Former English politician, Simon Parkes has unexpectedly emerged as a valuable source during this terrible information war that we’re in, with hundreds of thousands of people who hang on to his frequent news updates on YouTube.

He says, “Please don’t listen to the mainstream. It is getting more and more bizarre. More and more crazy.”

He starts with advice for those attending the January 6th pro-Trump protest rally in Washington DC, given that Mayor Muriel Bowser has ordered all hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations and convenience stores to close January 4th, 5th and 6th, in order to discourage Trump supporters from gathering.

“I’m hoping there’ll be a million people there and if the Communist-Socialist police in Washington DC have got any intelligence then they’ll just get off the streets…

“My advice to the police in Washington, DC is…just leave the people to the street on that day. It’s a peaceful demonstration and it’s not worth your while to getting yourselves involved in something, frankly that is much bigger than you.”

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  • The President will not be using the “Regular Military” as it is not permitted under the Constitution.

    The President is legally authorized to Call Up and deploy “Special Forces” within the U.S. as they are under his direct control to perform any number of Operations with the United States.

    And of Course He can Deploy the National Guard!

  • Every patriot should listen to Simon’s updates, at least all of them back to December 10th. Simon’s mother and grandfather worked in British intelligence (MI5 and/or MI6) and Simon apparently still has a connection to intel sources. His updates have made it clear that there are still white hats and that they are in control, and that they literally will not allow to succeed an overthrow of the U.S. Government that has foreign governments’ involvement. And it sounds like it’s even better than that.

  • It goes to show just how desperate and freighter the democrats are when they try to stop freedom of assembly, they know their time is up and the reward for their treachery is about to be exacted upon them!!!

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