This is an excellent, comprehensive conversation that is a snapshot of where we are today, in the sphere of information dissemination, between some of the sharpest minds and the hardest-working people in the Independent Media, Melissa and Aaron Dykes of TRUTHstreamMedia.com, hosted by Sean at the SGTReport.com.


Melissa describes numerous instances of her posts to Facebook being blocked, which is something that Facebook, as a private corporation has always had at its discretion but which, as of a couple of weeks ago, now also has the imprimatur of US Law, despite being in complete violation of the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution.

The enactment of the Portman-Murphy Bill into law as HR5181, the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016 within the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 (NDAA) will appropriate Pentagon funds to undermine and attack US-based alternative news outlets and truth-purveyors, such as the two websites noted above (and this one) and to label these as “Russian propagandists”. A test of twisted abominations to come was the creation of the obviously bogus, worst CIA propaganda cut-out website in history, Prop Or Not and the publication of a blacklist of alleged “Russian propagandists” as “fact” by the New York Times and the Washington Post, a list which largely consisted of the best independent news sites in the US – who have nothing whatsoever to do with Russia. The two newspapers were forced to make retractions, under threat of legal action. So that’s how it’s going to be…


The Counter Propaganda Law essentially finances President Obama’s previous repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which forbade the use of propaganda by the US Government against the US Public in the NDAA for 2013. In other words, it authorized the use of propaganda against the People of the US. (The 2013 NDAA also contained a disturbing article legalizing the indefinite detention of US Citizens without trial).

What on Earth has this man done to our legal system? All of these Acts need to be repealed by Trump, immediately. The above laws serve to legitimize all the lies the mainstream has been feeding to the world for decades, most recently selling us the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the overthrow of Gaddafi and the ongoing attempted regime change in Syria, to say nothing of the 800-lbs gorilla, known as 9/11.

There would be no need for an Alternative Media, if the Mainstream Media weren’t completely controlled by a wildly corrupt government and if it didn’t simply serve as a North Korea-style Ministry of Propaganda.

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  • Excellent interview. Agree completely with the entire subject matter, especially that the Trump appointments are directly out of the Deep State. It doesn’t look good. There are many in the altnews community who are talking him up as if he’ s some kind of savior, a subject I find annoying. Nevertheless, the evidence so far does not support the talk. Of course, I’d love to be wrong.

    Completely agree about the #pizzagate info and the laughable excuse, “it’s art”; the rest of you guys are just not sophisticated enough to appreciate it. Melissa said it. Who goes to a Thursday night party to cut up fake? real? human bodies? oozing bloody filling? It’s not about Halloween for them and it’s not art. It’s ABBY NORMAL (to quote Mel Brooks) and just plain creepy as hell.

  • Once upon a time, we the “people” of the United States had rights, well have I got news for you. That piece of paper has been circumvented, with “presidential” laws. Next to go, and they are being jumped on big time now, is the bill of rights, first amendment, just cut out by presidential decree. Don’t you know he’s looking out for the “TRUTH” (LOL). Next will be the one called the second amendment, all guns will be removed from the people to protect from “terrorists” getting them. Then the “terrorists” will be sent to those places called FEMA camps, (that’s everybody that does not agree with the propaganda). As I’ve been saying, sounds like how Nazi Germany got ready to beat the world into shape. Or how Rome fell and took up religion, look at Rome now. The richest collection of pedophiles on the planet. Then look at the DNC and that collection of pedophiles. So, no Republic, no constitution, no bill of rights, yes folks we are in deep shit.

  • Breathtakingly good! As so comprehensively revealed in this interview, the Orwellian world of truth=lies is upon us.
    I shall be posting links to this everyhere I can. But you can’t force-feed information to people, so what should I say to persuade my friends to listen to this? It’s so easy to turn people off. Tricky! But just as TPTB are fast-tracking their agenda, so I think a little counter-pressure may be necessary on our part. Nothing worthwhile is accomplished without at least a little pain and effort. Just lead the horse to the water, folks; lead the horse to the water! If they have ears to hear…

  • When I try to get information on how to forward FKTV to other people from your “Contact Alexandra” site it won’t let me send it. It blanks out.

    • You’re right the Gray Forward button in the newsletter did not work for me. I’ll call my mass-emailing service and see if we can fix this. Thanks for letting me know!

