He still doesn’t get that it was never about being “right”, it was about warning people. It’s so sad.

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  • I am glad I didn’t get vaxxed but I am not happy for others. I can see why they did it. I am angry at the lying powers that be.

  • I will declare a win when I see all of the criminals behind this bioweapon get arrested and put in prison for life (or else equally punished).

  • I’m not very happy. The people around me have been shot and I’m very concerned about them. My daughter-in-law’s sister announced she’s pregnant. I’m worried about a lot of people right now. My kids and grandkids have been shot. This is not a win.

    • K, Walk Tall, with the utmost dignity, you have Self Respect.
      I know it’s challenging, but people made their own choices.

  • We didn’t “win” anything. We were right. Why does he think it makes any of us happy? Two people I knew at school died from it, a relative had a stroke & nearly died, a friend got Bell’s palsy. A lot of other relatives & friends shot up & I wait to hear bad news. What a total f- moron.


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