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George Webb has been reporting that Antifa is being organized by the same transnational DNC network behind the Muslim Brotherhood and now through the auspices of Minnesota State Attorney General, Keith Ellison, it is also allied with the extreme La Raza movement (also funded by George Soros).

La Raza teaches that the territory that was ceded to the US by Mexico in 1848 (most of the Western US states) belongs to them and that once enough Latino immigrants, legal or illegal claim a majority, the current borders of the United States will be extinguished.

Webb says we should keep our eyes on Ellison, who has publicly supported both Antifa and the Muslim Brotherhood and who he believes is a major coordinator of these and other extremist groups – and their gun-running activities. He says they’re getting their funding from al Qaeda in Turkey.

This jibes with what sources are telling former FBI translator, Sibel Edmonds; that the US Muslim and Hispanic communities are up next to be exploited by agent provocateurs. Edmonds says, “They are printing pamphlets. They already have their infiltrators there; agent provocateurs among these segments and they are now getting ready to put that in action. That is what’s happening now.”


In this video, Fast and Furious whistleblower, Jeffrey Prather, a veteran of the DEA and the 4th Psychological Operations Group in the Army Special Forces joins George Webb and Farmer Jones to explain that what we are witnessing is a textbook insurgency, straight out of the SOCOM manual, of which he holds up his copy.

“When you see vans rolling up in Seattle and guys jumping out and shooting black Federal Police in the back of the head and when you see lawyers shooting guys in pickup trucks at protests and the lawyers throwing incendiaries – Molotov cocktails and fire bombs – those are guerrilla paramilitary activities. That matches the pallets of bricks and the caches of weapons that are being found…

“They want to ‘defund the police’ but they’re using that cause, as Communist insurgents always do, to develop their movement and so that has now transitioned to ‘defund and dismantle the police’…

“We used to see this in other countries and we would watch legitimate protests in other countries be taken over by the Communists. And then, when they take them over…they kill off the legitimate protesters…All the gay, lesbian activists that are protesting along with everybody else, those guys get killed off, along with all the lawyers, doctors, teachers…

“What you see now is legitimate protest about corrupt cops – and I’m all about reforming law enforcement and corrupt cops with my whistleblowing – but you’ve seen that subsumed by a professional Communist resistance movements, with a witch’s brew of enemies of America…

“This is the textbook definition of taking control, because the guys with the guns control everything…This is what happened in Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia. This is what happened in Afghanistan, Somalia Ukraine – over and over again. This is the plan.

“Now, you’re going to see what’s going to happen next. Black Lives Matter is going to become a political entity and vote themselves into office and they’re going to have some kind of Black Lives Matter/Antifa enforcement mechanism, which is going to be a lot more severe than what they’ve been dealing with.

“What they’ve been dealing with is corruption. Now they’re gonna have dissension crushed, just like on college campuses, just like on Twitter – on everything. That’s the Fascist mentality.”

Farmer Jones asks, how can this be happening in the USA? Who’s allowing it to happen?

“Of course it’s being run from the inside and the top-down…it’s very obvious that under Obama, the Department of Justice – especially the FBI and the Intelligence Community, especially the CIA was corrupted from the top down and so back then, probably a decade ago, I was saying that, ‘Our republic has fallen,’ and the most obvious example – we’ve got plenty of sins but the most obvious example was Hillary could continually release classified documents, which were intercepted by five hostile intelligence services but the first, the closest one was in Fairfax, with a Chinese storefront for Chinese intelligence, though that’s just espionage. If you’re running it open and it can be intercepted and handed off that’s straight-up espionage.

“And that goes back to the foreign intelligence buying off politicians, when the Senate got rid of their security committees. They don’t have that anymore and so then, the FBI starts rolling into that and that’s very obvious, with Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, he’s supposed to be doing counterintelligence and he’s texting his supposed lover over open text. There’s no operational security there, at all! They have no clue what operational security is!

“My colleague Tony Schaefer who was at DIA the same time as I has said that the FBI counterintelligence and intelligence apparatus would have to be re-vetted by legitimate intelligence organizations, like Defense Intelligence Agency, because they have no clue what they’re doing at all.

