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    This Discovery Channel presentation asks about the Freemasons: “Are they an ancient order? Or a shadow government? A harmless social club? Or a Satanic cult?”

    Freemasons collaborated with this production to reenact secret rituals and to present today’s Freemasonry; one that accepts women as members and one chapter of which resembles a Southern Baptist Revival.

    Author Kevin MacNeil Smith states, “They’re basically running a racket, right? They’re racketeers. They’re cutting corners. They’re favoring each other. They basically think they made the country; it’s theirs and they’re above above government. They’ve basically appointed themselves and people have to decide for themselves if they want that to continue.”

    However, the documentary ends by claiming to debunk the myths surrounding it, casting Freemasonry as the generally benevolent institution that it purports to be.

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