Last Friday, Jesse Ventura welcomed Dr Steven Greer on his new RT show, The World According to Jesse. The synergy between them brought out what may have been the best on-camera exchange with Greer that I’ve seen to date.

Greer explains how the main reason for the UFO cover-up has to do with the advanced propulsion systems involved, which would disrupt the global energy economy and ultimately, US hegemony. A viable alternative energy system would be tantamount to the collapse of the petrodollar and the ability of the US to pay for its military empire of over 800 bases spanning the globe…and for its endless bloodthirsty “adventures”.

I had raised this very issue the previous week in a livestream with Dark Journalist, Joseph Farrell and Walter Bosley.

Ventura and Greer then discuss the latter’s documentary, ‘Unacknowledged’ which explores evidence of the Pentagon’s secret UFO program within the context of the announcement in late 2017 by US government officials of the existence of the black budget Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

I have a hunch that this unprecedented disclosure is related to the impending demise of the hydrocarbon economy. As I’ve said previously, when you have Saudi Arabia saying that they’re going to “go green” and when you have Russia, Iran and China bypassing the petrodollar, buying and selling petroleum with the yuan and other currencies, you inevitably have the collapse of the American UFO cover-up.

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  • Hey, Jesse… I have always liked and patronized you–until your comment about my president’s patriotism. And your inability to address geoengineering did give me pause. Now, you have lost my trust and faith. Don’t let your colors show.

  • Folks…I hate to have to bust the “Bubble” about the SSP (Chimera Group) acting MORE like the “Elysium group” portraid in the Movie version.
    THEY are NOT interested in sharing ANYTHING with the rest of the sheeple….NO new technologies…NO Money…NO identification of WHO they are…NO NOTHING, but enslavement of the earth as a “Prison Planet” to THEIR “Babylonian Slave MONEY System…GET THAT???
    Ask yourselves: WHY does this SSP NEED Money in the first place???
    If they were of “The LIGHT” they wouldn’t NEED any such thing, because if they were they would CREATE anything they need…as true “Beings of the light CAN.
    They can’t even be truthful about history….making them part of “The Swamp” too.
    THEIR fate was SEALED a long time ago, so DO NOT FEAR them, as they will SOON be REMOVED…FOR EVER.


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