Farmer Jones asks, “How does this go? How does Wray not clean them out? How does the head of the DOJ not straighten the FBI out? What’s your take on that? What are you hearing? What can you share?

Prather replies, “Wray is corrupt. Wray needs to go. That’s obvious to anyone who knows what’s going on. Rogers, as you said, Rogers was the original who went to Trump Towers and said, ‘Hey, I think they are wiretapping you and he is a Patriot…

“If you follow Q, it was military intelligence Patriots, like me – but not me – who went to Trump and said, we want you to run and counter this insurgency and restore our Republic…the options were an armed takeover or to slowly open everybody’s eyes. That’s called the ‘Great Awakening’…

“Trump started to try to clean this up but his top people – Comey was plotting against him! And Comey was plotting against Flynn. It’s now clear that Comey, on videotape, in his book, has admitted his that he’s guilty on all this…

“It’s very hard to get rid of government employees, especially top-level employees but if you look at the head of the FBI, the head of the DOJ, the head of the DNI – it’s all changed. They’re all out and they’re all being investigated but that’s been very difficult to do.

“Now, I am not convinced Barr’s a good guy, either. He’s the best thing we got right now. The politicians follow the waves of public opinion and the waves of public opinion are overwhelmingly for Trump and for restoring our republic.

“The Dems are dying as a party. Biden – there’s a perfect example of what they are. So hopefully, things are gonna happen here…

“One of the major reasons to do asymmetrical warfare is to get the government to…repress the people across the board and that then brings the populace over to the shadow government’s side. And I think that Trump has been pretty careful about trying to avoid doing that.

“When the mayor of DC threw – and I actually know some of the soldiers who were thrown out of the hotels in DC – and lost their rooms, Trump brought in some National Guard and they were – and I also know Marshals. US Marshals that were temporarily deputized as Federal Marshals and so then, that changes the command structure whereof that, as well.

“Before I forget. Remember, Operation Cassandra was weapons and drugs. Remember, Fast and Furious was weapons and drugs.

“As there is an unholy alliance between the Department of Justice and the intelligence community there is also an unholy alliance between the intelligence community and the media. And you’re seeing that on Wikipedia, on Twitter, on everything, where they are telling you what to think. They’re not providing you the information. And the intelligence community has a long history of using journalistic cover or “relations”…

“Somebody was just banned from Twitter yesterday because he was showing the links between the intelligence community and leftist organizations. [The Intelligence Community] is a Leftist organization! Anybody who works in that community knows that…

“What I’m hoping happens right now is because Wray and Rosenstein and Comey and and all these Liars are now in trouble is that they will actually shift to actually doing real intelligence work, real counterterrorism work against Antifa and these organizations and there’s pay charts you can put back to foreign countries…”


In his podcast today, George Webb talked again about keeping an eye on Keith Ellison and incoming weapons shipments.

“Every time it seems like Congress is holding these people accountable for the unmasking or the spying, we get an attack from military weapons, we get hit by a bioweapons attack for 15 weeks, destroying our economy to take Trump out then we get the Kristallnacht…what’s next? What’s next?

“Look at where they’re going: they’re moving the weapons back in to the United States…They’re gonna move them around the country. We have to get in front of this thing…All past is prologue. All past will be the best predictors of stopping this, whatever is being planned.

“Are they gonna burn nerve gas? Are they gonna try to do suitcase [nukes]? Snipers? We don’t know but we do know how they communicate – with the encrypted Blackberries. We get to that, we just declassify a few emails we stop the whole network.”

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  • Now people can clearly understand why the crimins tried so hard to take away our guns. Now people can see clearly why we need the second amendment. Now people can see clearly why w need to all be well armed because Patriots will stand ready to defend the Republic from all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.

  • FYI: I tried typing in your Email Address yesterday and my Opera Browser was changing your email address. I tried Google and your Website doesn’t come up at all. So, there is a form of Censorship going on.

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