And I, I have this feeling about September 11th because one of the first things that to Taliban spokesperson said is that there’s no proof that Sama bin Ladin was involved in nine 11. And then we have in Guantanamo bay, which by the way, even despite Biden’s wishes for it to close, it’s expanding. And they installed like these multi-million dollar closed circuit TV. So they can broadcast these, these types of judicial proceedings, you know, to the United States and abroad and everything.

And here in September, the people from nine 11 are supposed to be, you know, going through these proceedings, you’ve got the vitamin station doing some kind of nine 11 declassification. The Taliban regime is inaugurating their government on September 11th, what a fricking slap in the face to Americans. So just bringing a lot of attention and power and consciousness onto this date. And Trump has repeated the terms, never forget many, many times when he’s not even referencing nine 11, when he’s referencing stop the steel.

And when he’s referencing other things, he says, never forget, never forget, never forget. And that’s, that’s a mind technique. That’s a psychological technique to bring us to nine 11 every single time. So I believe nine 11 is an important dates. I believe this is an important thing for our consciousness. Maybe a nine 11 truth is going to be disclosed. I don’t know.

Speaker 3 (55m 31s): I don’t know. Let’s talk also about the adrenergic rom thing, because, you know, I’ve been aware of vaginal probe because I read for a long time because I read fear and loathing in Las Vegas when I was like 19 years old. So I, I heard about it then. And, you know, I just thought it was funny cause it was describing, you know, he was just a druggie and this was like the ultimate drug in the book. But, you know, I just kind of thought that that was a, you know, fictional mythical thing, but it turns out that it is absolutely real.

It, you know, it sounds so surreal and insane, but it is absolutely real. And that, that is from my special ops friend. And it’s like, you know, that, that’s the crazy time that we’re living in is that you can’t tell the difference between parody and the truth and outrageous things. And the tr I mean, everything is inverted and upside down. And a lot of that is from the PSYOPs. But I do think that a lot of that is because of the sort of epical shifts, you know, astrological or whatever you will, that we’re in.

You know, I, I feel them. I mean, because, you know, not only has my family had been kidnapped and potentially inoculated with something, that’s gonna kill them shortly. And not only have I been deplatformed by nine companies, not only have I, you know, struggled to keep my business alive and just been unbelievably savaged, just to try to pay my rent, doing what I’m doing, I forgot what I was going to say.

Speaker 1 (57m 17s): It’s economic warfare and you, you know, you’ve been targeted, but regarding adrenochrome, let’s bring it back to that because you brought it up. Go ahead.

Speaker 3 (57m 28s): Right. Well, he said that there’s, there’s literally the people who are neighbors, Madonna’s neighbors were all reporting that she was out screaming and ranting, like, and this is back in, I think it was around 2019, she was screaming bloody murder back then, because I guess the adrenochrome supplies had dried up and the withdrawal is horrible. And apparently like once you stop you, you super age after that

Speaker 1 (58m 2s): Happened to Ellen degenerate, I don’t remember the exact time when Madonna was signaling about adrenochrome on, on Twitter. And, and that’s when Ellen DeGeneres was like fricking crying and aging and stuff. And a lot of celebrities were acting really weird and signaling and a lot of weird things. That’s when I woke up to the whole adrenochrome story, which we haven’t explained to the viewers, we’re kind of referencing this other interview I did today with cliff high. And he talks about this drug that is made from tortured people or tortured children.

And they, you know, you actually collect their adrenaline or their blood adrenalized blood and possibly refine it and create a drug that’s addictive and valuable. And basically what cliff was saying is that this is industrialized. This is a whole system of control and abuse and black magic that is used by the controllers. And so, yeah, we talked about that in the interview today, you can check out that interview on AmericanMediaPeriscope dot nets.

And, and so, yeah, it’s a rude awakening. I feel like people like us who are as cliff would say, we’re in the Wu, we’re not a normie. We’ve got gone through a lot of the emotional challenges related to the trauma of, of, of learning about the depravity in our world and about the abuses to, to humanity and everything. I mean, pizza gates and, and child trafficking and abuse and stuff.

