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Rumor has it that Trump wants to be impeached and is more than happy to let the House pass articles of impeachment to take to the Senate for trial.

During the trial, the President’s attorneys would for the first time have the right to subpoena and question anyone they wanted, unlike with the Special Counsel investigation, which was one-sided.

Trump’s lawyers would determine what testimony is allowed, including: DNC collusion with the Clinton campaign to fix the election in favor of Hillary Clinton, the creation of the fake Trump dossier, the cover-up and destruction of emails that included incriminating information.

During the impeachment trial, our favorite coup-plotters would testify. A lot of dirt would be dug up. They would incriminate each other for lying to the FISA Court, for spying on the Trump campaign and for colluding with foreign political actors, including China, Qatar and George Soros.

The Senate will not convict the President, particularly because he committed no crime.

After the Senate acquits the President, there will be an election and Trump will win. It will be a backlash against Democrat hypocrisy and dishonesty. Many more Liberals will #WalkAway, many more Blacks will #Blexit, many more Latinos will #Lexit.

Nancy Pelosi probably knows this and will probably try to stop it from happening. Enjoy the show!

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  • It’s a simple-minded task to see how the boomerang #1, which featured Obama and Hillary soliciting information on the Trump campaign, is the exact same thing that they now project as impeachable on Trump for digging up dirt on Biden.

    @ There is no limit of the derangement that leads to their own destruction. Even if Trump would be found guilty, it opens up evidence in civil court and criminal court against Obama & Clinton.

    @ There is NOTHING about themselves that they will not project upon their opponents to spin the argument. CiA 101…

    They tell me its all happening at the zoo. The DC zoo.

    Anybody left in the Donkeyote party who isn’t embarrassed to the point of departure. If so, I’ll give you a lift if you need one. Just holler once you move away from the windmill.

  • The problem with this theory is the dems never planned on impeaching trump that’s why they haven’t done it , and wont do it , that’s why Nancy Pelosi has not gotten involved until the last minute so they can drag this out as long as they can . The Dems no exactly what Trumps plan is . This is all a plan by the Dems to try and switch the tables on Trump with lies and propaganda before the election and to keep truth about their involvement hidden and so far they have won that tactic because only Trumps people have been indicted and in the mean time the congress has gone rogue , Congress has consistently kept the witnesses from telling the truth and displayed a dictator like presence at the investigations exactly like the slime ball kangaroo court they are . So far the Dems have tied Trumps hands on most of what he wants done and will continue to do so as long as they are there . The congress has refused to follow the rules of the house , forbidden witnesses to tell the truth , over talked the witnesses , slammed the gavel on free speech on the stand , spent millions of dollars of tax payers money on this kabuki theater they call a congressional investigation . All this has proved is the point that our Republic might not be working for the people of this country . which might be the plan all along .

    • That’s not entirely accurate. I refer to “the dems never planned on impeaching trump” bit.
      From the day after his election upset there were trying to prevent him from taking office. After Jan 20th there were several Congress Critters who began pushing impeachment. Mad Maxine screamed “Impeach 45” on every news channel. And, Al Green the Dem from Texas called for his first impeachment vote in May 2016. And, has repeated it two more times since. Most of the Dems were alleged to be in favor of impeachment even before this latest attempt to remove our duly elected President Trump. This is, what … the 20th time the Swamp Media and Demo-Donkeys have told folks “Finally, we have it! We’ve got ’em this time!” It’ll last a week … if that.
      Dave is right, though. If the Donkeys in the House actually bring an impeachment trial to the Senate, the discovery phase will ruin the liberal left. AND the complicit Swamp Media (I hope).

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