      • Here’s a brilliant comment I on this interview, which I just received form a longtime subscriber & friend, who’s name I’ll omit for his privacy:”Dear Alexandra, this is a very good interview with Aaron and Melissa. As they point out, the ‘internet’–and all of it’s feautures –were not initially ‘invented’ or made available -with all of it’s capacity for ‘truth-telling’ and deeper comprehension of our geo-political and Satanic masters, and with the ‘baby-sitting’ sideline features that it offers through social media like ‘Face-book’ etc. because the “Deep-State” was anxious to be kind to the masses. It was invented by DARPA –not to ‘help’ us but to ‘find out’ about us. Now, how weird is that? Who is it that DARPA served that wanted to map us and to track us and to study us and to monitor us to ‘find out’ about us? Just what did they want to ‘find out’? Well, whatever it was, it seems now (and I hope that ‘seems’ is the right word) , that they have discovered as much as they want to know, and the useful, democratic. ‘truth-sharing’ features of the internet are being slowly shut-down–or perhaps ‘not so slowly’ –as Melissa seems to infer and even state. If Our “Masters” on the “Deep State” level , are really as dark and evil as they do appear to be (the sadistic psychopathies of the Abramovich’s . Clintons, Podestas and Michael Aquino’s of the world-are despairingly and disgustingly grim), what is it that has held them at least somewhat in ‘check’ so far? Perhaps there really is a counter-vailing ‘reality’ that is stronger than they are—Otherwise the purple ‘people eaters’ could simply have done with us and all things by now. Appositively, , it seems clear, that now, more and more awakened minds have realized that some kind of Spiritual battle is actually underway for the control of the human mind and Spirit…. (of course this does not mean that there should be a flight to religions and churches -but let those who find safety and comfort there do as they wish), but it also does not mean that ‘we should ‘throw out the baby with the bath-water’ . You are a ‘spiritual’ being whether you want to be or not, and the ‘dark-forces’ in existence certainly know that–and it is not really your body itself that they want to consume with their Satanic practices –but your actual soul. They just don’t have the capacity to do it. Their physical victims are souls that they could not ‘eat’—while contriwise, practioners in their dark rituals -Bush, Clinton , Kissinger etc. are ironically the souls that have already been ‘eaten’ On the ‘positive’ side, it is at least encouraging to realize that this is not an entirely new understanding….History is rife with the same story—whether you want to talk about the battles between St. George and the Dragon –or the Tibetan descriptions of Pretas -or study the gargolic depictions of Podestas and Clintons in ancient architecture; It is not a new situation, just a new and terrible chapter in a long and on-going saga. When Somerset Maugham wrote his thinly disguised book about A. Crowley, called “The Magician” . Oliver Haddo was only a shade less repugnant than Hillary Clinton (Perhaps because Maugham didn’t really quite know how repugnant Crowley really was.) The story of Faust has been a ‘cultural motif’ of the Western World for at least 500 years–(well developed as a story by Marlowe and Goethe and others), and to discover that the majority of our “Madonna and Gagga Satanic entertainment elites (along with figures in Sports and Politics and especially Hollywood) have actually engaged in these types of chilling bargains should not come entirely as a surprise. Did you know that Huxley taught Orwell (Eric Blair) at Eton? Now, how is it that these two 6 foot 4 guys have this direct personal connection, and both of them are the sources of the two most descriptively accurate dystopian portraits of our current culture and world? (Huxley “-Brave New World 1932” and Orwell “1948” (changed to ‘1984’ with the advice of Cyril Connelly and others) . I guess that we have all been introduced to room 101 by now—at least a little bit—and we have all pacified ourselves with soma (at least some times). Truth is still going to be there. Methods to curtail your capacity to ‘share’ it with others are what is being imposed. Maybe it is a great time to develop our innate (but suppressed and long-forgotten) telepathic capacities. Go within and find some peace (like you were even able to do with the mystical physics of Russel Targ) . The “Bad-guys” (and of course ‘bad’ is far from being an adequate description of the depravities of these monsters) cannot ultimately win. They are working within a frame-work that is more Divine and far more powerful than they are–and they know it.”

  • Watch this mainstream media facade turned on it’s head with Trump calling them out. They are the ones that will be ignored.


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