I mean, I’ve cried my eyes out over this stuff, and that’s why I can talk with a straight face about it now, because I’ve already faced that darkness and I’ve gotten through it, but now all of humanity’s going to have to go through what I went through when I cried my eyes out.

Speaker 3 (59m 51s): Right. And it’s, and it’s not just about the adrenochrome, it’s about the mass genocide, that’s happening with the spike protein, you know, that’s, it’s so massive. It’s it’s, you know, like I said, when my uncle told me, you know, I got the vaccine, it’s the same one that queen Elizabeth got, you know, my heart just shattered it shattered because, you know, he believed it. And I’m just knowing that, you know, he’s 80 years old and he has diabetes and this, this vacs is not going to treat him good.

And I, in fact, he was hospital long afterwards. He was hospitalized for two weeks for some kind of a blood infection.

Speaker 1 (1h 0m 37s): Yes. Same thing with me, relatives of my wife here in Brazil, they get vaxxing and then next thing you know, they’re in the hospital. Well, Alexandra, thank you for coming on the show. I feel like we did cover a lot of really important issues that are like right now relevant to this very moment in time, as Biden’s trying to accelerate these mandates, it’s time for people to stand up, it’s getting too late. We have to do something, think local action for yourself and your families right now, and think about protecting and preparing yourself.

Speaker 3 (1h 1m 10s): That’s my message. Also do everything you can to protect the assets that you have and which includes your health and, and figure out a way to, to, to deal with the worst case scenario, because we’re really not far from it right now. And you know, my only question is like, what do they have besides control of the media and control of their corrupt, you know, peop politicians and of the economic system.

Well, and then another thing he mentions is that the two largest farmland owners in the United States are bill gates and the CCP. And, and they’re basically letting the land go fallow that the full intention is to starve Americans because they can’t do to Americans. What they’re doing to the Australia, right?

Speaker 1 (1h 2m 2s): To get in a mindset that this is warfare, it’s just, it’s irregular where warfare. That’s why we had our, you know, infrastructure attacked with the colonial pipeline, with the solar winds attack. I mean, they’re going after our infrastructure. This is important to get through, get into that frame of mind. And if you, the mainstream media, as a captured institution from our adversaries, once you get that in your mind, you’re never going to wash them again. You’re going to tune into AmericanMediaPeriscope and Alexandra, Bruce forbidden, knowledge, or dot nets.

And you’re going to start getting that information. That’s going to empower and protect you and your family. So make sure you sign up for Alexandra’s newsletter. Check out the description below to get your free consultation with Dr. Kirk Elliott. He’s booked three weeks in advance. So you have to sign up now so you can get that appointment before there’s any type of economic problems. God bless all of you. Patriots stay optimistic, but also be prepared. Thank you. Bye bye.

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  • They are hitting us where it hurts. Turn the tables and hit them where it hurts, declare ourselves a tax holiday on April 15, 2022.

    • “They” are way beyond that. Wouldn’t ‘hurt’ anything, though it might benefit you and anybody else to have extra $$ by re-filing with your employer a W-4V and check off the “Stop withholding taxes” box. After all, you’re not defined as a ‘taxpayer’ in Title 26. And unless you ‘reside’ IN the D.C., you’re not ‘within’ the ‘United States’. It’s all in their definitions, if you can read and understand LEGAL definitions of words (as in Black’s Law Dict., instead of Webster’s).

  • Clif High is one of the bravest and most informative people on this plandemic that I have encountered. I am and have been a woo person since my ex husband said take a listen to this guy. My regret over the last year is how little my words have had an impact on my closest friends as they have lined up in Ireland for the supposed vaccine. I am sad but will be strong and every time I hear Clif, it strengthens me more. Stay with us Clif as you are a leader not a follower. Although I am in Spain now for the last 17 months instead of 2 weeks and cannot get home for obvious reasons, here I shall stay until good triumphs over evil. Thank you graciously Clif from the bottom of my heart. My heart is in Ireland but Body and mind will remain in Spain.

