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Like mobile phones, satellites can be made to be smaller and cheaper and more efficient. This has made entry into the satellite market easier. In the past, satellites have mostly been manufactured in the 1,000 kilogram range and have cost billions of dollars to produce. Each kilo that you an shave off represents hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch into orbit, such that now, we’re seeing nano satellite start-ups, like Spire financed by Kickstarter, to launch sensors that are softball-sized and smaller. Nano satellites are defined as weighing 1-10 kg; pico satellites weigh .01-1 kg and femto satellites weigh less than .01 satellites.

Generally, they’re released as a group (aka “swarm”) to form a network, in order to provide a more 3D-like image of a location. Generally, they’re also programmed fly in a Sun-synchronous orbit, such that the satellites pass over a point over the Earth’s surface at the same local solar time, which they can do 12 times per day, allowing clients to receive satellite images “in real time.” This is very useful for imaging, spy, warfare and weather applications. These tiny CubeSats are currently poised to replace the 30-year-old weather satellites, which have started to grow long in the tooth.

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  • Why they picked a soft spoken woman with an accent, put her in an echo chamber and further obscured her voice with music is anyones guess.

    It seems more and more under-educated people are not only gaining access to communication venues, but are employed by corporations which apparently teach them nothing about basic communication and advertising skills. It’s everywhere!

    Most millennials don’t even recognize the deficiency, because they grew up in it.

    Countless videos with distracting background noise, awful back ground music even in stores, confusing print/background color combos, unreadable fine print, all a waste of time and treasure, and it doesn’t end with these things.

    I could go on for hours about the waste in time, materials and money all because everyone is in such a rush to do whatever it is they have to do to keep or enhance cash flow, that they don’t do it properly.

    This all began in earnest between 1990-95 with down-sizing, off-shoring and automation. Globalism destroys everything. You all think about that for awhile.

    Alexandria has built a wonderful website, but the supply of appropriate high quality productions that might be of interest to thinking viewers is very limited.

  • Total bull shit
    We have one planet with so much space period
    Idiot tech people need to grow a garden

    The melianials need to learn how to work for real.

  • You would think that since their jobs involve relaying information that they would know how to relay information, not bury it in the background. Spy satellites.

  • In order to understand what is being said they need to earn how to not put in background “music”.

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