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In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt comments on the unprecedented FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s home in Florida. What’s going on here, and who’s behind what history will surely describe as one of the most embarrassing scandals in US political history?

Speaking of scandals, what’s with Cowboy Dick Cheney calling Donald Trump the “most dangerous man in the history of our nation”? This from the guy who’s responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands in Iraq?

Man, there’s a lot of fear in the enemy camps right now!

And while all this was going on, the CDC quietly (and radically) changed its COVID-19 guidelines, making recommendations that no longer bother to distinguish between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. So much for Bill and Tony’s excellent adventure!

Do you suppose all the crazy has anything to do with the November midterm elections? The question answers itself. What we’re witnessing now is a Globalist panic attack over the possible return of one Donald J. Trump.

What happens next? Stay tuned and, in the meantime, Michael makes an urgent call to action that involves everyone, everywhere, regardless of nationality or religious affiliation. He calls on patriots, Catholic priests, Protestant ministers to do this and to do it right now…before the Globalist cabal has a chance to regroup.

What is it? Watch and see…


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  • There is no reason for the D.S. to panic over Trump, because they are already in their charge of all the candidates.

  • I’m relieved the CDC has changed its guidelines, although I am not sure what it all means. It doesn’t mean that covid is over, or the EUA is over, but it does mean that the warfare against the unvaccinated is easing. My granddaughter started third grade today without being vaccinated against covid, without having to wear a mask, without requiring a cell phone barcode on her mother or my cell phone to enter the school. She won’t be tested weekly with a nose swab. She never has had a positive test but needed to stay out of school if she came within six feet of someone with a positive test–that is, five days out of school, even though covid negative. According to the CDC, that specifically is over.
    In terms of the churches–couldn’t agree more. While I am not super regular I did attend church and I had to leave because before it even closed the priest (Episcopal) was sounding more and more like George Soros. Then he (the priest) sent out a “friendly” e-mail for all of us to get vaccinated to get back to regular services, so I had to leave.
    I guess there are about 100 million of us–the remnant. The unvaccinated (75 million), plus those who have voiced regrets, or who never went back for the second shot (about 22 million). Maybe it’s enough to sway the CDC?

    • The CDC does not have jurisdiction over you. The CDC does not make law!
      They are abusing their power. Tell them to stuff it!

  • Brilliant video thank you. The world is in a very warped state at the moment. Even the Clergy are bought and paid for. If you tried to inform some people of this they would think you were crazy, these are the people who stand in line for vaccination, believe every word their corrupt governments spout to them. Some even watch the MSM and believe every word they say although bought and paid for by the Kabal. What the hell did celebrities have to do with medical vaccination ..ask yourself – because they were in the satanic system, sold their souls to the devil for mere fame. The Normies have lost their brains along the way and might as well be lemmings.

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