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    Former military intelligence and CIA officer, Robert David Steele joins Dave at the X22 Report to discuss all things coup d’état but I’ve set the inpoint to where he talks about the possibility of a wild card WikiLeaks data dump next February when Julian Assange is expected to be extradited to the US from prison in the UK.

    “Imagine a WikiLeaks dump on the 15th of February…everything WikiLeaks has on Hillary Clinton and John Brennan and others. In other words, this is an extrajudicial dump that immediately goes public…

    “I personally think that Julian Assange is much more clever than people realize and he has much more information that people realize and even though he is somewhat tainted by reports of Mossad and CIA control and he is alleged to be in very poor condition and MI6 is obviously desperately afraid –

    “I mean, it’s now clear that Great Britain and Israel were the two countries that interfered in the 2016 election…I think that England is on notice and there are things that could come out that would cause the American public to become so very angry with Great Britain and so very angry with all political parties, that it could possibly lead to some kind of totally unanticipated Black Swan event…

    “From where I sit, the Clintons are merely one of many CIA co-optees. Bill Clinton was created by the CIA and Hillary Clinton was created by the CIA. We now know that Barr worked for the CIA as a law student and we now know that CIA appears to have many, many people who are recruited in their university years and then they’re scattered across the country…

    “We need to overhaul the CIA and the FBI in ways that people cannot begin to comprehend…

    “Let’s start with blackmailing judges all across the United States of America in order to cover up their profiteering from child trafficking and drug trafficking…

    “There are ten different CIAs. There’s the drone-assassination CIA, the safari club-rendition-and-torture CIA, there’s multiple CIAs operating overseas and then there’s at least two, if not three domestic CIAs – and some of those CIAs may be rogue CIAs, that Gina Haspell knows nothing about – or chooses not to know anything about.

    “In my judgment, we do not have justice in the United States of America. Rogue elements of the US government are doing more harm to Americans than all criminal cartels combined…

    “Legal elements of the CIA get a taste of the illegal profits that are possible and then they start using the legal side of CIA under pretext and they start using military transportation and military bases to smuggle guns and gold and cash and small children and drugs and so what you have, here is I think you have a spectrum that runs from legal to grotesquely illegal and I don’t think anyone has mapped this out and that’s what needs to happen.

    “If Donald Trump wants to take down the Deep State, he needs to do two things: he needs to close down all US military bases overseas, which are being used as lily pads for illegal activities and he needs to cut the intelligence community by 70 percent, consolidate the remaining pieces at CIA, eradicate all CIA domestic operations.

    “I would abolish the FBI and start over. I mean, the FBI was founded by a pedophile that pioneered political blackmail, J Edgar Hoover. That is a legacy I don’t like.”

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    • Well Merry Christmas, but I’ve gotta say, “hum bug!” to Steele! Why? David Steele always talks about “IF” he were in charge, he’d do something about it all. And Steele really is not saying anything new to us, at least not to my ears. I tried to warn and tell people about what I learned and saw when I worked in the military intel and other agencies in D.C. over 35 years ago. No one wanted to listen. No one wanted to believe it. Everyone said I was either “over-exaggerating” or a “conspiracy nut”. And I would respond with something like, “Yes, I am talking about people truly conspiring against us! Just wait and see in 10, 20, or so years, you won’t even recognize how the Govt and other nations as slowly but steadily increasing the heat – cooking us all like frogs in a kettle who don’t know they’re about to be eaten. So what Steele says is what has been being said for a long time and still yet nothing changes. He knows it and profits from selling his books and airtime on radio or podcast shows. We’ve been hearing for the last 3-4 yrs about “big things are coming” and they’re gonna blow the lid off of all the dirty deeds. As for Wikileaks, if they can release all they have, it would take months and years to go through it all. And as bits and pieces come out , it will be because people here like us -you and me- who care to take the time to learn and study it, will be the ONLY ones who do so. The MSM will not. The MSM will do what they’ve been doing like mad for the last 4 yrs. (obviously longer, but since 2015 increase): News Black out and tell the boob-tube watchers they cannot see or hear what Wikileaks has said.. If Julian were going to be freed, Trump has had all the opportunity to do so. But he has not and that should tell you something right there. As for Barr, yes, he is CIA, tainted just like Obama, Bushes, Clintons, etc. . He is only going to go after the smallest of the large fish, and will not go after the giant fish like the Clintons, former POTUS’s and VPs, etc. My final point is this: until WE stand up and make it ABUNDANTLY clear that there are more of us than there are of them, and physically take action against them; then nothing will change for the better by trusting any govt official like Barr or anyone else to do what is right for “we the people”. Sorry, but it is that simple. And when I say and emphasize the phrase, “make it ABUNDANTLY clear” and “take physical action”, I don’t mean typing on social media boards, but to do exactly what our forefathers did in 1776 and what happened in the 1860’s. Until that type of thing happens, there is not going to be any miraculous change coming. Period. Otherwise, here’s wishes for a Merry Christmas and just love your families and time together and don’t get so excited over Steele or anyone like him telling us what he’d do “IF” or any big lid being blown off “real soon”.

      • Well said Stephen your so right about Steele. Wishing you a Wonderful 2020.
        We’re dealing with our own corrupt government in Canada and for sure our Crime minister is connected to the Clintons. There talking about a recession on this side of the pond. 🤦‍♀️

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