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    Published on by alawson911
    May 2, 2012

    Exposing the deception, insidious innuendo, misdirection and lies in the “September Clues” series of videos, which many scholars and others have mistaken for the truth about some of the events that happened on that terrible day: September 11, 2001. Hopefully, this video will make them realise that they have been deliberately mislead. (By the author of “WTC7 – This is an Orange”)

    Content: Where necessary, some of the shots in this video have been enlarged, slowed down, or have had indicators or stop motion techniques applied to them. No other visual manipulations or additions have been made.

    Reference material:

    South Tower Shaking
    12th Comm’ On 9/11 TV Fakery – Newtons Law

    Alignment of trajectory
    The last 12 seconds of the alleged flight UA175 – refined

    Engine core in Murray Street


    Author: Anthony Lawson

    Contributed by


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