Alexandra Bruce
November 20, 2014

In this video, dazzathecameraman demolishes any possibility for a shred of truth in the SecureTeam video, which I ran last night and I am compelled to let my viewers see the depths of chicanery and fraud perpetrated by “Serial Hoaxer,” SecureTeam.

This lesson will certainly have me avoiding his page, henceforth.

I’m not an astronomer, so I don’t know which way Saturn’s rings are leaning during this time of year. If I were, I would have rejected his claims, immediately.

dazzathecameraman further goes on to demonstrate how audio manipulation in the voices’ pitch reveal that “Ken,” the “government astronomer” is none other than SecureTeam, himself.

Gag! What a way to “Bring home the bacon”! And I can assure you that it isn’t very much, as the split offered by YouTube on advertising revenue is very disadvantageous to the content creator. (Now, I even feel sorry for him!)

I was open to his deceit because I have written extensively on the topic of a scientifically-posited brown dwarf star, that’s in a binary orbit with our Sun and lurking unseen, at the furthest edges of our Solar System.

Referred to as “Nemesis” by some, this body is thought by many astronomers and Earth Scientists to be responsible for cyclic mass extinction events and for the “wobble” which gives the Earth a changing view of the night sky, over time that’s called the
Precession of the Equinoxes, i.e. the astrological ages, where a total cycle is roughly 24,000 years long, with each “age” lasting around 2,000 years.

My bad! My apologies!

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