      • Just go to his Bitchute channel and go back as far as you want. When you’re ‘in’ it, they will find you, or you’ll recognize them. Generally they get drawn synchronistically to each other.

  • Has anyone tried the Pure Sleep Cliff sells? It looks to be mostly magnesium and should be taken with milk. Not everyone can drink milk too. No reviews on his site from purchasers. Would really LOVE feedback as his site offers a lot of items.

    • I bought a 60-day bag. It has GABA and a lot of nutmeg, as well. You can use a vegan milk or even water, if that’s all you have.

      He suggests milk because it contains casein, which also promotes sleep.

      I am too much of an insomniac to use me as a judge. I think it kinda helps but I’m really messed-up, when it comes to sleeping…

  • In Uk, video played great.
    Sorry to have to point this out but Clif seems to be following the Fauci/WHO narrative of a Wuhan lab error. Maybe he has proof of isolation/purification, but until someone comes out with the proof, there is no killer virus, no variants of any kind and we have all been lied to on a monumental scale. And this will continue until ALL people on these interviews start with the statement, “There is no Proof a virus exists” or, “The virus has been isolated and purified by XYZ Labs” Again I feel let down and disappointed at the acceptance of this “virus”, furthering the power of the Cabal behind this lie.

    • So, if there is no real COVID19 virus and no variants, then what do you attribute the initial symptoms too?

      It is said that the virus has not been isolated even for research.

      The Russians have stated that it is a pleomorphic manifestation of some bacteria…

      • Keep in mind that a few weeks before a patient with SARS Cov-2 symptoms showed up in a Wuhan hospital, the entire Wuhan region, densely populated, was exposed to a blast of 5G.

        Symptoms of exposure to 5G are similar to those of Sars-Cov-2. There is still quite some debate going on about how the two are related, causing this flu-like dis-ease.

        About those people in Wuhan, falling flat on their faces in the streets, in Jan. 2020, that seems to have been a hoax, theatre.

        Remember President Trump closing the border for Chinese air traffic, against the Chinese recommendation to keep it open?
        That was highly suspicious on the Chinese side of things.
        It’s possible that SARS-Cov-2 is a bio- weapon never used before, where time will tell what the making of it is.
        Besides, the mRna vaccines are bio-weapons for sure, containing graphene, and spreading spike proteins, meant to kill a large part of the world population. There’s no protection at all.

        Therefore, I believe we’re guinea pigs on the battlefield in the line of arrows, shot by those in favour of transhumanism and eugenics.

      • I’m a retired microbiologist and knew after reading just 4 peer-reviewed papers that this entire thing was a hoax, all designed to induce fear and convince an otherwise unwilling world population to ignorantly accept the injection of a seriously dangerous toxin which will lead to the death of billions within the next 2 – 3 years. In fact it is the vaccinated who are now a threat to the UNvaccinated by breathing out the spike proteins their bodies are now manufacturing by the billions into air. As Clif points out, the vaxxed are winding up in hospitals b/c they are suffering from the symptoms of the spike proteins, not any ‘virus’. The MSM stoked the fear and the sheeple did the rest to themselves. The ONLY places the weaponized virus might be is in labs that manufactured it, but all they needed to do was release the spike proteins, NOT the virus – as in the spraying of the streets in China. The rest was just a reaction to the normal cold/flu season with enhancement of the hemoglobin suppression by the 60 GHz band of 5G.

  • I have heard Clif give the explanation of Woo several times, but this time I think I really have it.
    Thanks guys for a GREAT show.

  • Hi Alexandra,
    Maybe you know this video will not play–and I tried getting in every way there is!
    Thanks. Bhavana

  • The Woo was the normal way to be in man’s early days. Julian Jaynes, American philosopher, wrote about this at length.

  • Do agree They have Lied about History, The Planet & Science. But, will we get the Truth on any or just another Fiction “story telling time”


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