I have endeavored to stay away from this story.

By now, it has become clear to most observers of the Sandy Hook massacre, which took place in Connecticut last December, that the official version of the story simply does not add up.

Moreover, the craven attempts by the US Government to trade in on and USE this poorly-orchestrated False Flag fiasco – which unquestionably resulted in the cold-blooded murder of many young, innocent victims in Connecticut – for the purposes of using this event to galvanize the public at large into disarming the American population and overturning or amending the Second Amendment, which was originally created for the *exact* purpose of what has occurred in this tragic scenario: that of civilians being armed against a fatally corrupt government…are beyond disquieting…then we have the toady media and their brainwashed viewers adding their slop to this gumbo of horrifying disinformation and media manipulation (not to mention needless murders).

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