Canadian YouTuber, The Truth Factory has created an excellent recap of the Seth Rich case up to last week’s press conference in Arlington, Virginia held by Mark Burkman. The latter has promised to reveal more information from a female government employee who witnessed the murder early in the morning of July 10, 2016.

Burkman says this new witness’ testimony was taken by the DC police, who did not make it public and says it was found by his team through other sources. Burkman also promised more information coming soon from another witness, who goes by the alias of “Luke”, who testified last week that Rod Rosenstein hired two off-duty Federal law enforcement agents to assassinate Seth Rich.

The Truth Factory notes that last Friday, Rosenstein announced charges against 12 Russian intelligence officers for hacking offenses during the 2016 campaign and how if, indeed Rosenstein was involved in the murder of Seth Rich, “There’s no better way to cover your tracks than to be actively involved in the investigation into your own crimes and pin it on someone else.”

With screams of “Treason Summit” coming from the Mainstream Media, one may well ask, where is the DNC server, why didn’t the FBI examine it and why doesn’t the dinosaur media care?

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  • Because when a lawyer from the government asks permission to have something, that means they already have it but require permission for it to be admissible.

  • America is a major “shit show.” Only those who continue to watch the corporate media are absolutely and unequivocally clueless!
    Thanks for the post!

  • Excellent report that will NEVER be taken seriously by anyone who is not already aware of this tragedy because you’re presenting it through a TALKING CAT!! Why would you take credibility away from am excellent report?? IRRITATING!! I want people to know these truths not think we’re a bunch of freaks!!!

    • I think her use of a cat might be a tongue-in-cheek commentary about automated YouTube censorship; she’s trying to evade (or making a joke about) the demonetization- and algorithmic suppression robots by making her piece look like a cat video.

  • That’s likely the reason that this female gov worker is still alive.

    Rosenstein needs to worry about Huber’s investigation. He needs to worry a lot…


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