With Ukraine back in the news, I couldn’t help remembering this super cringey prank phone call by Russian comedians, Vladimir “Vovan” Kuznetsov and Alexei “Lexus” Stolyarov to California Congressman Adam Schiff, recorded back in April 2017.

Posing as Andriy Parubiy, the Neo-Nazi Chairman of the Ukrainian parliament, they called Schiff in his capacity as Co-Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee during the early days of the Trump-Russia investigation.

They claimed to have “Pictures of naked Trump,” from the latter’s alleged fling with Russian model and singer Olga Buzova, during his visit to Moscow for the Miss Universe Pageant in 2013. They told Schiff that Putin had received this material through Busova’s friend, journalist Ksenia Sobchak, who they explained was Putin’s goddaughter.

Further, “Parubiy” added that the famous Russian folksinger, Arkadiy Ukupnik had acted as Putin’s intermediary in a meeting with Gen. Michael Flynn at the supposed Russian Mafia hotbed, the Langeron café in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, where he promised that the naked photos would not be released if Trump would cancel the economic sanctions against Russia.

Schiff’s response to all of this was, “Obviously, we would welcome a chance to get copies of those recordings, so we will try to work with the FBI to figure out, along with your staff how we can obtain copies of those.”

The pranskters then offered to arrest and extradite Buzova and Sobchak to the US during their imminent tour of Ukraine, and “You can put them to your special jail, Guantanamo.”

Schiff politely thanked the callers saying, “Thank you very much, we will be back in touch with you through our staff to make arrangements to obtain these materials for our committee and for the FBI and I appreciate your reaching out to us.”

This wasn’t the first time that Vovan and Lexus had engaged high-level officials in such unseemly political sausage-making. They’d done it previously with John McCain, Maxine Waters, Nikki Haley and earlier this year, with Elliot Abrams.

They’ve also successfully punked French President Emmanuel Macron, Turkish President Recep Erdogan, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, EC president Jean-Claude Junker and Rock ‘n Roll legend Elton John, among many others.

I honestly don’t know how they manage to do it! Just listening to it is toenail-curling enough!

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  • Thanks Alexandra for that early morning cringe session. It is so scary that we have such un-informed or misinformed people in positions of power in our countries, their ignorance leaving them open to being tricked by comedians.

    In Australia we had a team called the Chasers war on everything. At an Australian hosted APEC meeting in 2007, the team disguised themselves as Osama bin Laden and his cortege and actually penetrated the security cordon. I think anyone reading this would like ‘The Chasers’ however most of their material is colloquial Australian. Some of their more outrageous acts will be on YouTube.

  • You got it wrong at the end, Alexandra. The Steele dossier was only tangential to what the FBI showed the FISA court to get it’s warrant to spy on Carter Page. Lots of other info was presented. In point of fact, Carter Page was on the FBI’s radar back in 2013 as having sketchy relationships with some Russian Intelligence agents., long before Trump even announced his candidacy for President.

    I’m sure you’re aware, since it’s been widely discussed and reported, that the Nunes memo was incomplete and left whole areas out. The Democratic memo, if released, will give a more complete picture as to what went down with the FISA court and the Carter Page warant.

    Th fact that thee Russian comedians chose to attempt to prank the Democrat Schiff and not the Republican Nunes says quite a lot. It’s doubtful they were operating independently and had to have had the okay from some higher ups in the Russian government. It’s evidence, of a sort, that the Russian government continues on several fronts to meddle in U.S. politics to favor Trump.

    • No I think Alexandra got it right Schiff and all of his Democrat loons are truly assclowns
      and the leftwing media does their bidding, Long before Trump came into the picture we knew what we were up against.

    • The fact that Page “was on their radar” means nothing given the abuse of the FISA court, which any angry ass-clown can see shows a blatant disregard for civil rights, the constitution and the rule of law, not to mention ethics and morals. On their radar when their radar gun is busted. And I do mean BUSTED.

      Thx for the laughs, as usual, talking pointed talker.

      ps: I’m not a Trump fan, nor did I vote for him nor will I in 2020. Quit being stoopid.



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