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    When Ghislaine Maxwell, the one-time madam of billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, was convicted last year of sex crimes against underage girls, her many victims hoped a jail cell would silence her. Turns out they were wrong. As well as currently appealing her 20-year sentence, she has now also begun a concerted campaign to rewrite history.

    As Tara Brown reports, Maxwell has given an audacious and strangely compelling interview from prison. In it she makes some extraordinary claims, including that the disgraced Prince Andrew is the victim of a malicious hoax. She also rails against those who think she’s cruel, horrible, and guilty of heinous crimes.

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    • Bertelsmann SE & Co AG is a German private multinational conglomerate that controls much of English publications, especially in the US. Look up it’s CEO Reinhard Mohn, deceased and see what all he had his fingers in.

      Another publisher of interest was owned and operated by Gislaine Maxwell’s father Robert. The name of his publishing company was Pergemon Publishing. Interesting choice of names since ancient Pergemon was aka Satan’s seat. Maxwell was involved in several ventures, one of which was spy software. Gislaine’s sister was also involved in creating some kind of software, but I am reluctant to say is it was spyware because I have forgotten most of what I knew about it and am frankly not that interested. What I am doing here is to let viewers know that there is a ton of info on the internet about this family, which American journalists seem not very much interested in investigating, perhaps because their employer is interlocked with such nefarious conglomerates as the Bertelsmann family controls.

    • Ghislaine is using her natural abilities in defense of her life, because she knows too much about too many powerful people and is therefore a liability to them.

      This whole yarn about her working for Epstein is BS, Epstein worked for the Maxwell family which is an extension of whom I dare not say other than it has ties with royalty and with a nation of interest.

      The Maxwell family are all involved to this day in communication control systems.

      The alleged demise of Epstein itself is highly questionable. I suspect he may be in retirement in that nation of interest.

      I do pity her though, she never had a chance of being anything other than what she is, a home trained enemy agent. What a pity, what a wasted life!

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